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Receive quarterly report from the Office of the Sheriff, Information Services Department, Facilities and Fleet Department, and Office of the County Executive relating to the Jail Management System, Video Surveillance, and Body Worn Cameras. (Office of the County Executive)


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There are no additional impacts to the General Fund as a result of this report.  Funding has already been allocated for the jail management system, jail video surveillance projects, and body worn cameras.  Any additional funding needs associated with these technologies will be brought to the Board with a recommended source of funding.


On December 19, 2016 at the Finance and Government Operations (FGOC) meeting, the committee directed a joint report to the Board of Supervisors on a quarterly basis regarding project status and timelines for the Jail Management System, video surveillance, and body worn cameras.

On March 9, 2017, the Information Services Department provided a report to the FGOC relating to an update on IT project prioritization for the Jail Management System.

On May 23, 2017 and August 15, 2017 and December 5, 2017, the Administration provided quarterly reports to the Board of Supervisors on the Jail Management System, video surveillance, and body worn cameras.

This report is associated with the following Jail Reforms Summarized Recommendations: Jail Culture and Environment No. 3 and 5, Jail Facilities No. 2 and 4, and Suicide Prevention No. 2.


The recommended action will have no/neutral impact on children and youth.


The recommended action will have no/neutral impact on seniors.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


Jail Management System

The Public Safety and Justice System Programs (PSJSP) was created to address the aging CJIC and Juvenile Records Systems and to focus on leveraging information technology to meet the law and justice community’s current and future business needs.

The Jail Management System (JMS) tracks and reports on Inmate Management such as booking and release, Inmate Services such as programs, Investigations, and Administration such as management reports. It is one component of the larger Public Safety and Justice Systems Program that replaces CJIC and integrates the systems of law enforcement agencies, Courts, District Attorney, Probation, Custody Health, Pre-trial Services, Public Defender, Department of Revenue, and other local, County, State, and Federal agencies.

The Jail Management System (JMS) project supports the overall PSJSP objectives and will:

·        Improve operations within the Jail;

·        Introduce a next generation computing system that will move operations towards a paperless environment; and

·        Improve the sharing and access of information with other agencies.





Request for Proposal was issued.

January 3, 2017

Vendor proposals were received and reviewed by Evaluation Committee.

February 14, 2017

Short-listed vendors providing demonstrations.

May 2017

Vendor Selection, Contract Negotiation, and Board Approval

June 2017 through September 2017

Implementation planning, hardware procurement, system design and configuration, data loading, testing, and training

October 2017 – March 2019

Anticipated Go-live Date

April 2019


The multi-departmental project team has contracted a vendor to implement a new Jail Management System, and the Board approved the Agreement on September 12, 2017. The Agreement spans 5 years at a cost of $5.5 million. The expectations for an accelerated timeline have been communicated to the vendor, and this will continue to be a priority. Delivery of the solution is expected to occur in April 2019, ahead of the previous June 2019 schedule. The new go-live date is dependent on other systems and processes being in place to support the new Jail Management System. These risks and dependencies to the project will be closely monitored by the multi-department team throughout the implementation phase to determine their final impact on the new go-live date.

As of the first quarter of 2018, the project is on schedule to achieve its objectives and timelines. There are a number of dependent projects that are being monitored to ensure that there is no impact on the projected delivery timelines for the new Jail Management System. A key project being monitored is the County achieving compliance with the California Department of Justice to host the new Jail Management System at Berger in line with CLETS and CJIS requirements. Another key dependency is the County’s regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) which will support the new Jail Management System along with other County agency systems that require similar identification services. Finally, the team is watching the CJIC (Criminal Justice Information Control) decommissioning project since this effort will have a major impact on the JMS and a number of other systems county-wide. CJIC decommissioning will be done in a systematic manner ensuring dependent agencies are not significantly impacted during the transition.


Video Surveillance in the Jail System

As part of the jail reform efforts, the installation of video cameras was identified as an additional resource to support the County’s and Sheriff’s initiatives to provide transparency and accountability in the County’s jail facilities. The intent was to rapidly expand and modernize the custody surveillance camera system. Given the significant amount of time it would take to design and install a new and permanent video surveillance system for Main Jail North and Elmwood, the Board approved solutions for an interim video surveillance while the permanent system was being designed and installed:

·        For Main Jail North, additional temporary surveillance systems were installed that connected local recording devices.

·        In December 2016, the Board approved for Main Jail South the amount of $300,000 for the installation of temporary, stand-alone systems similar to what was already installed at Main Jail North. This project is now complete.

For the permanent video surveillance solution at Main Jail North and Elmwood, on February 9, 2016, the Board approved $820,000 in funding for design, and on July 1, 2016 approved $10 million for purchase and installation. For the new jail that replaces Main Jail South, an updated, centrally connected video surveillance system is expected to be built in during the construction. 

Construction for the permanent surveillance solution began in April 2017. The anticipated completion date for Main Jail is Spring 2018. For Elmwood, the Board recently approved a change order that incorporates fence alarm components, so that the alarm and video surveillance are integrated into one system. Because adding a fence alarm will add time to the project, the completion date for Elmwood has been moved from Winter of 2017 to Spring of 2018. The completion date for both facilities depends on the availability of staff to escort contractors throughout the secure facilities. While the interim camera solutions do not have audio capabilities, this permanent system will have audio capabilities.


Body Worn Cameras

The Sheriff’s Office now has 1,303 Body Worn Cameras (BWC) in inventory. There are 1,200 BWC’s as identified within the contract, 36 additional BWC’s which account for the 3% additional back-up cameras per the contract to use as needed to replace broken or malfunctioning cameras and an additional 60 BWC’s purchased using reserve contract funding to be used for academy training purposes. Currently the Sheriff’s Office has 10 BWC’s that are in the process of being fixed or replaced by the vendor due to malfunction issues or broken hardware and an additional 12 BWC’s pending repair or replacement due to functional or hardware issues.  

The initial training plan that was developed has been completed and as of today there are 732 Sheriff’s Correctional Deputies and Sergeants (Including 5 from Internal Affairs) and 451 Enforcement Deputies and Sergeants (Including 16 Homicide, 59 Investigators and 5 Internal Affairs) that have been trained and outfitted with a BWC. The Sheriff’s Office reports that its contract with Axon has continued to be seamless in all aspects, digital evidence upload and storage, hardware delivery and repairs, as well as accommodation support issues are handled in a timely manner.

Due to the increased hiring of deputies and graduates from the academies, the Sheriff’s Office indicates they are in need of additional cameras. Over the past several months the Sheriff’s Office has worked with Procurement to finalize a contract amendment that was completed in January 2018. This contract was to allow the purchase of additional BWC’s to accommodate academy cadets and the remaining 68 active custody deputies who need to be trained and issued a BWC. The Sheriff’s Office is working with the County Executive’s Office on funding options before the amended Agreement is submitted to the Board for approval.  There continues to be a fluctuation of 100% complete training based on the ongoing number of personnel assigned to both Custody and Enforcement Bureaus who are on some sort of leave and unable to attend the BWC training until they return. As these deputies return to full duty and are able to complete the training the total training compliance will be at or near 100% for all sworn staff.

A chart showing the current deployment and activation of BWCs in the Sheriff’s Office is shown below.

Body Worn Cameras Activated through February 27, 2018.    


BWC /Licenses



  BWC Project Manager


  BWC Team


  Sheriff Technicians


  Command Staff


  Executive Staff


  Internal Affairs




  IT Support




  Supervisor - Custody


  Supervisor - Enforcement


  Suspended Users


  Users - Custody


  Users - Enforcement


  Reserve Inventory Supply


  Requested Axon Repair


  Pending Axon Repair


Total Active Cameras





There are no consequences of negative action from receiving this informational report.


Forward to the Board of Supervisors as an informational report.


Meeting History

Mar 20, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Two individuals addressed the Board.

President Simitian recessed the meeting at 12:42 p.m., and reconvened the meeting at 12:50 p.m., with all members present.

MOVER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
SECONDER:Ken Yeager, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian


Mar 20, 2018 9:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting

12:33 PMAnd seconded by is supervisor yeager. I now see that all votes have been cast electronically so we'll ask you to please post the vote on the screen above. And that measure does pass 5-0. Supervisor chavez, I know you had some folks who were waiting patiently. What would you like to do? Supv chavez: if we can just take the next - - let me ask, victo are they downstairs? Why don't we do this. Let's take the next presentation and then we'll veer off for that item. If that's okay. Supv simitian: all right. I think supervisors, just to translate that conversation between supervisor chavez and myself, we're going to move forward with item number 11 which is next.

12:34 PMObjection after 11, we will go to 24, and back to the study session and pick it up at the next item. For now, please stay put those of you who are part of item number 11 because we are going to take item number 11 next.
This is a quarterly joint report back on the projects related to jail reform,. Just briefly, the jail management system project this is the one that tracks and reports inmate management such as bookings, programs, to improve overall jail operations. The anticipated go live is still April 2019. They're currently doing the implementation planning system designs. There are a number of projects being monitored. Compliance with cal doj hosting the other is the county's regional finger print system the second project video surveillance, temporary systems in main yale spring of 2018, and mentioned earlier the completion is also spring of change order that incorporates fence alarms at these alarm integrated to one system. 451 enforcement staff. A break down of exactly where those body worn cameras are deployed in the report are in packet page 199 and with that i'll pause and take questions. Supv simitian: are there questions on this item? If not i'll ask the clerk to please post the voting screen on our computers. Forgive me, yes, I do have oe card. No, actually I now have two cards. Susan ask scott. Mr. Largent, if you're in the room, you're up next.
12:36 PMGood afternoon, my name is susan bassy. In receiving the quarterly report regarding the management system and the video system I think it's relevant we discuss the issues that were brought p yester dane public comment yesterday by Mr. Largent. that is the deficiencies between transferring inmates from the jails to our courts where we are trying to figure out how we're transferring people. Along those lines there has be some inconsistent information provided and the public records do not reflect the actual practices and policies of the sheriff's department. We were advised in public co criminal court that by the district attorney that by the surveillance video in the courts is destroyed within two weeks. That is an unreasonable period of time to destroy evidence. You also were all talking about how to get your websites up ad running more efficiently to get more information to the public better. Maybe you should have people in the press how - - since we've been struggling since inception. Sheriff smith might be able to comment on that because she recently has been using the website for the sheriff's department to promote her comments during an election year related to a web ite lies which was a documentary produced by the discovery channel. I think that's really inappropriate for that to be o the sheriff's website. Scott largent's video that was actually taken where the sheriffs were retail ating against him retaliating against him at his grandmother's house after he offered to file a complaint against stewart scott now has over 10,000 views on youtube channel. Maybe when you start showing the people what they want to know and what's really going on you'll have more visitors - - . [ beep ]
12:38 PMAnd maybe when you start following the law we will have less problems with the county and less lawsuits. Supv simitian: Mr. Largent.
Thank you, everybody. i'm having cell phone withdrawal. I haven't been without a cell phone in a couple of years. I've been going over the policy. Regarding the camera footage so. Why would evidence be destroyed? For susan's hand breaking day, she went right over to internal affairs. You know, the new location do first street I knew where it w because I had gone over and filmed not being able to find it. I took her over there, we were there for several hours doing the internal affairs investigation, kind of opening up things. That's supposed to preserve the evidence. Not only that she sent a letr to the courts to lisa and the also the other court council requesting to preserve that evidence from that day. Now she's going through court, stuff just starts to disappear. I'm really shocked by that. This makes me, i've participated in all this jail reform stuff and try to look on the bright side of everything. In my eyes it's all going to fall apart right now that evidence is being destroyed. That's unacceptable, the Judge Handling her case in there was just shocked. And then she just goes two weeks, are you serious? We were able to obtain the transcripts from that which kind of shows the proof of what's going on in courts. I hope people are paying attention. Grey areas like this are where people die, okay? So their transfer from our jail at what point does this footage get detroyed in two weeks. Somebody goes downstairs, they go through that snake pit and start getting over to the state side of that court house, what do we destroy all the footage at that point? That's a top of the line surveillance system right there. [ beep ]
12:40 PMIt's got the capabilities of holding hundreds of years of data and two weeks they dispose of it? That's shady that's a cover up. Supv simitian: we have a motion to approve and just to clarify supervisor cortese that's a motion to approve the recommended action is contained in our public's agenda which is to simply receive the quarterly report. We have a second by is supervisor yeager, and after all, membersis have voted we'll have the clerk to please display the results on the screen, and that measure passes 5-0. For members of the public and for colleagues we're going to take a 5-minute break then go to item number 24 which is the suffrage issue and then we will jump back to the rest of the items on our study session agenda regarding jails and jail reforms. Thank you very much. Folks to take their seats please. Join us again here. Again, reminder now we are moving to item 24 without objection from our board trying to manage schedules from the community today. Thank you for the patience, 80 know it's a long meeting today. And. Supv chavez: i've asked the staff not to do a presentati based on the activities we have on the agenda today and this is in response to a referral I brought forward so what I wa to do because the staff report was so thorough and so excellent I was hoping that we could public comment on this item and then have a discussion. Supv simitian: I have both questions and comments before I go on item measure today. Let's go to christine clifford who will be followed by sharon to be followed by peg carlson bowen. Roberta hollowman, and then cassie, then laura willford and lisa lovelace. First item is of business is christine clifford. One moment, please, let's make sure our microphone is up and on. We're going to restart your ti as well.
12:51 PMCan you hear me? [ echo ]
I was born on august 26. this is the date I believe in 1920 that the 19th amendment was incorporated into our concentration - - . Supv simitian: just to be clear you weren't born - - let's restart her time, please.
12:52 PMI am not going to tell you what year I was born in. But it was after 1920. Anyway, um, it's also the date that erupted in 1883. I wasn't born then either. Growing up I always thought being born on the anniversarf both of those events some how helped shape who I am. I was raised by a household of some pretty strong women I want to share a brief story about o of those those women and that's my grand mother. When I first had the opportunity to vote I was very excited. Once I cast my ballot I went over to my parents and proudly displayed my I voted sticker. My grand mother was there that day, and I told her all about first voting experience. She nodded politely and said that's nice, dear, you should always vote. I looked at her in great disbelief and asked her how s could pass up the opportunity to vote. She looked at me with great patience and said it was illegal, dear. And so I always remember that am not very far removed in time or in lineage from access to this very important right. I always vote, and when I do, do so in part to honor my grandmother. So i'm here to support this plan and to encourage its creation and thank you.
12:53 PMThank you very much. that takes us to sharon.
Thank you. good afternoon, board of supervisors. My name is sharon, and I am co-president of the american association of university women san jose. The idea for a celebration of the centennial of the historic passage of the 19th amendment was a small idea I had la summer. I had talked to some of my cohorts from aaw san jose and w knew that our branch was going to do something. But we also knew this neededo be bigger than just our 300 members. So who better to consult with than supervisor chavez. What you have proposed in front of you is not only profound, it is prudent. In 1920, men worked, and marched, and advocated for women's march. This board, too, has acted for equity and equality for women as evidenced by your research report. So who better to spearhead a celebration than this county. The 19th amendment has been hailed as one of the greatest achievements for women's rights, but not all women could vote 1920. It wasn't until 1924 native americans could vote. 1962, asian women. And in 1984, 64 years later, the last state finally ratified the 19th amendment. I ask you to approve this wonderful plan and this action, the 100th centennial is significant. It is about celebration. It is also about knocking down current barriers to suffrage. Is about sustaining democracy. Thank you. Supv simitian: and that takes us to - - .
12:55 PMThank you my name is peg carlson bowen, i'm also from aauw san jose, I am a public policy committee chair. We have over 300 members, and that group over 80 are involved in the public policy committee. This is a new change and there's a lot of energy around it. In the past two years, really, working across community groups i've seen many women previously not active in civic life at now devote hours in their busy schedules to advocate for legislation, to learn about the needs of others, some they've never even really thought about before, and to turn to each other for information, data, strategies, and encouragement in the face of challenges that call for active citizens. We've all seen the rising polarization as well. I've seen that people long to find common ground and concrete impactful forward progress and are tired of accusations and conflicts. The proposal under consideration today to create an extended series of events to recognize the anniversary of the 19th amendment offers these women an opportunity to nurture these aspirations, to celebrate the progress we've made, recognize the promises not yet kept, and piece together the threats that loom today. To listen to each other. To learn. And to multiply our impact by leveraging each other's gifts. Creating and executing this plan will give women opportunities to lead. It will help expose newly active citizens to areas of county government that will work with them to create positive change for women. In the past two years i've m some amazing feminists, men and women. This initiative will - - allow me to meet some more. Thank you. Supv simitian: thank you very much. Roberta, cathy, lisa, and dennis. Welcome.
12:57 PMGood afternoon. president simitian, and board members, I am roberta, chair of the council of the leagues of women voters of santa clara county. I'm here today representing the five leagues in santa clara county. We enthusiastically support funding a plan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment and establishing a women's suffrage anniversary task force. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only look back and recognize the accomplishment of those women who worked so ha to get the vote for women, but also to recognize that our work is not done. There are still women and men who are not allowed to vote because they don't have a photo i. D. , or they can't get to e polls on election day, and they're not allowed to vote early. And there are people who are not counted in this census. These are some of the things we still need to fix. See so I urge you - - we are ready to work. Thank you. Supv simitian: thank you very much. Ms. Tran, to be followed by laura willford. Come on up.
12:59 PMHi, good afternoon, my name is cathy, i'm here on behalf evan lowe. I wanted to voice our strong support for the women's suffrage tenth anniversary plan and I just wanted to say that, like, as a young woman it's very scary to speak up still, and being able to have young girls and young women, and have role models out there and recognize the plan it so wonderful. Our office really strongly supports this and I want to thank supervisor cindy chavez for your leadership on this. And I just wanted to voice our support from our office. Supv simitian: thank you. Laura, to be followed by lisa lovelace.
1:00 PMI'm representing the san jose women's club today which is one of the oldest women's clubs in california. For women's suffrage and rights almost for a decade. So we are in full support of this amazing anniversary celebration, and we encourage the board to pass the money th it's going to take in order to make the celebration happen. And we will support this effort whole heartedly with our entire membership. Supv simitian: thank you again. Lisa lovelace to be followed by dennis king.
Good afternoon. my name is lisa lovelace and I here representing the 320 members of the san jose chapter of saul solidarity sundays which is a national organization of 19,000 civic minded women and men to raise our voices in support of democracy. I'm wearing white today in recognition of the suffragettes who went before us in these important challenges. As a place for your initiative of the women's suffrage. We've missed out on getting on that list. We're very enthusiastic about it - - .
1:01 PMIf I could add a couple of personal observations. One is 50 years ago I had the privilege to launch a campaign to change the constitution of the united states. To lower the voting age from 21 to 18. We use the women's suffrage movement as our model throughout california. It's about all of us. We also learned that history tells us that economic equality doesn't exist without economic equality. That's where the chamber fits in. Celebrate the women's suffrage movement in 2020 it's also the 50th anniversary for the - - suffrage movement. Selection of 2008 would have been different without the enthusiasm and engagement of young people. The lack of their involvement, their lack of enthusiasm had a negative impact on the last national election. So my request of you is plea don't forget the youth, especially young people. They're not just the future. They're here now. They deserved to be recognized. Thank you. Supv simitian: i'm going to confirm with the clerk that we is have no other cards on th item. As it turns out, we have one more card back there, that's why I asked. I think you're going to make your way down to the microphone so come right down even as yo card make its way up to the microphone. Thank you so much.
1:03 PMHello, my name is oat uh griffin. I would be rems. Tran - - remise if I didn't get up and say anything. I'm here to support the women's suffrage because when I was 18 growing up in mississippi, I was able to get my voter registration card. A lot of the people weren't e to vote in mississippi because a lot of people died for the rig to vote. And, um, as i, the history recalled that they had to pay a poll tax in order to vote. So i'm here supporting the 100 anniversary of the women's suffrage for giving the rights to everyone to be able to vote. Thank you. Supv simitian: thank you. Now i'm going to confirm that that's the last card we have, I think. It is. All right. And that brings the matter back to us and supervisor chavez you have additional comments or questions? I have some for either you or staff.
1:04 PMWhy don't I let you go first and then respond to all my colleagues - - . Supv simitian: thank you. I, um, as I mentioned earlier, I look forward to supporting today's recommended action. I was struck by two lines I enclosure, Mr. Campos, on page two of eight, packet page 374, talks about the fact that the initial effort will be spent planning and convening stakeholders to quote, study and identify opportunities to increase women's political equality. I just wanted to under score that as one of the sort of defined goals, if you will, o the exercise. And then on page five of eight of packet page 377, work plan and measures to success right u there at the top number one was a commitment to develop strategies that would begin with identifying - - what are the key metrics of women's political equality for which this county community effort can make an impact by 2020 or lay the grod work for longer term results. To me, in an 8-page memo, t are the two sentences that popped out for me, to me. The reason I say that is bec as much as I enjoy a good celebration as much as anyone, I really do want to make sure that this effort has some tangible deliverables. That the world's a better place as a result of the effort after a year and a half, two years and that's going to start with so of a clear notion of what would success look like if we achieved it. And I don't mean this critically. I don't think we know the an to that today based on the memo we've got and that's why I appreciate the fact that you've highlighted this issue of what are the metrics by which we're going to measure success. Folks talked about the under participation or unequal access. There's a small irony here with respect to this subject which is in my experience, and observation based on the data I have for our own county, women actually are repped more in o voter roles than the data would suggest. The men apparently don't get t venues to register with quite the same degree of success. That being said, they is have gotten us to a place where we could characterize the circumstance today as anything approaching political equality i'm hoping from the report we is are from you that's going to be a focal point in the work that you anticipate doing. Am I on the right path here?
1:08 PMYes.
If I may, Mr. President, to the rest of the board as well, vice president chavez, we believe that is really key, that it's not just a celebration, but it's actually something that will lead to positive movement in the area, political equality. The only thing that I would a is that our hope and expectation is that the members of the t force will guide us in identifying those metrics in figuring out what success would look like in this case. Supv simitian: thank you. And I think while the celebration, as I said is worthy in and of itself, it's wonderful to use this opportunity to engage the public, identify new barriers that need to be broken down. To that end i'd like to very specifically ask the staff and/or the maker of the motion here in a moment that as we forward, let's start with a b line and the base line should simply identify in my judgment we have 15 city councils in county, and something like 32k through 12 school boards and 70 plus boards and commissions at the county of santa clara. What's the gender representation in each of those three venues? The math is not hard to do. There's 75 to 100 city council members. Where are we today?
1:09 PMOn darn on the 32 school boards, 70 plus boards and commissions, how are we doing? I think in order to determine where we're headed we have to start by saying here's the starting point, what does that suggest we have in the way of work ahead? And then this next request will not surprise anybody, least of all you, I think. Um, there were half a dozen organizations mentioned by name that had a city attached to them. The city in each and every instance of san jose. San jose has something like 55% of the population. There was not, however, a reference to any of the 14 cities or towns that comprised 45% of the county's population, and I really do want to make sure that this is is a county wide effort in its scope and reach and its impact. Those are my two requests. Are I know the last one didn't surprise you.
1:10 PMPoint taken. supv simitian: as I say. It just, uh, it's tough sometimes to pull folks from other parts of the county into the county seat, into the center of government activity here at the county government center, and it's just a little bit of extra effort that's involved as well. It starts with saying county wide all 15 cities and towns d non-profit organizations so I saw the san jose junior leag mentioned, the palo alto - - as well. I think we heard there are fe league of women voters, for example, throughout the county. Supervisor chavez you can make a motion. Supv chavez: are there other questions or comments from my colleagues? Seeing none, let me just make a couple of comments. First of all I wanted to just say to the staff how much I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into this staff report. It was really well-done. It really does, um, move us think in a very thoughtful sod direction. And I just wanted to say something to sharon in particular in all of the aaw and league of women voters and ywc and solidarity sunday, and san jose women's club, that's where I got my wedding reception w, and we chose it because it was the home of the suffrage movement and it was my feminist who said that to me. I want to highlight the discussion, sharon, that I had with you because a big part of what you talked about was how we could use this opportunity to have a meaningful partnership with the schools throughout the county, not in san jose, but I think supervisor simitian and supervisor wasserman represent multiple cities. I represent one, so I apologize for being a bit myopic ther I would say to the staff as look at membership what we should be looking at are categories of membership that include ethnic diversity, age diversity the other thing women's organizations told me, especially the few I just outlined including the why is this is such a great opportuni also for older organizations and newer organizations to really reach out into the community a reenergize themselves by letting people know they're here. And so that again requires a county wide approach. We are here to have this conversation, sharon, because you popped into my office. We're doing work to address our back log and rape kits because someone sent me an e-mail. We're going to be bringing a couple more recommendations based on women in our community speaking up and I think this I my opportunity to represent all of you here is really an h. I will also say for my male colleagues, I refer to you all as feminists because I really do serve with a great group of people. But this brings me back to the base line question which is what are we measuring. I think both in terms of wheth or not people are in political office. I also think we have to think about - - I don't think we can necessarily do this out of this pot of money, but we do have to think about why we fund or fund, why we prioritize or don't prioritize particular issues over time based on who are I the leadership pu riggss positions they're in. That's a tougher one, but just something for us to think about. Not to get accomplish necessarily during this portion, but I think it's part of a meaningful conversation about why. Even if we're more than half the voter population. With that, I have a couple of requests that I want to make. One is I want to in the sta report there's 50,000-dollars for the initial planning and there's another 100,000-dollars that's budgeted for the office of women's policy. What I want to ask my colleagues is to ask that the expenditus be coordinated through david campos in part because if the group needs more or less resources, or this organizing effort, I want to make sure is one effort, not two. That it's not gift thousand or 100,000, but that this is a coordinated effort and I want that to be addressed as you move forward. Second, I do like the idea of the board playing the formal action of appointing this board because this is historic, it's important, and I think it emphasizes its importance to do that. And so I want to make sure that the recommended language from county council comes to the board on April 3 with the resolution of the task force. I want to make sure we're writing a letter to the organization asking them to nominate someone instead of having multiple people from the same organization apply. The other thing is I would like to participate in the task force. I think any elected official or any government entity should be ex oficio, one, so we don't increase the quorum needs, but the other is all of us geto vote on things and we shouldn't get to talk twice, even though want to make hour the office of women's policy is on it so that we can be as well. I thinker the only last thing I - - I think the only last thing I wanted to say that I think we should also be looking for partnerships with the cities. So I want to make sure that we do reach out particularly to the city's association for their representative from them because they often have, you know, really good people that are willing to work regionally and that we not ignore. I realize that this was my doing that we do a better job o looking at the asian community and other under represented communities there. With that, are there any concerns about any of the issues that i've raised? Supv simitian: i'm going to second the motion, but I do have a question. Just for clarity's sake, understanding that ultimately pursuant to your motion the appointment of the task force comes back to our board, who you anticipating is, as the challenging and exciting opportunity to assemble that list and bring it to us. Supv chavez: I would like the office of women's policy under david campos' leadership to d that. Supv simitian: and the expectation is that that will not be individuals, but organizational requests? Supv chavez: a mix, because I think to your point we want t make sure we get the flexibility to get folks from south county, from north county. What I was hoping is that the staff could go back and take a look at the list that we have before us. In am instances where we have older, more established organizations we want to make sure - - ywca an example. We have some new organizations like the women's March and stand up san jose that should also be included. But if we keep the categories, if they can have the flexibility to come back to us with some categories I think that gives them the opportunity to get lots of input from lots of different parts of the county.
1:19 PMI wonder if you might be amenable until delaying until the 17th so that we have more than two weeks to do outreach. Supv chavez: sure. Supv simitian: particularly to other parts of the county that have not been thus far as ful engaged as I hope we can enga them. Supv chavez: I think that's fine. I thing I would just say to al of my colleagues is you have news letters and e-lists. What should be coming back to us on the third is the framework of the committee. I think you're right, supervisor, that the next step shouldn't be two weeks later but maybe a month or a month and a half later, but I do want y come backwater framework. That way if there's any concerns everybody can weigh in. Supv simitian: Mr. Campos, we give you an opportunity to triple dip. You'd be with us today, on the third, and on the 17th, and th would be sort of an iterative process so we're all moving together in sync.
1:20 PMThat works.
Just for clarification from my office in that case what e would expect on the third is another report back from administration and we wouldn't bring forward the actual resolution establishing the task force that would layout all the specific seats until the 17th? Is that what i'm understanding? Supv chavez: I was actually wanting those to come concurrently so we could give feedback to them. If you all want to work out what's a realistic timeline. Here's really the staff work that needs to be done, is structuring the task's force in a way that allows for maximum engagement and input. And if the board, frankly if the board adopts the framework that they're giving us, I think if you came back later that might be fine as long as it allowed to do outreach.
1:21 PMWe'll need the list of the actual nominating entities to adopt the resolution that designates who's nominating what slots. Supv simitian: and that would then come when?
That would come as soon as there's clarification from the board on the list.
We can bring that on the third if the board would like. Supv simitian: that's the challenge. Let's be realistic here. That's 10 business days from now, how we're going to reach out to, for example, in my district I have eight different cities, how we would reach o to them. Supv chavez: there's two different products. Just to make everybody comfortable - - that is coming back and saying how does this look for who we do outreach to for the committee. If once the board messes round with it, a little bit or a lot, then if you came back the following two weeks I think that's fine with the resolution because you'd know what you w writing the resolution to. Supv simitian: doesn't mean we where a list of 20 or 30 organizations and we're saying that's the end. It's going to take meaning to be respectful to the groups we're reaching out to, some of them May meet monthly, some of them May need to sit down with their own members and talk to each other. Supv chavez: is your concern that you won't have enough time to ask groups if they want to participate? Supv simitian: and to then let them have some conversation amongst themselves whether or not they think that's a role they want to play and if am group, for example, doesn't want to play that role, then is the somebody else who might be approached who could fill that gap. There's yous going to be not only time for us to reach out o people but for them - - . The center of everyone's daily thinking my experience has been that you gotta go to people ad say we're doing this. That's good. It's an iterative process. Supv chavez: the e-mail blast is not for the volunteering. - - .
1:23 PMIf I May - - . supv simitian: a list of 10 specific people - - .
1:24 PMIf I may, the way that i'm thinking about it is that on te third we would come back with framework that tries to identify specific organizations but also specific categories of organizations or members of the community that would be involved. Based on that we would get direction from the board. County council would then draft an ordinance that would create the task force. Once that happens two weeks later, I would imagine that there would be a window that people could, you know, apply for those positions once the board has adopted or created the task force, and that probably would take time for application outreach and all of that.
1:25 PMAgain, it takes time to do meaningful outreach. One of the ways we do outrea in our area through the community newspapers. We have the mountain view voice and the palo alto weekly. They both come out on friday, which means that their deadline for material is tomorrow, wednesday. If we miss this this week's paper then we're looking at getting something in the paper best case a week and a half f now and want to leave a li time for people to respond. I see is supervisor wasserman saying his news letter goes out once a month. I don't want to be a foot dragger, but I want to as I s when we're being inclusive, we are real about that. And so it's going to take a little time for folks who - - . Supv chavez: I have a difference of opinion about - - . I don't want to make any ofy colleagues on earth uncomfortable with something they talked about their ability to talk to their constituents. I think this to me is exciting and a high profile and we want to involve as many people as possible. What i'll ask is to have the first report come back on the 17th. The only thing I want to make sure my colleagues understand is that at that time just given that we're going to is are given everybody enough time to do their homework, my expectation is that people will be prepared to turn in their homework and vote that day so that the response from county council can come at the very next meeting. Let me just say part of the reason - - if we can move ts to April 17 to is have your report come back i'm going t ask my colleagues to take the next two to three weeks to get you information directly to the staff. At the next following board meeting with the resolution.
1:27 PMIf I may, Mr. President, madam vice president, we appreciate the additional time and during that time we wou meet with each one of your offices the level of outreach that's commensurate with the needs of every district. Supv chavez: and I also want to make sure my colleagues is are time to do their own outreach. I think that's great. All right. I'm ready. Are you ready?
Thank you for that accommodation. Supv chavez: we're going to close the gap, joe. Supv simitian: we are going to close the gap. That's an inside joke.

1:28 PMSay thank you very much. Supv chavez: thank you all for coming. The new math that is unique to the county's agenda, we will o from item 24 back to item nr 12 and we're back into the midst of the study session. I think we're going to go back to you ms. Lopinski, and Mr. Feliz and other folks join him there.
This is a joint report back from the management auditors and the county executives office. I'm going to keep this a bri update. Small incremental changes since the board last saw this in november. As a reminder we brought this request to fgoc back in september.