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Approve Agreement with San Jose State University Research Foundation relating to providing in-custody education services in an amount not to exceed $325,000 for period August 16, 2016 through June 30, 2018, that has been reviewed and approved by County Counsel as to form and legality. (Office of the County Executive)


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There is no negative fiscal impact to the County General Fund associated with the approval of the recommended action.  On September 29, 2015, the Board approved the appropriation modification transfer of $1,800,000 from the Public Safety Realignment AB 109 Trust Fund.  These services are funded by Public Safety Realignment AB 109 Trust fund to cover the cost of these services for FY 2016 through FY 2018.


On October 1, 2015, the County Executive’s Office (CEO) released a Request-For-Proposals (RFP-CEO-FY16-0059) focusing on in-custody reentry services in the areas of education, job readiness and employment development training, family reunification and support, and health and well-being classes.  However, CEO did not receive bids for education services.

On April 28, 2016, the County Executive’s Office released a Request-For-Proposals (RFP-CEO-FY16-0176) for in-custody education services.  The total contract amount was $325,000.


CEO released RFP-CEO-FY16-0059 on October 1, 2015 to solicit services for education, job readiness and employment development training, family reunification and support, and health and well-being services for custodial adults at Elmwood Correctional Facility via

Proposals were due on October 30, 2015 and CEO did not received any proposals for education services.  On April 28, 2016, CEO released another Request-For-Proposals (RFP-CEO-FY16-0176) for in-custody education services.  Proposals were due on June 3, 2016 and CEO received two (2) proposals.  The proposals were reviewed by an independent review panel and San Jose State University Research Foundation’s proposal was selected to provide in-custody education services at Elmwood Correctional Facility and Main Jail beginning in August 2016.

CEO’s Office of Reentry Services (ORS) and Department of Correction worked collaboratively to negotiate the scope of services, deliverables, and performance standards with the selected vendor. Department of Correction and Adult Probation Department will identify and refer individuals for in-custody education services.  The target population for services will focus on inmates in minimum and medium security level housing units identify by Rehabilitation Officers.

ORS will monitor and track contract compliance, quality of services, operational capacity, number of participants enrolled in programs, and demographic information for participants.  Annually, ORS will conduct program visit and financial review with vendor.  ORS will provide quarterly reports to Public Safety and Justice Committee and Re-Entry Network Governance with the updates on vendor’s performance measures, successes, and challenges.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on building safer communities and stronger families by reducing crime and recidivism through proper assessment and effective program in-custody.


The recommended action could have a positive impact on senior age inmates by increasing in-custody programming and services options.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


On March 1, 2011, the Board of Supervisors approved the establishment of a cross-system reentry network to develop and implement a reentry plan for the County.  The Santa Clara County Re-Entry Network identifies comprehensive reentry and recidivism reduction strategies to elevate existing efforts, streamline processes in linking inmates to effective in-custody and community-based programming, identifies cost-saving methods, and prepares Santa Clara County for the realignment of parolees and low-level prisoners under AB 109.

In August 2011, the County was awarded a federal grant, Second Chance Act Adult Reentry Planning Grant, in the amount of $50,000.  The Country contracted with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) to facilitate and develop the Five-Year Adult Reentry Strategic Plan.  The Re-Entry Network Governance convened and appointed 23 members to the strategic planning team.  NCCD and the Strategic Planning Team met from March to July 2012 towards the development of the strategic plan.

On September 27, 2011, the Board of Supervisors adopted the County’s Public Safety Realignment Spending Plan and the Community Correctional Partnership (CCP) Implementation Plan allocating $1 million to be distributed to community service providers for adult services.  On October 23, 2012, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the Five-Year Adult Reentry Strategic Plan for implementation.


Failure to approve the recommended action will affect CEO’s ability to implement the Board approved Adult Reentry Strategic Plan and to provide needed in-custody education services to custodial adults at Elmwood Correctional Facility and Main Jail.



Meeting History

Aug 16, 2016 9:00 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Five individuals addressed the Board.

MOVER:Mike Wasserman, Supervisor
SECONDER:Ken Yeager, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian


Aug 16, 2016 9:00 AMBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting


1:00 PMAll votes have been cast. That carries unanimously. Thank you. Item 21. The opportunity to approve agreement of san jose state university research foundation relating to providing in custody education services in an amount not to exceed $325,000 for a period of august 16, 2016, through June 30, 2018, that has been received and approved by county counsel as to form and legality. We have speakers on the item. Let me ask if the administration has anymore information to present?
Yes. just a little bit. Good afternoon, members of the board. I'm excited to present this proposal with san jose state research foundation to provide additional educational services in the county jail at the main jail and at elm wood that includes college topics as public speaking and child development. In addition these classes will be educational and tutorial sessions. I also want to quickly acknowledge the work from the sheriff's department as well as from the reentry services and from the county executives office and speakers here from san jose state. We are very excited to have this board approve this proposal. Research shows that this service has improved those in correctional facilities. This will encourage them to complete their goals and continued education. The board approved open letter with results first and we know that san jose state university and research foundation in partner to help us evaluate their courses. We are looking forward to working with them in the next 2 years for the college courses. I believe this is the first time in the county's history that a local university will be teaching college courses at our correctional facilities.
1:03 PMMill a, rehabilitation manager. We have been offering classes for over 30 years to the inmates, but this credit bearing college courses has been on our wait list for many many years. We are so excited that this is finally happening. I want to thank the board for supporting this and also approving it and we really want to say that this is just a beginning. There is a small group that will be able to receive this service at this point, but we hope that in the future that classes can be expanded to all of the populations especially that is hard to reach. College classes with credit are going to open up new doors for the inmates. They are going to make give them home and more direction to moving forward in life. By doing this you are sending the message that they are valued and they can strive for something more when they get out in the community. I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity.
1:04 PMPresident dave cortese: thank you. I'm going to call on the public speakers. We have several. I want to encourage you in two ways, we have more comments. Please be efficient with your time. You do have your opportunity. ( calling names ) public speaker: good afternoon, supervisors and executive council. My name is michelle burns and I teach at the university at san jose university and invited to teach the curriculum for adult ed for 18 months and saw amazing results from the students. The big result is why aren't we getting college credit. This will allow us to serve this. So what they have learned in the course, the ability to understand what programs are available through community college as well as the university that they didn't know what was available to them as far as financial services that they are more likely to continue education on the outside which is very encouraging. I stressed the college campuses are a promising place to build healthy relationships because we know mentor ship is what allows for job placement. I also mentioned to them that this is an opportunity for them to realize when they show up to class, they can be prompt to class and show assignments and timely and they will have a positive attitude while in the classroom. What a better place from a recommendation from a college professor who knows nothing about the past and see's the potential for the future. They can also develop leadership skills by taking initiative for a group process for the jails and outside through their education. With these soft skills it will help build their own internal confidence as well as making them more proficient. Additionally once describing their personality to think of themselves in a positive way and a few excepts from the letter of a men's jail. "we want to thank you for teaching us to raise the bar on our expectation and there is more to life than a revolving door. You are teaching us to be equal amongst our peers, thank you very much. Public speaker: good afternoon. I was given the opportunity to help teach this class. It was a privilege for me to be able to experience and share my educational experiences and give to individuals to exercise their verbal and analytical writing skills. Just like seeing the students engaged in this class they ask for more quizzes and more homework. They requested this be taught at the college credit level, but the thing is they don't know it's the same class I took and they are even doing better. I want to share that the curriculum is the same as the upper division. And folks from elm wood have approved that they have accomplished this course. Mary apologize she's not able to be here today. She's impressed that the word by the teacher and the program are grateful for making this possible. Thank you.
1:08 PMPresident dave cortese: next speaker, please. Public speaker: good afternoon. I'm here to thank you for the services. I don't have to be a felon forever. I'm not haunted by my past anymore. It gives us work and we realize that people do care and allows us to reenter into the community. It's a grateful thing. It's a blessing. I want to let you know how appreciative I am. Thank you, sir.
1:09 PMThank you for taking the time to do that. Next speaker, please. Public speaker: hello, my name is eric espinoza, an ex-inmate at the facility. I had no self worth, no value. I thought my life was going to be over. But, it's nice to have ladies come in to show us their commitment to us. The program has made me acceptable, responsible, approachable. Employable. It's made me a father, it's made me a son again. It's just by these ladies coming in and showing devotion to us. And they believe in us. They see us as men and effective men of society. I would like to explain it's kind of like baking a cake. You know, you have to have all the ingredients to bake the cake and you get the cake at the end, that's your reward. So we get in these classes, we learn about ourselves, we have self worth. We get out and become productive members of society and we get back to our families and our community. This is an awesome palliative. I'm continuing my sentence right now and to be in front of you guys and to make myself a part of this. I'm actually a member of society. It's a nice feeling. A phenomenal feeling. I want to say thank you. It's a wonderful thing being here. Thank you.
1:11 PMPresident dave cortese: thank you. Next. Good afternoon. Public speaker: i'm a mentor with the project. I want to say that, i'm not really sure how much you really invest in this program. What started was just to educate some of the inmates in elm wood about expungement and their rights about what certain felonies and misdemeanors stand on that they can rehabilitate not just in their minds or bodies being sober but they can expunge their records and become someone new to continue to be fathers and sons out here in the community. It started out with just that and to hear there is going to actually be college credit courses in elm wood in history, that's big things right there. I'm not sure about the investment you are making here and the impact. In the community you hear education, not incarceration. This is taking it to another level. I hope to see more college credit courses in this project.
1:13 PMPresident dave cortese: thank you all for being here. I think we did get through. There were a couple duplicate cards. Thank you for your comments and sharing your stories. We come back to the board of supervisors for comments and action, questions and so forth. Supervisor wasserman?
President mike wasserman: thank you, first I wanted clarification from javier, that it's better than stanford?
It is to those of us who graduated?
I know. there you go. But I did want to say that this program obviously inspirational to individuals to complete their education and head down a better road in life. Your being here and speaking today was very moving to me. Congratulations to you. I will be happy to move the motion.
1:14 PMPresident dave cortese: we have a motion by supervisor wasserman, can we get a second before we continue on the motion. A second by supervisor yeager.
Vice-president joseph simitian: there were two bidders the second time around, correct?
The second bidder was?
We notified the second bidder.
Who were they?
The south bay consortium with community colleges working with milpitas adult school.
These were college level course and we have a number of other programs and courses in the jails.
1:15 PMOf course.
Looking at some of the other courses, literacy, ged, those are being offered? Yes?
Yes. those are being offered courage.
Who are those being offered by?
Those are being offered by milpitas.
The contracts are going to be taught where?
They will be taught at the elm wood men's facility.
I wanted to make sure there was space available. It says these classes might take up to 60 men per session. There is the staffing that is needed for security reasons there and that's been worked out and there shouldn't be a problem with the classes to begin.
1:16 PMYes, that has been worked out and there shouldn't be a problem.
I know there was a problem with services provided to the women of elm wood. But it sounds like this is a different kind of class being taught in some of the more behavioral classes that were provided for the women?
We are starting it small and at the minimum security level. There is more space available for that population. We are going to start at that level and with that population. There is space that has been allocated for these classes and the schedule has been worked out already.
As I remember reading this, these are classes that the inmates themselves have voiced interest in?
They have voiced interest in getting additional college level classes. The courses that have been selected are towards general education. They can apply them towards general education.
1:17 PMAll right, if they need any instructors on the local county government, we have also people who i'm sure are ready to help out.
President dave cortese: supervisor chavez?
Thank you. I also want to thank the speakers. Thank you very much and we wish you all the success in the world. I don't know who negotiated this contract, let me tell you what got me really excited that we are at 15% in direct cost. Whoever that was, thank you and congratulations. We have to help others when we are negotiating these contracts. I just had two questions. One is, when folks get their general education credit, do they get, if they need transcripts, do they go right to san jose state when they get out or are their records going to be kept there. If they want a transcript are they goes to san jose state? 0001-01-01t00:00:00. 0000000
1:18 PMThis is the first time trying it out. . We hope to provide the transcripts at the facility and with the prospect of them getting them at san jose state.
When I think about what is most helpful to someone is not necessarily having a san jose credit necessarily attached to elm wood. I just want to make sure if they decide to further their education, I want to make sure the credit and the process is like for any other student. The director of the program.
1:19 PMIt's like anybody from a community trying to enroll in a professional development course. We've done it that way so even students that don't technically qualify in a college program can take the course. For instance to get a transcript, they have to complete their ged. They will get the course and it will be recorded with san jose state and once they complete the high school equivalence, they will get a transcript.
Thank you very much. the second thing is I am very interested in the survey satisfaction you know, process. I know you are already looking at that because we are doing a lot of evaluation. Actually one last thing again. I think this is really exciting. So i'm very excited about it. I do really want us to think about being able to get feedback on the courses as quickly as possible in terms f of what we think really helps people get to the next level. The warm handoff from somebody from elm wood to be able to go to city college or deanza, because getting transcripts, all of the works of that can be very challenging of bureaucracy. Having taught briefly at san jose, that was the biggest bureaucracy I dealt with. I want to make sure we don't get lost. Thank you.
1:21 PMPresident dave cortese: okay, anything else from members of the board? I also want to join on thanking I can't thank the speakers enough for being here. I tried to move up your item a little bit. I didn't realize there were the few speakers that were good but we had multiple cards to speak. It made it a little difficult to defer the earlier items with the law enforcement folks here. Thank you more so for testifying to a very good program and the staff for putting it altogether. With that, we can conclude the voting. We have a unanimous decision.