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Direct County Parks staff to work with the City of San Jose on options for the Three Creeks Trail extension that incorporate the existing Willow Glen Trestle. (Cortese)


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Recently I attended the ribbon cutting for the new portion of the Guadalupe Trail that connects downtown San Jose with Alviso. The project required collaboration with the City of San Jose, the County of Santa Clara and other partners. The continued work for completion of the Three Creeks Trail will take similar efforts. I was made aware of the effort to save the Willow Glen Trestle. The County, as a partner in this trail, may have resources available that could supplement the City’s evaluation of this potential historic landmark. The valley is changing each and every day and as we move forward it makes sense to evaluate this opportunity and assess the impact of losing these structures.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on children and youth by improving the trail system in Santa Clara County.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on seniors by improving the trail system in Santa Clara County.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on sustainability by providing additional options for trail use by bicyclists and walkers. This will reduce the greenhouse emissions in the area.


The Three Creeks Trail project is an ongoing effort to connect the trails in the City and County so there is a continuous system from Los Gatos to Alviso and connection to the entire Bay Area. A certain portion of the trail location crosses Los Gatos Creek with an old railroad trestle. The City of San Jose has commissioned a study (attached) that analyzes the condition of the Trestle. One option that is identified is to remove it. This referral recommends exploring ways to save it.


Meeting History

May 14, 2013 9:00 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Six members of the public cited various reasons they support the referral.

MOVER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
SECONDER:Ken Yeager, President
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian


May 14, 2013 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting

9:53 AMSome options. We think there are some options that would work but we're very concerned about that. And obviously as you know clearly this is just the governor's proposal, the legislature seems to be in a different place regarding med-cal expansion, numerous press reports suggests there mib a legislative battle about the issue and we probably won't know what's in store for us until the very end of the budget process. So that's our major concern at this point. Any questions, i'll be happy to entertain.
9:54 AMI'm not seeing any questions so thank you. We move now to report to the county counsel.
Thank you president and members the board. There were no reportable accidents taken at the May 13, 2013 closed session meeting.

9:54 AMWe move now to board referrals, this is item 11, we have two referrals from supervisors coretes and the second one which is listed at item 75, this is added to the regular agenda. And we will hear both of them at this time, supervisor cortes.
Thank you president. i'll take them one at a time quickly. The first referral is item 11 is asking the board to formally direct county parks to work with the city of san jose on options for the three creek trail extension then incorporate the tressel. It's a relatively issue and one that involves the initial trail system because that portion of the trail where the tressel is, there's running water and can't be used so the city is wrestling with how to best deal with that and fix the old tressel or reverse it or put a concrete structure in case or some hybrid or something in between because the county's extensive investment, even though ut matly I believe the tressel is the city's decision. I wanted to involve county staff in the analysis or the analysis as objective as possible. And this is an act of transparency bringing it to the board because there have been some discussions between county executive office and county park staff with the folks already you we didn't want that going on without the full board knowing that that's happening, so I certainly I can try to answer any questions if there are any on the motion, but i'll make a motion to move the referral at this time.
9:56 AMI'll motion it. why don't we hear from the speakers and then continue on with the discussion. Because we do have two referrals and I know our speakers, i'll correctly put item number 11, i'm assuming jack, that you would like to speak on the city hall issue, if that's not correct, ushg concernly speak on the trussel issue but those that are here for the trussel here are scott lane and diana saltlan. And maybe larry aims. Larry, yes. If you want to come up, you can come in any order and you can line up. That helps to move it along very smoothly.
9:57 AMGood morning.
Good morning. nice to see you all today. I'm helen chapman and i'm a member of committee for green foothills and here to support his request to direct the county park staff to wshg with the city of san jose with the creek trail. Environmental issues shouldn't be an either or or, we shouldn't have to choose between land or maintenance. It shouldn't be a trussel bridge or a trail correction. It should look at all options and achieving the best we can to over our community for now and future generations. Nice to see you, thank you.
9:58 AMGood morning. I want to thank dave for sponsoring a study of this. I should have -- well, the former trussel is a great resource that crosses the creek trail and is in downtown jose. I urge the county to work with the city so they live on for all to enjoy. Thanks.
9:59 AMMy name is solomon and it's my privilege to stand before you. Maybe this is a small matter but it's a big matter. I was surprised by the city recent decision -- they're talking about carrying it out instead of restoring it and it will save a lot of money. I think they have misinformation about the true cost and the contaminants. There's new information and the cost. The moneys that can be saved can be used to buy land in the less served areas of the trail. They don't have enough money to buy the land for it. It's usually ahead of the line and it's not that we're hear again in that same manner, but we're seeing nothing wrong and appreciate your leadership and consideration to direct the county parks month work with the city of san jose to get it back. We think the city rushed to another decision to take advantage of an grant to be extended. An a lot of people can't be here because they're at work but they were taken surprised by this. I never been down there and I lived in san jose all my life. And it's this beautiful area of park. It's by the storage and you walk down this little ridge and you go, it's beautiful as lake or where people can go to marine county. Our families need and our people need ways to get across town. Not just for remembering creation but for work too. Thank you for helping us get on the right track.
10:00 AMThank you.
Hi, i'm larry aims. I worked with the park of county for a number of years and I appreciate your support of all the years. I apologize for funding your inbox with the e-mails. I think you got one hundred and something e-mails. It shows there's support for this project. Supervisors cortese, i'm glad you came to see the area and I invite the rest of you to come down. I give tours. It's a wonderful location and as -- it's a 90 year old bridge that would make history and needs to be preserved
10:01 AMThank you larry.
Thank you very much for your time and your richness of working with the various city. What we're talking about is a 90 year old [inaudible]. It's an over engineered for that timepiece and served. So it's apiece of history. Just like the technology, I think that made us grow. Technology is what makes us grow, but we don't want to lose focus on what brought us here and what brought us here is multiple generations, ever heard the story, people whether they're work nothing the fields, working on the trains, I remember as a kid my parents would say, don't cross that train. So it's -- that was something growing up that I remember, but a lot of people -- it's a hidden thing. I think the challenge of the city and the resident, a lot of people didn't know this was here, so this is one of several tresesle magnificent. I'm hoping the county can work with the city andity to be an advocate. They talk to pns and they signal they can install either the new bridge or the exiting trussel and keep history. Further I think if you look at the trussel and there's an opportunity, that's the city -- the site doesn't have a stretch much lincoln avenue. With it, it's something very unique if we replaced it something like a concrete over pass. So part of it is a factual issue and part is a heart issue. We've had so many changes but have a working living model of what it was like to be a trained con duct or or some worker come noog the field. Thank you very much.
10:03 AMThank you.
Good morning, i'm gene and i'm here in support of supervisor's cortese to bring the park staff and the county executive office to the san jose part and be a resource to them. They have specialized exer these because of the world structures that I manage throughout the counsel councily. They are familiar with this project not only because the county provided money but some of them worked for the city he of san jose when it was a dotted line on a map. Their expertise in the environmental issues and their expertise with partnering with neighborhood could allow the city to more thoroughly examine the options and take a look at how this tressel maybe the better solution to continue to create a bare there. It's known as a place. A bland pedestrian doesn't create a place, but a tressle keeps it. And we believe the county park department can offer additional point of view and analysis on this. So I like to say that I really appreciate the supervisor cortes brought this forward and I ask that you approve his had recommendation to formalize that relationship between county parks, and the county executive and the parks department of san jose on this issue. Thank you.
10:05 AMThank you. and thank you all for coming this morning and larry when it comes to improving our trails and connecting them and preserving them you can flood our mailboxes anytime you want. So this really is a very good project. And I also appreciate the supervisor cortese referral on this. I don't think we know what the final decision will be. We're not asking for a final decision, but just to have city staff pause just a little bit longer, work with our park's department who come up with what we hope is the best plan and we hope we can save the trussel. If that turns out that's going to be feasible, we'll understand it, but at least we'll have the information ahead of time, so hopefully the council will act accordingly like everyone in will glen. Remembering back in 2002 when I represented the area and of course it was owned by union pacific and it was the issue of it being sold for development and we were able to get the city to help with the county and preserve which includes the trussel and I remember going out there walking over it and jogging over it as well and going down to the creek to see the structures. So certainly i'm very familiar with it and we certainly try to do everything we can to preserve it. I know we have a couple of other comments, supervisor lasanim.
10:07 AMYour estimate of 100 is probably shy. In any event, five years ago when I was on the council, we had the robert's road bridge which was historic structure and it was size macly lacking and trying to trying to put something to store it back, not just a new modern bridge to accommodate the traffic and I don't know who it was, but you contacted the town of lagalas and who they appealed to for the funding for the state and what dollars they got through the state and to what angle, money's came from the state. So the toup was able to put back -- so the toup was able to put back -- the town was able to install a new historical architectural designed bridge so though it is fit and withstand earthquakes and traffic, it looks like an old bridge, there's some program there at the state level. I don't know where it is, but if you contact them, they'll point you in the right direction.
10:08 AMAll right. supervisor cortese, your last thoughts?
For the record, thanks silvia who is in the audience who made inquiring leading up to the board meeting with san jose park and if it passes I appreciate your support.
We do have a motion and a second. I think everybody has voted. Is that correct? glen.
10:09 AMAll right. and then that passes 4-0. Thank you everyone.

10:09 AMSupervisor cortese your second referral, this is item number 75.
Yes. thank you. this referral, frankly in most cases would have gone directly to the ftoc committee because that's where the primary work on this civic center plaza or city hall redevelopment if you will is occurring, but I was concerned even though it's simply asking to invite the news into a conversation about what their needs might be in the future, that is a referral and it doesn't go beyond that at this point in time. It felt like it needed to come here.