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Present the Lifetime Presidential Volunteer Service Awards to Santa Clara County Park Volunteers: Chere Bargar, Jaime "Norla" Day, Art Boudreault, Mike Boulland, Richard and Margaret Brunner, Bill Hein, Ron Horii, Roy Ichinaga, Bob Meyer, Kitty Monahan, and Dean Thames. (President)


Department:Supervisor Mike Wasserman (Supervisorial District One)Sponsors:


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Meeting History

Nov 18, 2014 9:00 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting


Nov 18, 2014 9:00 AMBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting


10:02 AMMost of which I never knew, but i'm glad to see they played such an important role. We now move on to item 7 which is regular agenda. I'm going to and rob court any director of county parks to meet me at the desk as well as park volunteers to come forward and to receive the lifetime presidential volunteer service award. As I mentioned, this is the award of the lifetime presidential service award. They have a database of 8,000 volunteers who have served in santa clara county parks. To honor our volunteers [speaker not understood], the volunteer program partnered with the white house, presidential service award program and became a certifying agency. This partnership allow the president's council on service and civic partnerships such a [speaker not understood] which was established in 2003 to formally recognize the efforts of volunteers. In July 2014 the lifetime presidential service awards were issued to over 300 park volunteers who served at least 50 hours of their time and energy. Within those 300 people there are 11 individuals who qualify for the lifetime achievement award as they have served over 4,000 hours -- (applause)
10:05 AMOn behalf of the white house I would like to present certificates of and lifetime pens to the following recipients. When I call your name please come forward. We're going to say your name and the hours. We'll present you with a pen and a commendation. We'll go through all the names, then we'll all turn around and get a team photo [speaker not understood]. All right. I'm going to say sherri barber. Not here today? Let's hear it for sherri. (applause)
3500 hour. jamie a. K. A. [speaker not understood] day, 5500 hours. (applause)
I should have checked on the pronunciation of some of these names. Art beaudreault. (applause)
10:06 AM5,388 hour. mike boulland, 7,000 hour. Ranger john. Ranger john is accepting the award on behalf of richard and [speaker not understood] brunner. [speaker not understood]. The couple that volunteers together stay together. Bill [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood] hour. Ron hoyt. 8,000 hours. (applause) ray [speaker not understood], 5,137 hours. (applause) bob mayer, not here. 4,408 hours. (applause) i'm going to reverse the order here a little bit. Dean thames. 8,000 hours. (applause)
10:07 AMBy a show of hands, who has been with the county less than six years? Okay, good. Dean thames, did I already say dean thames? I did. It was day quill, not nyquil. Kitty monahan. (applause)
10:08 AMThis is why I ask about six-year. 11,500 hours. (applause)
Thank you. president wasserman, thank you mostly to the volunteers. Parks and recreation only happens because people are passionate about it and willing to give of themselves. These people are some of the best examples of committed people that love their parks and want to make it a great place for us in the community. Thank you all very much. (applause) (applause)
10:09 AMI'm sorry, we should have done a team photo. Okay, please come on up, real quick. Supervisor yeager, where is supervisor yeager? [pause]
10:11 AMOkay, we're going to jump right over building name. Going to number 9, we're going to open the public hearing. We don't need a motion for that, correct, Mr. Clerk?
Thank you. do I have any speakers? Do I need a motion to kale?
Before you go, Mr. President, we are, just to be clear, we're at item number 9. I appreciate the willingness of the board to hear this item before we take up the boulder ridge item which May take a few minutes. I think we do have folk who are here to speak briefly to item number 9. And if we could ask one more time if there are speakers here on this item, that might be appropriate. We have ceremonial to continue?