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Approve referral to Administration to report to the Board on March 10, 2020 relating to the status of the Administration’s work on a new County logo, website and social media channels branding and other related County branding efforts including adoption of a branding management structure. (Chavez)


Department:Supervisor Cindy Chavez (Supervisorial District Two)Sponsors:
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There are no fiscal implications from the report-back on on-going County work.


Beginning in 2017, the County Executive’s Office has engaged in work on County branding-related work including on a branding structure, guidelines on brand management, drafts of possible County logos, and marketing initiatives to support our supportive housing agenda, etc.  Given the importance of this work to several County departments and projects throughout the County, it is opportune to inform the Board of the status prior to the FY 2020-21 Recommended Budget.


The CEO on December 13, 2016 requested a delegation of authority for an agreement with a branding consultant to assist in developing a narrative that incorporates the County’s point-of-view, including the County’s passion for social reform and deep concern for the wellbeing of each and every resident of Santa Clara County. This body of work was supposed to “engage with the County in employing various communication channels to highlight and celebrate the County’s successes.  For example, the County’s website and social media are two key areas that can be strategically utilized to directly reach audiences with the message that the County is carrying out impactful work.”


The CEO asked to amend this consulting agreement at the April 11, 2017 meeting to further assist with the County’s brand structure and brand management guidelines, a County logo and a modern, impactful front-end design for the County website.



Meeting History

Feb 11, 2020 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
MOVER:Cindy Chavez, President
SECONDER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Susan Ellenberg, S. Joseph Simitian


Feb 11, 2020 9:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting

1:46 PMThanks to my placement, I nolonger fear public speaking andleaving my comfort zone. Every time I come to work it's a new experience and something tolearn. I'm honored to say, I gotten theexperience to work here and I hope I can complete my last highschool internship here.
I like to ask sarah to comeforward and jonathan.

1:47 PMTwo son and a daughter at cristorey. We're very pleased with the waythey are growing. Especially they now value thework and the fruits of the work. They can see it. They can feel it. It's a group effort. The money that comes fromdifferent places. I would like to please continue support this program. I understand what the supervisorwasserman says about theseparation from church and state. One of the values that promotesis value --[indiscernible]
1:49 PMThanks to you and all yoursupport, our students are beingshaped to be successful to begood citizens and to become a strong community. I wish you guys can see thedifference that you made withour students and I hope to continue to count on yoursupport.thank you very much.
1:50 PMGood afternoon. just a quick comment. I'm the executive director ofthe corporate work study programat cristo rey san jose. Just a note before I get in myremarks, the corporate workstudy program is a separate501c3 separate from the school. We're so grateful for yoursupport with this partnershipover the past four years. Year of pilot and then three years. Under the current agreement. Just a reminder who we'reserving through this partnership. We have 460 students and we'rein our seventh year as acorporate work study program. Over 90% will be the first intheir families to go to college. The vast majority of our over100 partners are in santa clara county. The vast majority of ourstudents and families live insanta clara county. The county has been an amazingpartner to us. Now our largest partner and hopeto feeling is mutual. We work closely with the countyexecutive office. Together we're helping chip awayat the opportunity gap here at silicone valley and beyond. Over the past four years, ourstudents had the opportunity towork in 14 unique departments across the county, inspiring allkinds of college and careergoals. 95% of county students have met or exceeded expectations.
1:51 PMI'm management for the santaclara county assessor's office.i'm also proud to say that i'm the supervisor of the cristo reywork study program. This is a role that I -- i'm incharge of training, mentoring to high school interns. This is a role that I takeseriously and a program igreatly admire and i'm here to advocate for. I'm here told you about themutual benefits this programbrings to our count as well as powerful impact it's made. The assessor's office benefitsfrom the extra set of hands. The work they do allows full-time staff to focus on corebusiness. I'm proud of the work theseyoung people are doing. The experience they are gettinghere with the county isinvaluable to air future andsuccess. The county should be equallyproud of the efforts we'remaking by hiring these youngpeople. We the county are giving back tothe community serve. By showing how we valueindividuals. Study have shown that creatinginternship programs helpsincrease employment level andimprove intention rates as well as increase productivity.i request that we continue thiswonderful program.
1:54 PMI'm issa gomez. i'm administrative assistant ancristo rey. I have a niece at cristo rey. This will be her second year working with the county with hersupervisor. She's grown so much as a youngadult. With that being said, she hasgrown as a young adult learningvarious skills at her workplace. Thanks to her county job. He had the opportunity and hasthe opportunity currently to bea cadet with the pal program. Thanking to her supervisor that did help her get into theprogram. With that, she has flourished asan adult. I know the program with the palprogram, that will be somethingme and her parents would neverthink of her being a part of. Thanks to her job here in thecounty, she is currently acadet. This will be her first year doing it. I know her parents are veryproud of her as a parent, I knowher parents are very proud of her. Never did we think for her to bein a setting like she is now. As a parent, i'm very proud of her and very thankful that thecorporate work study program hasalliance with the county. You are change young adult lives and moving them to a differentdirection that their parentsprobably could not do.

1:57 PMOpportunity for the students todo what she's doing. It's to have access to publicservant to understanding of government, to know how policyworks, to know how theassessor's office work and howit works.