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Receive report from the Children, Seniors, and Families Committee and the Finance and Government Operations Committee relating to the joint meeting of May 30, 2019. (Chavez/Cortese)


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The Children, Seniors, and Families Committee (CSFC) and Finance and Government Operations Committee (FGOC) held a joint meeting on May 30, 2018 at 2:00pm. Supervisor Chavez was present as Chair of CSFC and Cochair of FGOC. Supervisor Cortese was present as Chair of FGOC and Cochair of CSFC.

The Committee considered and forwarded 26 CSFC budget inventory items to the Board of Supervisors for consideration, including:

1.     Inventory Item No. 8 relating to West Valley Community Services Food Pantry Expansion.

2.     Inventory Item No. 9 relating to Special Olympics Northern California Community Sports Program.

3.     Inventory Item No. 10 relating to Live Oak Adult Services.

4.     Inventory Item No. 11 relating to South Santa Clara Valley Memorial District.

5.     Inventory Item No. 12 relating to On-Site Dental Care Foundation.

6.     Inventory Item No. 22 relating to the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools Program expansion.

7.     Inventory Item No. 34 relating funding for the Santa Clara County Diaper Kit Program.

8.     Inventory Item No. 35 relating to Child Advocates of Silicon Valley.

9.     Inventory Item No. 37 relating to event and outreach costs for the Spirit of '45 Day.

10. Inventory Item No. 38 relating to Transportation Services for the Northern California Junior Sports Camp.

11. Inventory Item No. 41 relating to the Young Adult Deferred Entry of Judgment (YADEJ) program.

12. Inventory Item No. 42 relating to the Moreland School District Outdoor Learning Space.

13. Inventory Item No. 50 relating to Parents Helping Parents.

14. Inventory Item No. 57 relating to the African Diaspora Network.

15. Inventory Item No. 60 relating to the Recovery Café.

16. Inventory Item No. 62 relating to People Shores.

17. Inventory Item No. 70 relating to supporting the implementation of a youth-centered, scattered-site mentoring and housing model for transitional age youth.

18. Inventory Item No. 76 relating to provision of support to Silicon Valley Reads activities and events.

19. Inventory Item No. 77 relating to supporting the Women's Equality 2020 Leadership Council Youth Engagement Work Group.

20. Inventory Item No. 73 relating to vaping prevention assistance.

21. Inventory Item No. 74 relating to provision of hydration stations.

22. Inventory Item No. 4 relating to the United Nations Association Film Festival for Older Adults.

23. Inventory Item No. 72 relating to SIREN's Immigration Legal Services Program.

24. Inventory Item No. 67 relating to Thriving Neighbors.

25. Inventory Item No. 65 relating to Silicon Valley Latinx Film Series.

26. Inventory Item No. 43 relating to supporting the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking (SBCEHT).

The Committee considered and forwarded 6 FGOC budget inventory items to the Board of Supervisors for consideration, including:

1.     Inventory Item No. 47 relating to the Lincoln Law School.

2.     Inventory Item No. 55 relating to the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition.

3.     Inventory Item No. 64 relating to the San José Fire Museum.

4.     Inventory Item No. 75 relating to the Silicon Valley Heritage Festival.

5.     Inventory Item No. 69 relating to Strengthening Nonprofit Organizations Serving Vulnerable Communities.

6.     Inventory Item No. 66 relating to the Urban Confluence Ideas Competition.

The Committee received a proposed Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Management Audit Work Plan. The Committee moved the item with a deferral to the FGOC Chair, Supervisor Cortese, to work with the auditor to make formal recommendations to the full Board of Supervisors. Those final recommendations were:

1.     Probation Department- Non-Administrative, including but not limited to the following: Juvenile Hall Staffing.

2.     In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

·        How are we providing oversight and staffing IHSS?

3.     Custody Health Services, including but not limited to the following:

·        Nursing levels, what is it and what should it be?

·        How many codes are filled?

·        Recruitment strategy

·        Facility (s) and equipment condition

·        Doctor coverage levels

4.     Office of the Public Defender, including but not limited to the following:

·        What is the current staffing, and what should it be?

·        How does it compare to other Public Defender Office’s in comparable jurisdictions?

5.     Department of Tax Collector

6.     Public Health

7.     Santa Clara Health Authority (doing business as Santa Clara Family Health Plan and the Santa Clara Community Health Authority)

The Committee received a recommendation from Supervisor Cortese to secure ongoing funding for the collaborative court coordinator as a permanent position, on the basis of increased productivity and necessity. The Committee moved the recommendation to the full Board of Supervisors for consideration.

The Committee adjourned to the next CSFC meeting on June 19, 2018 at 2:00pm in the Board Chambers.

Meeting History

Aug 13, 2019 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting