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Dec 4, 2018 9:30 AM

Under advisement from the December 12, 2017 Board meeting (Item No.21): Receive report from the Roads and Airports Department relating to the Airports Business Plan Update.


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The purpose of this report is to provide information to the Board of Supervisors for consideration related to the County Airports Business Plan Update.  Administrative staff is expecting further direction from the Board of Supervisors as they see fit.

At its December 12, 2017 meeting, the Board of Supervisors directed staff to proceed with the update to the Business Plan for Reid-Hillview Airport and San Martin Airport.


As the Board considers this Business Plan Update and the possibility of a change in usage of the airport properties, it is important to understand that evaluation of the sites for other uses will require some level of hazardous materials assessment.


Staff has prepared a draft Business Plan Update for HLUET and the Board’s consideration.  As indicated in the attached Business Plan Update, key components and goals of the Business Plan Update’s analysis include:

·        Analyzing the Airport Enterprise Fund’s (AEF) and each airport’s sources of revenue and types of expenses;

·        Identifying trends in the piston-propeller segment of General Aviation and their effect on the type of operations occurring at the County airports as well as their effect on the AEF’s longstanding Business Model;

·        Developing Long Range Facility Plans (LRFPs) that identify the airports’ maintenance and capital improvement needs and their associated costs;

·        Developing a new Business Model for the County airports necessitated by the changing nature of the airports’ operations;

·        Outlining the actions needed to execute the new Business Model and the estimated potential revenue to be realized; and

·        Examining the historical role of grant funding from the Federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) with respect to development of the airports and the appropriate role of AIP grants going forward.

The analysis described above produced the following key conclusions:

·        The AEF’s longstanding Business Model has relied on revenue from aircraft storage spaces (hangars, tie-downs and shelters) for over 75% of total revenue. This Business Model has enabled the AEF to remain financially self-sustaining for many years. Operating revenue has been sufficient to fund operating expenses, although the condition of both airports could be characterized as run-down, as well as the local match required for grant-funded capital projects, which have been implemented on a pay-as-you-go basis.

·        However, the piston-propeller segment of General Aviation is in decline, which has negative repercussions on the financial health related to the ongoing operational and maintenance expenses of the airport system and its ability to remain financially self-sustaining with revenue primarily from aircraft storage. Notwithstanding the decline in based aircraft, the number of operations at the County airports in the last several years has been growing due to the demand for professional pilots (both domestic and foreign) and the associated flight schools required to train them. These trends dictate that the County change its longstanding business model to one with a more diversified and higher-yielding revenue stream.

·        The key to generating a more diversified and higher-yielding ongoing revenue stream is to put the airports’ real property assets to work by leasing certain parcels for non-aviation commercial development and by restructuring the Fixed Based Operator leaseholds.

·        The airports’ infrastructure requires approximately $20 million in investment over the next 10 years, approximately half of which is on the airfield and therefore eligible for Federal funding. The Board approved a $3 million loan from the General Fund this fiscal year for airfield paving pending the outcome of this Plan Update and the future direction of the airports system. If the County chooses to apply for Federal grants in the future, a portion of the cost of the paving project could be eligible for retroactive grant reimbursement.

·        Over the long term, the AEF may be able to generate sufficient revenue to fund anticipated operating and capital costs, including the necessary infrastructure investment, if the County is able to more effectively utilize the airports’ real property assets. In other words, the AEF cannot remain financially self-sustaining unless the airports’ real property assets are employed to generate additional revenue. The process for leasing real property is lengthy. It will be several years before the parcels identified in the Business Plan could begin to produce revenue. However, this assumption must be tested and verified through a solicitation process involving the real property assets and execution of leases to confirm the cash flow anticipated by the report.

If the County resumes accepting Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants, that funding can be used to reduce the backlog of deferred airfield infrastructure improvements. It is important to note that AIP funding cannot be used to fund ongoing facility maintenance and operations, which is the challenge to the longer-term financial viability of the airports system.

Should the County continue to forego AIP grants, it is likely that additional loans to the AEF would be required to fund future needed airfield projects until such time Reid-Hillview’s real property assets generate revenue to help pay for these capital projects. This assumes the FAA would provide property releases. However, foregoing the Federal grant funds for Reid-Hillview would allow the County greater flexibility with respect to future use of the airport beginning in 2031 when the existing Federal grant obligations expire. It should also be noted that the County could apply for AIP grants for the San Martin Airport, but not for Reid-Hillview Airport.


At the September 17, 2018 special meeting of the Housing, Land Use, Environment, and Transportation (HLUET) Committee, the Roads and Airports Department provided the Committee with a supplemental report relating to the County Airports Business Plan Update of the Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airports and sought input from the Committee.  At this meeting, staff presented two options regarding the Airports Business Plan Update:

·        Staff’s recommendation: Maintain Reid-Hillview as an airport while making improvements and paying down debt by accepting Federal grants, applying for property releases from the FAA, and conducting an RFP for leasing properties (Option 1).

·        Alternative:  Preserve the opportunity for reuse of the Reid-Hillview property for purposes other than an airport in 2031 when grant assurances expire by adopting a policy that the County would accept Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants, applying for property releases from the FAA, and negotiating leaseholds to make acreage available for non-aviation development (Option 2).

Following the presentation by staff and public comment, Supervisor Cortese requested that the Administration complete additional analysis related to an alternative described as “Option 3” for the possible future consolidation and expansion of general aviation operations at the San Martin Airport and re-use of Reid-Hillview, and directed that the following analysis be completed and returned to the Committee before the Airports Business Plan Update was considered by the Board of Supervisors:

·        Business analysis of the capital improvements necessary to consolidate County general aviation operations at San Martin (e.g., additional asset development of Reid-Hillview property for non-aviation uses, investment requirements to improve and expand airport operations at San Martin so that existing assets at Reid-Hillview would be replaced with improved facilities at San Martin so that existing users of Reid-Hillview would not be displaced with such a consolidation and expansion of San Martin).

·        Identification of possible legal constraints on the full consolidation by the County of airport operations at San Martin following 2031 when grant assurances at Reid-Hillview expire.

At the close of the October 18, 2018 HLUET meeting, Supervisor Wasserman recommended that Supervisor Cortese’s request for additional analysis regarding the Airports Business Plan Update be brought to the full Board for consideration, and the Committee clarified that the request for staff to develop an Option 3 would be placed on a future Board meeting for consideration and to receive possible additional direction.


The Business Plan update sets out a series of policy options with a recommended course of action. The airport system operates through a self-funded Enterprise Fund. Adoption of the Staff Recommendation does not impact the General Fund. If the Board were to choose alternative actions, there are cost implications, some of which are estimated in this report pursuant to requests for information by HLUET.

The Business Plan Update describes a series of interrelated issues involving revenues, expenditures, grant funding and the general aviation market as they relate to the health of the Airport Enterprise Fund. It also discusses the overarching issue of grant funding and grant assurances as they relate to the County’s ability to exert local control over the airports.

Discussion of the Issues around Acceptance of Grants

The Federal government provides grant funding for eligible airport development projects through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). The AIP program was established by the Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982 to provide funding for airport planning and development. The Airport and Airway Trust Fund, which was established by the Airport and Airway Revenue Act of 1970, provides the revenues used to fund AIP eligible projects through taxes or user fees that are collected from the various segments of the aviation community. No general taxpayer funds go into the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. 

A portion of current AIP grant funds are assigned to eligible airports on an annual basis. For Reid-Hillview and San Martin, the FAA provides up to $150,000 per airport per year in “entitlement” funding that can be used for any eligible project. The FAA will allow sponsors to bank their entitlement for up to three years so that in the fourth year, a sponsor will have up to $600,000 for each individual airport that can be used on an eligible project. After three years, the oldest unused funds are released to the FAA for distribution to another airport through the AIP program. The County has not received FAA AIP grants since 2011.

During part of this period, the County was denied grants due to a dispute involving skydiving at San Martin Airport, and, as a result, $1.5 million in Federal entitlement funding has been redirected to other airports. Each year that the County does not apply for AIP funding for both airports, an additional $300,000 in entitlement funding will be redirected to other airports. Or, if the County chooses to receive AIP grants for San Martin, but not Reid-Hillview (RHV), then $150,000 in entitlement funding would be re-directed. It is possible that those RHV funds could be re-directed to San Martin with FAA approval.

In addition to entitlement funding, AIP grant requests may also be considered for discretionary funding, which are made available to airports on a competitive basis subject to funding availability. Regardless of funding source, (entitlement or discretionary) the AIP program provides up to 90% of the eligible project value in Federal grants funds with up to 4.5% of the project value available through State grant funding. It is important to note again that AIP funding cannot be used to fund facility ongoing maintenance and operations, which is the central long-term challenge facing the system.

The Board of Supervisors recently approved a loan of $3 million to the Airport Enterprise Fund from the General Fund to repave the runways and taxiways at the airports. This recently completed project was structured to be federally compliant and therefore grant eligible. Should the County resume accepting grants, staff will submit a grant application for this project.

Entitlement funds may be used to retroactively fund projects. Therefore, the County could apply the $1.2 million in entitlement money accumulated for each of the two airports towards the General Fund loan, and then apply the annual $300,000 in FAA entitlement funds over the next six years to complete payment on the remaining balance of $1.8 million. After six years, the County could then accumulate future AIP entitlement grants for other needed projects. During that six-year period, however, the County could still apply for discretionary funding for grant-eligible projects.

Airports require constant maintenance. The runway and taxiway pavement, along with the parking ramp and lighting, signage, and surface markings all have a finite life and must be periodically renewed and replaced, regardless of the demand for aircraft parking. AIP grants can pay up to 90% of those costs with another 4.5% provided by the State. Without grant funding, the County must pay 100% of those costs. 

When receiving AIP funding for projects, the grant recipients must agree to a series of thirty-nine grant assurances (assurances). These are binding agreements between the Federal government and the local agency regarding the operation of the airports. The assurances include specific requirements for how the grant funding will be utilized, how the project will be executed, and a variety of requirements on how the airports will be operated. Grant assurance agreements generally last 20 years. 

Grant assurances fall into two categories[1]; assurances specific to project, of which there are nineteen, and assurances that dictate specific requirements for long-term operations of an airport, of which there are twenty. The attachment provides a brief overview of the different grant assurances and groups them into project specific assurances and airport operation assurances. 

The intent of the group of twenty grant assurances relating to operating the airport is to ensure the grant recipient maintains and operates the airport safely and efficiently. Most of the assurances align with the County’s desire for safe and efficient airports and make good business sense.  

However, several of the assurances may restrict the ability of the County to regulate the airports in ways that may be desirable and to reduce conflict with surrounding land uses without first obtaining FAA approval. For instance, the assurances restrict the County from imposing a time-of-day curfew, and from regulating the size and type of aircraft using the airports, or the types of uses, such as pilot training or skydiving. In addition to the assurances, the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 also regulates the operation of airports in the United States, including generally prohibiting the enactment of curfews and use restrictions. 

Since the County most recently accepted grants in 2011, the most recent AIP grant agreement states that the County is currently obligated to comply with the assurances until 2031.

Grant Acceptance Risks

Another issue regarding grant acceptance relates to risk the County may be exposed to should it elect to accept FAA AIP grant funding going forward. If the airports general aviation business diminishes to the point that the AEF is no longer self-sustaining, the County would be required to keep the airports operating for the duration of the grant assurance period. The AEF budget for FY 2018-19 is approximately $2.7 million dollars. This is the theoretical annual maximum exposure to the General Fund in today’s dollars should airport revenue go to zero for the remainder of the grant assurance period. Of course, if the airport business declines that severely, staff would employ cost saving measures to reduce to the greatest extent possible the General Fund exposure and operate the airports at the minimum viable safety level.

Constraints Related to the Airport Noise and Capacity Act

The Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 (ANCA) regulates local operators of public airports in important ways. Through ANCA, the FAA retains authority over the creation and implementation of access restrictions at all publicly owned airports, regardless of whether jurisdictions accept AIP grants. This means that any restrictions the County might wish to enact regarding the types of uses and time of use restrictions once the existing AIP grant assurances have expired would need to be reviewed and authorized by the FAA.  Practically, this means that the FAA could likely prevent the County from imposing curfews, even after the grant assurances expire.

Because the Airport Noise and Capacity Act would still require the County to operate the airports similarly to airports receiving AIP grants, staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors approve retroactive use of existing available Federal entitlement moneys to begin paying down the principal of the loan.  In addition, Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors direct the Administration to apply for reimbursement for the remainder of the principal to the maximum amount possible.  Acceptance of these monies will require the acceptance of new grant assurances for a new 20-year term.

Property Releases

A key premise of the Business Plan Update is the non-aviation use of airport property. Since  Reid-Hillview property was purchased in part with FAA grant funding, the FAA must authorize use of the airport property for non-aviation use, a process referred to as a property release. The FAA frequently allows such development at other airports, but to date, when the County has applied for a property release at the Reid-Hillview parcel at the corner of Capitol and Tully shown in the attachment, the FAA would not release the parcel.

The most recent land release request is attached. Land releases are a critical approval necessary for the success of the business plan and the clearest path to providing funding for ongoing maintenance and operations. Board approval of this business plan is a crucial step in the land release application process. Should the Board agree to move forward with non-aviation development, a property release request would be once again submitted for the airport parcels in question, and the County believes that the FAA would likely be legally required to approve it; however, it is unknown how the FAA will respond.

Strategy for Non-Aviation use of Property

Pending direction from the Board of Supervisors and concurrent with the request for property releases, staff would draft the Request for Proposals for the real property identified in the Business Plan Update. The Board will be asked to approve the RFPs and subsequent leases should the County come to terms with interested land developers. The process including any City of San Jose land development approvals would require a minimum of three years. At this point, the revenue projections for the airport can be adjusted to reflect the new leases and the County would have certainty around the fiscal health of the airports.

Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Strategy

The purpose of the FBO strategy as recommended in the Business Plan Update is to improve competitiveness for aircraft and pilot services, use the airports land more efficiently, and improve quality of the buildings and grounds through the development of “Minimum Standards”. While this strategy is unlikely to result in significant revenue changes for the AEF as FBO lease proceeds are a small fraction of revenue, the consolidation of FBOs would free up land that could then be available for non-aviation ground leases.

The original leases for the FBOs at Reid-Hillview were executed between 1965 and 1973. It can be surmised that nine individual leases provided the best mix of aviation service providers for the airports needs at that time. The nine FBO leases at Reid-Hillview have all been adjusted to expire concurrently in December 31, 2021. The concurrent expiration is a strategy staff employed to ease implementing the new full service FBO strategy as described in the Business Plan Update. 

Of the nine existing FBO leaseholds at Reid-Hillview, only two provide a full range of services. The remainder of the FBOs act more as what the FAA defines as a Specialized Aviation Service Operator. These operators usually provide a single service. 

The Plan recognizes the change in the aviation business climate since the mid-1970s and recommends reducing the number of leaseholds from nine small operations to two larger operations.  Under the two FBO scenario each of the proposed FBOs will be required to provide a full range of services. As part of the RFP, a minimum standards document will be prepared to ensure that the two FBOs provide a full range of aviation services including fueling, maintenance, parking, rentals, ground support and terminal services.  This will provide appropriate market competitiveness for services and eliminate the case where only one service provider sets pricing. 

Although the Business Plan Update recommends two full service FBO’s for Reid-Hillview, it is possible that the best mix of size and service that the market can support is more than two but fewer than nine.  As the staff implements the Board’s direction, an RFP can be developed with industry and stakeholder outreach in such a manner to allow flexibility in the number of future FBOs while adhering to the goals of a competitive market, full service and efficient use of land.  Any RFPs will be presented to the Board for approval once they are developed and prior to advertising.  Significant outreach with new potential vendors as well as existing tenants will be provided during the RFP development period.

In addition, by reducing the number of leases, the FBO layout can be made more efficient by providing a more coherent land side and air side interface.  As a result, the lease area can be reduced from 18 acres to approximately 14 acres. The plan proposes the excess land be made available for non-aviation use subject to FAA property release. 

Below are two diagrams showing the existing lease layout and the recommended lease layout.  The recommended plan provides for an orderly airside and landside interface between the leaseholds and eliminates three “cul-de-sacs” necessary to provide landside and airside frontages for the exiting nine parcels.  In addition, the new Plan may eliminate the need for John Montgomery Drive on the land side and free up an additional land that may be used for future non-aviation uses.

Existing Layout of Leases at Reid-Hillview

1Exisiting FBO b-100

Proposed layout of leases at Reid-Hillview

1Exisiting FBO b-100

The FBO lease at San Martin Airport expires on December 10, 2020. The single FBO at San Martin provides services commensurate with the demand for a smaller airport. The current leaseholder has sublet the various services out to different organizations (SASO) to provide aircraft maintenance and repair, fueling, and flight training.  Staff recommendation for San Martin airport is for the County to take over management of the FBO property and lease out the appropriate space to individual SASOs to provide the services necessary for an airport of San Martin’s size and activity level.  In addition, the County will take over the self-fueling island.  With the FBO hangar income, fuel sales and SASO leases, the budget for San Martin airport will be positively affected. 

Nonprofit Use of Airport Property

The Business Plan Update identified two properties that occupy airport property that are not paying the AEF market-based rent. This arrangement is not appropriate for an enterprise fund. Both the Eastridge Little League and the San Martin Lions Club provide valuable service to the community. Recognizing the challenge these two organizations would face in acquiring properties, the Plan recommends the County identify funding to appropriately compensate the AEF the value of the real estate asset. This plan does not recommend removing either use.

Discussion of Airport Consolidation and Expansion (Option 3)

The HLUET Committee referred to staff direction to describe the resources needed to evaluate consolidation of Reid-Hillview to San Martin and its expansion as a regional training center, Option 3.  In order to evaluate such a scenario, staff would need to prepare a new Master Plan (MP) for San Martin Airport assuming that Reid-Hillview is closed and some portion of the Reid-Hillview operation is relocated to San Martin.  In order for the Board of Supervisors to approve a new Master Plan, an environmental assessment of approval of the Master Plan would need to be prepared, and, based upon that assessment, an Environmental Impact Report/Statement (EIR/EIS) would also need to be prepared. 

An airport master plan is a technical document generally prepared in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B – Airport Master Plans.  It is a comprehensive study of the airport which typically describes short, medium and long-term plans for airport development.[2]  The advisory circular provides guidelines on the content of a Master Plan and the process by which it is developed, including public outreach recommendations to adequately address stakeholder input, needs and desires.

In most cases, a typical Master Plan would include the following elements which are described in greater detail in the attachment:

·        Pre-planning

·        Public Involvement

·        Environmental Consideration

·        Existing Conditions

·        Aviation Forecast

·        Facility Requirements

·        Alternative Development and Evaluation

·        Airport Layout Plan

·        Facilities Implementation Plan

·        Financial Feasibility Analysis

The comprehensiveness for each of the elements varies based on the specific circumstances of the airport being studied. Typically, the level of detail necessary for the study are developed during the pre-planning effort.

The FAA recognizes that a Master Plan represents the views, policies and development plans of the airport sponsor, not necessarily those of the FAA.  As such, the FAA does not approve a Master Plan but will formally accept it once it is completed.  In order to meet Federal requirements however, the FAA must approve the Forecast of Demand and the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) portions of the Master Plan if the airport sponsor desires the airport be eligible for future Federal grant funding.

Master Plans can take some time to develop and have several cost drivers.  As an example, the process for the 2006 Master Plan was begun in September 1999 when the Board of Supervisors initially authorized staff to apply for FAA grant funding to complete new Master Plans for Reid-Hillview, San Martin and Palo Alto Airports. The final Master Plans were published in July 2006.  At the time, staff was preparing three airport master plans concurrently, so it can be expected that developing a single airport Master Plan should not take as much time.  With that in mind, staff expects the best-case scenario for completion of a new San Martin Airport master plan to be three to four years.

The cost of developing a Master Plan varies based on the specific aviation, community and stakeholder needs for the airport being studied.  However, for a reference point, in 2001 the San Martin Master Plan budget was approximately $300,000.  The estimate for the EIR/EIS in 2006 was approximately $1 million.  In order for the Board of Supervisors to adopt a new Master Plan, it is likely that an EIR/EIS will be necessary. The Federal EIS is required to conform to NEPA and allow the airport to be eligible for AIP funding in the future.  Today, rough estimates for the cost of preparing a Master Plan is $500,000 and the environmental work is $2 million.  This estimate is very preliminary and does not reflect a comprehensive and updated analysis of the costs.

Master plans and NEPA-required studies are FAA AIP grant eligible.  However, they must be included in the five-year Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP) submitted annually to the FAA.  Should the Board elect to apply for grant funding for a San Martin Master Plan study, the ACIP will first need to be updated.  Practically, this means that the first opportunity to obtain grant funding for these activities would occur in 2020.  Also applying grant funding to the master plan-related activities could impact the ability of the AEF to use entitlement grant funding to repay the $3 million General Fund loan.

Previous Master Planning Effort and Outcome

In 1999 preparation of Master Plans for Reid-Hillview, San Martin, and Palo Alto were authorized to proceed by the Board of Supervisors.  The effort was concluded in 2006 and the environmental process was commenced.  The cost of the three Master Plans was approximately $722,000.  In 2014, The Palo Alto Airport was relinquished to the City of Palo Alto. 

In order to lessen the costs to the AEF, the County applied for grants to fund the environmental study for San Martin Airport.  The environmental work for RHV was self-funded and the work for Palo Alto was not done.  In 2008, the County was awarded a $400,000 AIP grant to complete the Federal EIS to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act for the San Martin Airport Master Plan. Unfortunately, the CEQA EIR costs were not eligible for grant reimbursement and the Airport Enterprise Fund did not have the resources to fund the additional costs.  As a result, the EIR/EIS was not prepared and the grant funding was returned. 

The 2006 Master Plans studied various growth options for County airports. The Board of Supervisors directed that the maximum number of based aircraft allowed at Reid Hillview be capped, and that the majority of new aviation growth be accommodated at the San Martin Airport.  Consequently, the Master Plans for Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airport were developed to accommodate up to 750 and 418 based aircraft respectively.  In 2006, Reid-Hillview had 687 based aircraft and San Martin had 115.  The number of based aircraft at Reid-Hillview is currently 478 and San Martin has 150.

The 2006 Master Plans for Reid-Hillview and San Martin were developed with the expectation that Reid-Hillview would continue as a general aviation reliever airport.  If the County were to consolidate Reid-Hillview through development at San Martin Airport, a new San Martin MP will be required.  A basic overview of the types of improvements that would be required at San Martin Airport are described in the 2006 Master Plan.  It is probable that the improvements described in the 2006 Master Plan for San Martin would represent a similar scale of development necessary to accommodate a portion of the Reid-Hillview aircraft and operations. 

The current MP for San Martin contemplates:

·        A new air traffic control tower

·        An extended runway

·        One new taxiway

·        A new terminal building

·        A new maintenance building

·        Multiple new corporate hangers

·        A new tiedown parking ramp

·        New water and sewage infrastructure

·        One new FBO

·        Property acquisitions to protect the airport from incompatible development

Attached is the 2006 South County Airport Master plan, which contains a diagram showing the described improvements. 

This Airports Business Plan Update was prepared in response to direction from the Board of Supervisors and represents staff analysis of the options for an updated airports business plan.  Contemplation of airport consolidation has been discussed in the report in response to a referral from the HLUET Committee.  It is understood that the land use, neighborhood compatibility, environmental footprint, and environmental justice issues around Reid-Hillview Airport have been longstanding community concerns.

During community hearings and at HLUET, nearby residents and representatives of East San Jose institutions including People Acting in Community Together (PACT) and Somos Mayfair consistently voiced opposition to RHV as a general aviation airport.  Some of the representatives spoke to the serious health hazards posed by leaded fuel used by general aviation airplanes, others spoke to the safety concerns of having incompatible land uses (residential neighborhoods adjacent to RHV), while others expressed the urgent need for additional affordable housing that could be placed at RHV through a re-use plan.

The urgent need for substantially more affordable housing in Santa Clara County has been thoroughly analyzed and documented in County Office of Supportive Housing reports as well as in presentations on Nexus Studies for affordable housing impact fees in unincorporated Santa Clara County.  However, County staff have not to-date provided analysis addressing consistent community concerns around lead contamination and poisoning in the vicinity of Reid-Hillview Airport.

In light of the County’s core mission to promote the health and well-being of the residents of Santa Clara County, and in order to better inform the Board of Supervisors’ decision-making process, information about lead contamination and poisoning, the use of leaded fuel in small, piston-engine airplanes, and blood lead levels in Santa Clara County children is provided.

Lead Contamination and Poisoning

Lead was introduced in the 1920s as a fuel additive for use in engines to help boost fuel octane and prevent valve seat recession but is now widely recognized as a significant public health concern.  With newer engine and fuel technology, leaded fuels were transitioned out of use over several decades due to the health risk associated with lead exposure.  As discussed below, leaded aviation fuel (“avgas”) continues to be used in the piston-engine aircraft that are typically used for recreational aviation.

Lead contamination and poisoning presents serious public health risks.  Lead is a confirmed neurotoxin, and even low levels of lead in blood can result in stunted physical and cognitive development in children, leading to lower IQ scores, poor academic performance, poor attention and impulse control, and numerous physical health complications.[3]  In adults, elevated blood lead levels are associated with kidney and brain damage, increased blood pressure, miscarriages, stillbirths, and infertility.  Importantly, the most common way to address lead exposure is to remove the sources of lead.

Environmental Standards for Airborne Lead

In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considered adjusting the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for airborne lead, taking into account the air-related effects on neurocognitive function loss associated with exposure to varying levels of lead.  The EPA concluded that there are “causal associations between air-related (lead) exposures and population IQ loss.”[4]  At that time, the EPA revised the NAAQS for lead to 0.15 µg/m3 in total suspended particles as a 3-month average and has retained that standard following additional review in 2016.  This standard has been maintained despite scientific consensus that there is no safe level of exposure to lead.

Blood Lead Levels

Currently, children with blood lead levels (BLL) equal to or greater than 5 µg/dL of blood are identified as having a BLL of concern by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).[5]  However, the Environmental Protection Agency, the CDC, and California Department of Public Health have concluded that there is no safe blood lead exposure, and no BLL over zero is free of all risk.[6]  Even low levels of lead in blood in children have been shown to result in cognitive decline and reduced IQ[7] and, although the effects may be small, they are enduring and usually permanent.[8]  Studies find that adults exposed to lead as children show significant neural differences to adults without childhood lead exposure.  Persons exposed to lead in early life experience “an unfolding series of adverse behavioral outcomes: behavior problems as a child, pregnancy and aggression as a teen, and criminal behavior as a young adult.”[9] Because lead exposure often occurs with no obvious symptoms, it frequently goes unrecognized.

Sources of Airborne Lead

Since the removal of lead from gasoline used in automobiles, point sources for concentrated lead emissions, such as smelters, metal foundries, power plants, and airports are now considered the main routes of exposure to lead in outdoor air.  However, without a current source of lead emissions, “legacy” contamination from leaded gasoline use in past decades, leached lead from water pipes, and old house paint also contributes significantly to BLLs, as lead particles from these sources are ingested, or inhaled when climatic conditions cause lead particles to become re-suspended in air.[10] 

Lead Emissions at Reid-Hillview Airport

Although leaded fuel was phased out of use in automobiles beginning in the 1970s and has been banned in California since 1992 for road use, leaded gasoline continues to be used in small, piston-engine planes.  These planes are typically used for flight instruction, personal recreational or business use, and charter use, operating out of small general aviation airports like Reid-Hillview.  Lead is not added to jet fuel that is used in commercial aircraft, military aircraft, or other turbine-engine powered aircraft.  Avgas is currently the largest source of lead emissions in the United States,[11] estimated by the EPA to account for half of the lead pollution in American skies.

Locally, Reid-Hillview (RHV) is a significant source of airborne lead pollution in the Santa Clara Valley.  A 2008 study by the EPA ranked the airport 25th out of 3,414 airport facilities across the country with an estimated 580 kilograms of lead emitted annually.[12]  This estimate is based upon data obtained from the Federal Aviation Authority relating to airport activity including statistics relating to the types of aircraft in use and the number of takeoffs and landings.  Since 2008, RHV’s number of annual flight operations has grown from 141,006 to 162,648 in 2017, which suggests that neighborhood children and the surrounding communities are exposed to more airborne lead pollution than at the time of the study. 

RHV was one of 15 airports chosen by the EPA for required monitoring due to expected lead emissions from piston-engine aircraft utilizing the airport.  Results through December 2016 indicate that lead concentrations have exceeded 50% of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards – which are standards for harmful pollutants established by the EPA under authority of the Clean Air Act – for airborne lead (0.15 µg/m3), requiring continued monitoring.  Three month rolling averages from 2014 through 2016 at RHV ranged from 0.049 to 0.103 µg/m3.[13]

Blood Lead Levels of Children in Santa Clara County

In 2012, the California Department of Public Health published data on children under 6 years old with blood lead levels (BLL) at or above 4.5 µg/dL of blood.  Five out of a total of 58 zip codes in Santa Clara County were in the top 200 out of 2,589 zip codes across the state for elevated BLLs in young children, where there were at least 500 children tested.  These included the two zip codes adjacent to Reid-Hillview Airport (95122, 95127), and one zip code with a border within one mile of the airport (95116).  Each of these three zip codes showed a higher than average percentage of children with elevated BLLs.

Table 1. Children >6 Years with Elevated Blood Lead Levels (BLL) by Top Zip Codes in Santa Clara County, 2012[14]

Zip Code


Percentage of Children with =>4.5µg/dl BLL


San Jose – East (RHV)



San Jose – East (RHV)



San Jose – East



San Jose – South






Although this data does not demonstrate that the use of leaded fuel at Reid-Hillview Airport (RHV) is the cause of elevated BLLs in adjacent areas, it may be a significant contributing factor.  A study at Santa Monica Airport[15] found that the highest lead concentrations occur close to airport runways and decrease exponentially with distance from an airport, dropping down to background levels at about 1 km.[16]  Additionally, a 2011 study[17] concluded that there is a significant association between potential exposure to lead emissions from avgas and elevated BLLs in children.  The results of the analysis in that study suggest that children living within 500 meters of an airport at which planes use avgas have higher blood lead levels than other children, and that the apparent effect of avgas was evident also among children living within one kilometer of those airports.

For the millions of people nationwide living within a kilometer of airport facilities that service piston-engine aircraft, the continuing flow of lead into the environment remains a potentially serious source of exposure risk, with a recent study of BLLs in children living near airports using avgas in Michigan providing evidence that “elevated BLLs in children proximate to airports is at least partly attributable to avgas deposition from piston-engine aircraft.”[18]  This study found that children residing within one kilometer of an airport are 25% and 45% more likely to exceed present and past thresholds of concern than children living at least 4 kilometers away.

Areas with higher than average percentages of children with elevated BLLs are more likely to be populated by people of color and those in lower income groups, with one study finding “extraordinarily high rates of lead toxicity” in black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago, concluding that “lead toxicity is a source of ecological inequity by race and a pathway through which racial inequality literally gets into the body.”[19]  Census data indicate a predominantly minority population in the five zip codes in question (Table 2), with a poverty rate exceeding the county average of 9.3% (Table 3).

Table 2: Percentage of Individuals with Hispanic/Latino or Asian Origin in Zip Codes with Higher Rates of Elevated BLLs[20]

Zip Code

Hispanic or Latino


95127 (SJ – East RHV)



95122 (SJ – East RHV)



95116 (SJ – East)



95111 (SJ – South)



95020 (Gilroy)




Table 3: Percentage Individuals Below Poverty Level in Zip Codes with Higher Rates of Elevated BLLs, with Median Income[21]

Zip Code

Individuals Below Federal Poverty Level

Median Annual Household Income

95127 (SJ – East RHV) 



95122 (SJ – East RHV) 



95116 (SJ – East)



95111 (SJ – South)



95020 (Gilroy)








It is recommended that the Board of Supervisors adopt the following recommendations:

1.     Receive the Business Plan Update.

2.     Consider options discussed, or others that are appropriate, and provide direction to staff.

3.     Direct the County Executive to report back to the Board with a recommended plan to analyze and address any concerns regarding airborne lead and associated concerns.

4.     Direct the County Executive or designee to accept $1.2 million in FAA entitlement funding to help pay down the $3 million loan the AEF received from the General Fund in fiscal year 2017. Execute the necessary Grant Agreements to receive the funding from the federal government.

5.     Direct the County Executive to apply for Federal and State Grants for the Santa Clara County Airports to the maximum extent possible for the improvement of the airport’s infrastructure. 

6.     Direct the County Executive to apply for property releases from the FAA consistent with the Business Plan Update.

7.     Direct the County Executive to prepare Requests for Proposals consistent with the Business Plan Update for leasing properties and consolidating the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) at Reid Hillview Airport.


Alternatively, if the Board of Supervisors desires to preserve the County’s options for possible use of the Reid-Hillview Airport for an alternate purpose, the following option may also be considered.   

1.     Approve a policy statement that the County will not apply for Airport Improvement Program grants for Reid-Hillview Airport.

2.     Direct the County Executive or designee to accept $1 million in FAA entitlement funding related to the airfield repaving project at San Martin Airport to help pay down the outstanding General Fund loan.

3.     Direct the County Executive to apply for property releases at Reid-Hillview Airport from the FAA consistent with the Business Plan Update.

4.     Renegotiate existing leaseholds to the extent possible to consolidate the FBOs at Reid-Hillview Airport to make available acreage for non-aviation development.  This effort may by hindered by a decision to forego Federal grants since the future of Reid-Hillview will be viewed as uncertain by potential leaseholders.

The Board may wish to clearly state its intent regarding Reid-Hillview by:

5.     Declaring its intent that the purpose in foregoing certain Federal AIP funds is to ultimately close Reid-Hillview Airport.

6.     Directing the County Executive to prepare a new Master Plan for the San Martin Airport in consideration of the future closure of Reid-Hillview Airport.


The recommended action will impact the health and welfare of children and youth regarding lead contamination and/or ultimate usage of the airport property.


The recommended action may also have a health and welfare impact upon seniors.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


At the May 9, 2017 Board meeting, staff presented a report that recommended development of an updated business plan (BP) for county airports.  With the Board’s concurrence, staff was directed to return with an implementation plan that included a time-frame and the costs necessary to produce a new BP.  Since that initial meeting, staff has held a series of 17 separate public meetings (attachment), including six Airport Commission meetings, to answer questions and solicit input from stakeholders. 

On Dec. 12, 2017, an implementation plan was presented and accepted by the Board with direction to bring the completed business plan update back to the Board in spring 2018.

After completion of a series of stakeholder meetings, staff intended to bring the Business Plan Update to HLUET Committee on May 17, 2018 and the full Board in June.  Due to questions about the Business Plan and the desire to obtain additional public input, the HLUET presentation was postponed until June 21, 2018.  Due to the length of the June 21 agenda and the anticipated public input during this item, the HLUET presentation was postponed to August 16, the first HLUET meeting after summer recess.  Subsequently a request was received from constituents to hold the HLUET meeting in the evening to ensure the greatest level of participation.  The HLUET presentation was then scheduled for an evening meeting on September 17, 2018.

At the September 17, 2018 HLUET meeting, the committee requested that staff evaluate a third option to move the Reid-Hillview Airport operations to San Martin and to establish a regional training center, and to bring the updated report back to HLUET prior to submission to the full Board. 

At the end of the October 18, 2018 HLUET meeting, a discussion between the Committee members resulted in a request for staff to present the information requested by HLUET relative to Option 3 and the Business Plan to the full Board of Supervisors prior to the end of the 2018 calendar year without a presentation to HLUET first.

Airports Commission Meeting

The Airports Commission will submit its comments on the Business Plan separately directly to the Board of Supervisors. However, the Commission did point out that the time periods for various fiscal analysis in the Business Plan were inconsistent. The Airport Commission also noted that in the Business Plan Update’s discussion around the issue of grant acceptance, the report did not fairly balance the pros and cons of grant acceptance.

Reid-Hillview Meeting

Staff held a public meeting on May 22, 2018 between 6:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M. in the Ocala Middle School cafeteria. Prior to the meeting, notice was posted on the County website, Facebook page, Nextdoor website and on the airport’s website and Facebook page. In addition, an email notice was sent to all past registered meeting attendees and all airport tenants. A flyer was distributed to all airport-based businesses and a postcard notice was mailed to approximately 6,500 properties near Reid-Hillview Airport. 

Approximately 100 people attended the meeting. About half of the attendees were from the neighborhoods surrounding Reid-Hillview and the other half were airport users and tenants. Spanish and Vietnamese interpreters were made available to assist in communication. 

A slide presentation was provided to the attendees with a question and answer session following. Among the neighbors, the general consensus was that the airport is an undesirable neighbor with numerous comments to close the airport and redevelop it into affordable, multifamily housing and/or community-serving uses such as schools or parks. San Jose State University Aviation Department students attended and expressed the value that the airport holds for them and their efforts to obtain an aviation-based education and the opportunities that are available to the local youth because of the SJSU presence at the airport. Current airport tenants were concerned with the proposal to realign the FBO leaseholds with a desire to understand the mechanics of that change. There was also much discussion on the lack of clarity in the preliminary draft report regarding the benefits Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant funding provides to the County and what benefits in terms of freedom and flexibility that would be obtained should the County elect not to accept future grant funding and allow the existing grant assurances to expire.

A summary of the meeting with comments and responses is attached. 

San Martin Meeting

On May 23, 2018 between 6:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M., a public meeting was held at the San Martin Airport to discuss the preliminary Business Plan Update.  The meeting notice was posted on the County website, Facebook page, Nextdoor, and on the airport’s website and Facebook page. In addition, an email notice was sent to all past registered meeting attendees and all airport tenants. A postcard notice was mailed to approximately 500 properties near San Martin Airport. 

Approximately 50 people attended this meeting and fewer than five attendees identified themselves as being from the surrounding community. The remainder were airport users and tenants. 

The same slide-show presentation from Reid-Hillview was presented at the San Martin Airport. The discussion at San Martin was largely about what will happen when the FBO leasehold expires in 2020. The FBO leasehold includes hangars that will revert to County ownership upon expiration of the FBO lease. Some occupants of the FBO hangars claim ownership of the hangars. This is not consistent with the FBO lease. Additional discussion was held on the value of accepting AIP grant funds, and the existing Airport Master Plan that includes possible additional development at the airport, including a lengthened runway.

A summary of the meeting with comments and responses is attached. 

Meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration

Staff met with the FAA, Airport District Office (ADO) on July 27, 2018 to present the preliminary draft Business Plan Update and discuss its intent and purpose.

County staff presented the Plan to the FAA staff in attendance. Staff explained the intent of monetizing excess land and realignment of the FBOs at Reid Hillview in the context of improving the fiscal outlook for the Santa Clara County Airports. 

The FAA staff expressed continued concerns about the County’s failure to apply for AIP grant funding. The FAA staff indicated that failure to apply for grants is usually a precursor to an attempt to close an airport. In addition, property release requests are also frequently seen as an effort by an airport operator to justify future closure of an airport. The FAA indicated that past property releases submitted by the County were viewed in that context.

After an in-depth discussion of the Plan’s strategy, including the property releases, the FAA staff indicated that there is likely to be an opportunity to negotiate the property releases once the Business Plan Update is approved. 

The FAA was receptive and appreciative of the efforts the County has made and expressed a desire to actively partner on improving the airports. To that end, staff and the ADO office will meet again in the fall of 2018 to review the outcome of the HLUET and Board of Supervisors actions.


The County would continue to operate the airports with the existing leasehold mix; revenue and expenditures would largely remain the same with expenses rising relative to economic conditions and increases to rents indexed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The FY 2019 budget for the Airports division calls for a $268,000 transfer from Retained Earnings to the operating budget. Without additional revenue sources, this is a trend that is expected to continue indefinitely. The deficit does not include any capital investment. All capital needs will necessitate additional funding. Under this scenario, a long-term subsidy of approximately $20 million dollars over ten years is required. 


Send notification of completed processing to:

1.     Pam Rebillot, Roads and Airports Department, Administration

2.     Eric Peterson, Roads and Airports Department, Airports Division

[1] There are three grant assurances that are specific to commercial air-carrier airports and consequently do not apply to the County airports.  10. Metropolitan Planning Organization, 12. Terminal Development Prerequisites, and 39. Competitive Access

[2] FAA AC 150/5070-6B Airport Master Plan, pg. 5

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Meeting History

Dec 4, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Taken out of order after Item No. 22.

Seventy-two individuals addressed the Board.

On motion of Vice President Chavez, seconded by Supervisor Cortese, the Board approved a policy statement that the County will not apply for Airport Improvement Program grants for Reid-Hillview Airport and will make General Fund-funded improvements necessary to safely operate Reid-Hillview; and, directed Administration or its designee to accept $1 million in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) entitlement funding related to the airfield repaving project at the San Martin Airport to help pay down the outstanding General Fund loan, to apply for property releases at Reid-Hillview Airport from the FAA consistent with the Business Plan Update, to invite the City of San Jose to engage in a joint planning process within the next two years relating to use of the Reid-Hillview and Eastridge areas, including possible alternative uses after 2031, to develop a plan, including a transparent community engagement process that includes, but is not limited to, engaging the City of San Jose, to consolidate the County's aviation uses at San Martin Airport based on the Housing, Land Use, Environment, and Transportation Committee's Option 3 identified in staff's presentation, to develop a plan to implement improvements necessary to ensure adequate traffic flow and safety on East San Martin Avenue, Highway 101, and adjacent roadways, to establish a Capital Plan to implement improvements at the San Martin Airport, including both General Fund-funded and FAA-funded improvements, to report to the Board with a recommended plan to analyze and address any concerns regarding airborne lead and associated concerns, to engage San Jose State University relating to negotiations for possible accommodation at the San Martin Airport, to engage Office of Emergency Services partners relating to consideration of capacity for emergency and disaster response should a change of use occur at Reid-Hillview Airport, and to engage the aviation community in determining the feasibility of allowing only non-lead aviation fuel at the Reid-Hillview and San Martin Airports.

MOVER:Cindy Chavez, Vice President
SECONDER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
AYES:Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager
NAYS:Mike Wasserman, S. Joseph Simitian


Dec 4, 2018 9:30 AMBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting


1:20 PMIf you are standing at the rear of the chambers we would very much appreciate it if you would find a seat consistent with the rules of the board. Meanwhile two issues on the matter of translation. First is that we have I had sets at the rear of the chambers for those who would like translation as we go through the process. And again there is a member of the clerk's staff who is standing at the rear of the chambers and if she'll raise her hand again, clerk's office please raise your hand again. We need translation devices and she can help them available. Second issue of translation and quiet please in the chambers, I that for folks who like translation assistance when they speak we'll in fact have spanish language translation. For those of you not familiar with the process we'll allow additional time. Don't stpaoel like you'll be short changed. Now we'll ask the spanish speaker to begin again. (translating in spanish) paeurpb ladies and gentlemen we are at item number 19. Item number 19 is the airport's business plan as it indicates in our calendar. Our published agenda. This is not item no later to shall heard at 1:00 p. M. We are in a position to take this matter up. We have in our packet the s report on this item. It begins at package page 356 for those of you who are using the packet. Imbedded in the packet in addition to the recommended action there is at packet page 372 which is 17. At any point we entertain motions from any member of the board who wish to offer a motion on this item. In a moment i'll turn to Dr. Smith for a brief introduction. He'll then refer us to his staff. I'm going to ask again that every one try to be respectful of the speakers and we eliminate any demonstrations or outburs we've lost track but looks to me like we have maybe on the order of 70 speaker cards so we'll think about how much time we want to allocated and the importance of the issue. We'll hear from Dr. Smith and press enat a eugs and go to the speakers. Does that work for the board members. It does. And then folks, for those of you who wondering where you are in this list the answer is, you're in whatever order they came up and got handed to me. We had one or two requests we need to know how many folks we got in order to allocated the time fairly. Cards in the back and you see our colleagues all good with that from a process standpoint. Thank you Mr. President and phebg members of the boards and public. The issue of the utilization of hill view airport and the san martin airport is an issue that has been discussed many times for this decades in these chambers and other areas. The board asked us to update the plan for the airports, the general plan and you're going to go through that in some detail. We eye lighted a few issues that need to be addressed. We've become aware of significant leads problems with not only the property but the surrounding waor surrounded by a number of he will men 30 schools and like direction from the board on how to proceed with evaluation and dealing with that problem. There's been concern about land use and whether there would be an alternate use for the airport facilities and although you don't have to make 17 and 18 of your transmittal. Obviously these are just suggestions with alternatives we stand ready to take further direction or completely different direction from the board. Thats are best ideas what might be the appropriate direction. With that I bo like to turn it over to deputy county expects i'm one of the executives and I have with me at the staff table our director of roads and airports department. And to my left is eric peterson who is our director of county airports. Right now he'll begin the presentation. This this has been a process that we've been undergoing for the last year. With that.
1:28 PMThank you. the business plan is a notal says and recommendation of the financial health of the airports.
I apologize for interrupting. could you please slow down just a little bit. Both so everybody can hear you loud and clear and understand you loud and clear and particularly for anyone who is using translation services. I also thank it's taking us a while to get here. So let's make sure we give it the thorough time and attention it requires. Go to it. There's long standing community kwaoel talk about staff recommendations and options. Although there are more flights at our airports at least in the recent past. Staffing is declined. Current will he we have 9 positions at both airports. Staffing level 5 years ago by way of an example of 14 full-time positions. The leases that both airports are up for renewal and that was strategic. All leases for the operators will be up in 2021 and the si will be up in those leases are all up simultaneously. We wanted to determine the viability of non aviation kpherpbl development on land essentially what we would call a non aviation lands or lands outside. We wanted to create a long term maintenance plan for the airport infrastructure. This would be an opportunity to have a capital improvement it con taepbz 475 based aircraft in 2017 there were 163,000 operations and operation. You can see there's been a steady decline although in the past few years there has been an increase in operations. The the san martin airport was constructed by the can i. In terms of the revenue of the air force, our annual budget and it does go up every year based on increased in cost, the annual budget is $2. 7 million. The revenue however is $2. 4 million. Every year we budget 2 shreu to $350,000 if you will aircraft storage represents 75% of the annual budget. The fbo leases represent 10% and approximately of the annual budget and rental income which includes temporary rental of various pieces of property that we have around the airport as well as the swift avenue building and other assets that we have account for about 7. 5% of our revenue. On the expense side of salary and benefits are a majority. 45% of our costs are from salary and benefits. We have debt payments of 18% and two loans that are outstanding and one is a loan for construction of the pavement restoration that I talked about earlier and in addition there is an outstanding loan for the san martin hangars that were installed and those two loans are about $3 million apiece. We have an out standing it increases money coming in and that's the use of the land that our rounds the airport and we'll get into that in a moment. To restructure the leases that I referenced. Bring online the money and funds that are going to be generated from two solar farms that were installed and to redo the fees and charges. We have a 10 year plan to increase both the -- to improve both the air fields and the facilities on site which are the buildings and utilities and ramp space. Both of those we had an equal expenditure of $20 million to catch up on deferred maintenance. The last grants were accepted by santa clara county in 2011. It must be noted however that federal grants provided by the airport improvement program are limited to the air field we generate rent and then revenue. That would require a property lease by the faa and we identified two parcels at san martin. This is expected to take several years however because land developments in california takes time and we would need to prepare request for proposal and leads negotiations with potential developers and go through land use approvals through the local jurisdiction and be the county. And construct whatever facilities the developer May want. Neither of those fascilities pa market rate. The staff is not recommending helping either use. Appropriate funding be developed through the budget process to rop early compensate the enterprise fund for the two uses. Maintain competitiveness between 2 and 3. And right now we're recommending 2. We also to like to develop minute number standards. There are 3 cul-de-sacs and that's not very efficient. What we recommend is two parcels in the bottom picture that would free up some ramp space on the air side and free up an additional non aviation parcel. They've been extended over time. And on the right hand side it's the recommendation for the fbo's. Now if terms of increasing revenue at san martin airport w have the strategy. There is only one really fbo and what we roam doing, break that down into what is -- I apologize for all the acronyms. We would also assume management of the fuelling island. The strategy is different based on size. Now to give a view of the revenue parcel layout and again I know it's a tough one to read particularly across the room. But on just so you know what parcels we are talking about everybody can see parcel number one is the northeast corner -- the southeast corner of the capitol and been discussed before as potential lease. Parcel number 3 is the swift avenue building. Parcel number 4 is the lay down area which is essentially behind the parcel number one. Often used for christmas tree farms and pumpkin sales and construction lay down areas. That was freed up by the reconfiguration of the fbo and the leases themselves and and then items at number 8 on the top and bottom are the two locations of the solar farms which are under construction. And then finally the two parcels I referred to are shown as number 2 we got consultant help desk and compared our pricing to a lot of neighboring airports. General aviation airports. We're higher than most of the local airports and recommending reducing the hangar rates and reducing all tie down rates at both airports. In terms of the maintenance increase we identified about $10 million of need and these are mostly areas that require investments but not necessarily the runways because we just recently completed paving those. I've been rounding here at 10 million it did not include the hangars. This was really for cost and speed purposes or the martin private hangars. A partial look but we identified about $9. 8 million over 10 years that needed to be invested in the airport. Last grant issued to the county was in 2011. And the grants come with a o more form of match-upping that comes from the aviation administration and that is known as entitlement grant funding. That's money that is assigned to every airport or most airports, general aviation airports and $150,000 per year. Pay for them up front. We have -- they're different than discretionary grant funding which requires competition and going through a competitive pro sets. In either case those types of improvement that's are eligible for grants once you receive a federal grant and sign the contract, our current assurances expire in 200031. There is definitely the opportunity to have more local control. That is the crux of what we're presenting to you today. They're the key question we're looking to the board for supervisors for guidance on. It does require you to keep operating. One more reference in the staff report on this. Is it means that you're not really able to implement curfews because of anka. Even if you don't have active grants. Even if you don't have grant assurances. That was November of '17. Then in December we presented our plan to the airport commission and the board of supervisors to proceed with this report. We had a meeting with the lease holders and then the san martin pilots and the neighbors combined. We met with the stakeholders and met with surrounding landowners and we met with the city of san jose east ridge and the developers to the south. Silicon valley chamber of commerce. That's where we presented the complete draft plan that we're presenting today. December 2018 we met with airport commission twice and October 2018 we went to the hewlett committee. The committee referred to the staff and effort to explore an option 3. As I go through the recommendations a couple of flights from now we'll see that there is essentially a staff recommendation and an alternative. We evaluate oplgs 3 which is consolidation to san martin. We didn't really analyze what that would take and that's going to take some time. As we describe in the legislative file. But we can describe as best we could what we think the resources would be necessary to in order to act on the plan and consolidation to san martin a new environmental impact clearance that conforms to california law and possibly federal law depending on the status of the tkpgraphs. We estimate that as approximately $2. 5 million. Half million for the master plan and 2 million for the environmental clearance. Paced on experiences, recent experiences here at the county and at adjacent airports we think it will take about 3-4 years to complete. In reference to the previous san martin master plan we described in our staff report what was contained in the 2006 san mart master plan as an indicator of what a consolidation would look like and that master plan essentially directed new aeuf indication growth to san martin airport and put a cap on a number of air krafrt that could be parked. The they concerns over the continuation of the program. Pilots were concerned about the presservation of the airports for their livelihood and their businesses. Finally as Dr. Smith referenced the discussion of lead we prepared a session of the report that discusses lead and existing literature and no new analysis was performed by the staff around this issue but it is a report that describes a lot of published material. Couple of facts. Aviation gasoline does contain lead but jet fuel does not use lead. There is a lead monitor and it airborne lead. We know that children in surrounding zip codes have blood levels. Source of the lead poisoning has not been determined or studied to the extent that it can be pinpointed and the surrounding zip codes have a minority population and higher than average level of poverty rate. On to the staff recommendation. Recommendation of staff to receive the business plan up date and supervisors to consider options. And even though we already paved that runway we would be able to we've struck it we would be eligible for grants. We direct the staff to request the property releases to the extent that the faa would provide them. And then renegotiate the existing lead holds to the extent possible so we are clear if the goal of the county is not to accept federal funds it will be very difficult to renegotiate the existing lease holders in the long term leases. Thank you very much. To your attention to my presentation. I do appreciate the president your recommendation that I slow down. And we are here to answer questions.
1:59 PMStarting to rethink it. [laughter]
Not at all. just kidding. Truly, thank you. It's a lot to absorb. I appreciate it when staff tries to move expeditiously and you have to give people time. We have 75 cards now. We take two minutes and sometimes adjust that depending on the volume. On the one hand we get a lot of folks and on the other hand, it's an important issue. Two minutes.
2:01 PMThank I very much. i'm here to represent christopher ranch. One of the country's largest producers of quality garlic for our country. I thought this meeting was more so to help the expansion of the airport. It is limited in scope. We do require more however also being sensitive to the issue with our needs to the other out lying airports which has come to my attention today I got to support san jose state and their program thank you for your comment. Come on up. Forgive me if I mispronounce the name.
2:03 PMI'm retired national park service ranger and doing emergency management since 1960. So the existence of quality aircraft facilities where people and material can be moved back and forth is extremely important from an emergency preparedness standpoint. Athank you for your time. Our next speaker is. He wraoeutsz when large scale emergency occur, the governor's office meets the needs of the incident. 7 different airports were used within the response and recovery operations losing any of these airports would have increased the response time to those relying putting the little bit of a local spin on it. In past local events. Including but not limited to the croix fire, the humming bird fire and the summit fire, general aeration airports played a critical role thank you very much. We're able to get to critical data centers like in areas like nape pa, fresno, sacramento and los angeles on support notice. At one time it was easy to operate a small business out of san jose international and conduct business out of there. But essentially we were pushed out and runway was never reopened. I would assure that working with technology and aviation, technology is taking hold and is moving more into regional airports and general aviation airports around the country. Major cities recognize the economic value of a regional general aviation airport that relieves it on the airline airports such as san jose and they can't afford to handle the infiltration. San martin is not an option for us. That's an hour away and we need to be looking at diverse transportation. Thank you very much.
2:08 PMThank you. thank you very much. To begin, the growth of autonomous vehicles will turn into a multibillion dollar business in the next 10 years. Existing companies like uber and google will need the both and san martin for r & d and testing. Thousands of high paying jobs and millions of tax revenue will be lost to other cities nearby. If they are closed. Both should be protected for emergency services. We should expect a major earthquake in northern california in more than 50 years. This airports will be critical in bringing aid. In last, our long term national security depends on aviation. Today we have a pilot and mechanics the business plan was being updated staff held a number of stake holder meetings throughout the county it was the as the process continued it became apparent this was not the case. Today's proposal puts that goal out of the open. This pros poll flies in the face of a memo risen in 2008 county council it's the lack of housing primarily low income housing. Low income housing is an undeniable county crisis. As such a critical question in your mind today should be is closing a realistic and pragmatic solution to this crisis. Bottom line the vote you cast today will likely resonate far beyond. It's neither contributing to the low income housing interest or viable solution for it. In conclusion I ask that the board is that steps are taken to secure the future as an airport while improving its value as an asset for all segments of the community. Thank you very much.
2:14 PMThank you for your comment. good afternoon. I'm a student. Closing it would be a huge detriment to the aviation program by damaging the aviation program you would be taking away opportunities for growth and experience from future leaders from our students. Since starting my education I lead several leadership roles in the clubs from our chapter of women in aviation to our business fraternity and flight team. I have flown across the country in a cessna 172 as leader who few weeks ago we return ready from a reason in al team who got second. We met so many inspiring people including the women who flew planes in world war ii. They were given to us through the aviation program and allowed us to learn how to prioritize and take charge of what we care about. We're providing a 4 year comprehensive degree from human factors to psychology to sustainability and environment as well as politics from the county local state and federal and international regulations and procedures. They received this well rounded education just in the 40 years of their school. And the air force is providing that playground and the ability for the students to learn in that environment. And they will take these skills that they're learning today into the future to be leaders thin their communities. I grew up to the central coast and growing up my parents were divorced and he with didn't have a lot of money. I had to big a good program that was cost effective and it's the only option. It's the only public university in public that has an aviation program like ours. It's hrouz people like me to pay instate tuition while earning a degree from one of the best in the nation. I earned my private pilot certificate and I work for a company that works for nasa. All my aviation accomplishments would not be possible without san jose state university. I heard people say they don't want to kill our dreams but it would kill our careers. Our aviation program would cease to exist. I ask that you please do not vote on any ill conceived plan and keep it open for future generations for years to come the same opportunities I had. It hope you all received e-mails if I can get all my san jose state colleagues to stand up, thanks, guys. We took time out of our final schedule to speak on this matter.
2:20 PMThank you very much. welcome.
Thank you. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the board. I'm an airline pilot at sky west airline airlines. Sky west airlines with over 2000 flights a day including from chicago to san diego mexico city to washington, d. C. I'm flying into other graduates. Not just at my airline. Graduates are spread across the world. Many different reason natural carriers and major and flight carriers like united, delta and american. Cargo carriers serving naval aeuf ateers and defending californians and tankers and helicopters. These graduates come from all walks of life working in different operations and all have one thing in common. They all began their training and careers. The closer would have many negative effects that will be and have been discussed today but I would like to stress the closer would effectively end the aviation program at san jose state university. It's unique to the state of california as the only public university with a 4 year aviation education. Students in this program are able to obtain an affordable education and train to be professionals in one of the largest and booming industries in the world. The program was established skwh once widely regarded as the best in the nation was pushed out 10 years ago in the early 1990s they attempted to shut down the airport. In protests members of the community. Graduate of the high school and tkprad wait of san jose state aviation. He was captain 93. The night which crashed into the ground on 9/11. Upon graduating he worked numerous pilot jobs in around the pay bay area until he joined the united airline. His story is not unfamiliar attending the program. They served as a center for training some of the finest men and woman aviators this country has ever known. At no point in history has this ever been more true with the establishment of the airport campus.
2:24 PMI'm here to talk about the airport as potential life line to 1 million people in santa clara because it's he right here in the middle of santa clara county and right in the middle of san jose. They could be helped by cal fire and coordination roof and by sema and air taxi companies and arrow squadrons and tpraeugs air drop and even california's pilots operating through the network. Please don't make the tragic mistake of getting rid of this valuable county resource.
2:25 PMThank you for your comment.
2:26 PMAll right. I believe our next speaker is marsha to be followed by nicki britton and david gooden, ron blake, robert blake, rodney ferris, wolf geiger, williams. If you could line up please. Welcome.
My name is marsha. we provide disaster coordination for local state and federal nonprofit. And also past president of the manager association and been an emergency manager for various organizations and santa clara county for 20 years. Emergency managers is part of the duties is to identify resources that can be made available to help support the government during I have letters expressing similar sentiments from emergency manager and san jose engineering department and the red cross and encourage you to involve the local emergency managers. I'm a third generation pilot. My mother did her flight training at reed and my grandmother also did her flight training there. I'm a member of the pilot's associ jose could not be here today he's currently away attending the air forceack academy. Jose grew up right next to the airport and took his first flight with the eaa young eagles eagles. This inspired him to want to be a hispanic air force pilot. He started his flight training at trade winds and went on to win our scholarship. He flew with the civil air patrol to continue his training and help his chances in enrollment in the air force academy. He was not admitted at first but eventually was admitted and states without the positive impact of the community he would not have been able to get there. Jose 's story is one of thousands that start at airport and the young chapter there. It isn't just an airport it's its own community. It provides jobs and creates pilots and foster education like the students at san jose state. Closing the airport would displace too many businesses and students. It's unrealistic. I understand it occupies the landes valuable. But I also feel that this airport is more important than a quick money maker and compromise to share the land can be made.
2:30 PMThank you. next speaker come on up.
Good afternoon. my naming robert blake. I'm the president and ceo it's vital public resource to our community. Franschella had 460,000 operations or landing and san jose had 187,000 operations. Already it's relative small airport it had kupb 63 operations. That makes it almost the same size in terms of operations as san jose. It's very important. That 48% growth represents a large and growing interest in the capabilities of that airport. If I look at data for the last two months it has 14,000 operations from airports outside the region and 17,000 flights supporting flight training. We are need to continue to invest federal and state funds.
2:32 PMWe have to ask everybody to respect that two minutes. 0 you are next speaker is.
2:33 PMMy name is rod ferris. representing the california pilots association incorporated 1949. We have chapters throughout the state. The airport is a vital link in the national plan of integrated airport system. 88% of which are general aviation airport systems. It's classified as a reliever airport and relieves san jose airport from having to accommodate smaller aircraft. Please protect this vital and public resources for the benefit of all of santa clara county. Thank you.
2:34 PMNext speaker.
Good afternoon. my name is blake. My wife penny blake and I have both learned to fly there in 1975 and dismayed to see how badly it has deteriorated over time. Some of it was the previous board members refusing to allow long term leases and developing the airport. I moved to san jose many years ago. I've been tow san jose international the past 20 years. And still fly out of there and utilize the county airports and also pat towal -- palo alto. There are no private groups other than for corporate aviation. I served on speaking as a private citizen but I served on the county airport commission and also the city of san jose san jose international can't handle theed a eugts natural traffic. They keep pushing us out. They'll be making additional improvements and lose additional tie downs in san jose. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you select option one.
2:36 PMThank you very much. next speaker please. I should indicate when you hear that beeping noise two minutes is up. It pwaoepz only a couple of times. Thank you again and welcome.
2:37 PMI'm a business owner at the airport. Our leases are terminating in two years as we heard. And two years is not a long time frame for a business owner to plan ahead to invest and negotiations should have stopped a long time ago for new leases. And we are today subject to it. Delay of approving option one and for us to get continued business puts at about 100 jobs at risk. It provides jobs for mechanics who have completed their vocational program in the area. It provides jobs for administrative personnel. Swre valuable resource for the students to learn about an aviation business. Lastly flight instructors we are looking at a pilot crisis. If you step into an airplane, you need a pilot still. And those pilots are created here. Continue to allow us to run the business. Thank you.
2:39 PMNext speaker. welcome. Good afternoon. Thank you. My name is david gooden and i'm president of the partnership of safe operations. I appreciate the work by staff. Business plan. Option 1 is the best. I also drive out of there and instructer there as well. I pbunderstand there is a perception that it's a place. But to me it's a robust community of pilots integrated into the community and we do community outreach such as the programs. This is a small sampling of the happy faces of the children i've flown personally and many of the pilots here also fly. To date read hill view alone we've flown 14,000 neighborhood children. Giving a lot of them their first airplane ride they ever had. The excitement is indescribable. I went my first airplane ride 6 years old it made such an impression to become a 350eu lot and start the business here in silicon valley but not everybody has an uncle bill so that why I fly young eagles and a lot of my fellow pilots do that as well. I would like you to weigh who will not be able to get their airplane ride as easily as they can today. Thank you. Next speaker. I'm another young eagle's pilot. Flown over 300 young kids. One of the things they looked at is the future expectation of accidents over the next 7 years. There expected to be 3140 injuries and 19 fatalities in that same period. It's just airports are safer than cars. There was some injuries from the people in the plane and over last 7 years there were 9 accidents or injuries. Chief operating officer there for 20 years. I spent 35 years at san jose airport and had something to do with phasing out the small airplanes. But also became a fortunatelyer director of the county airports for 7 years. My comments are limited to the alternative section in the staffing report which identifies the actions it takes if falling the road map leading to the closer and reuse of the location and demand and greater region. The purpose of read hill view airport would lead to a long endeavor and would have little to no chance of success and destined to fail I strongly recommend that you disregard any action towards closer or reuse of reid-hillview airport.
2:46 PMThank you for your comment. nexter and. Come on up, sir.
I'm a retired attorney and pilot for more than 50 years. Resident of sunnyvale. Imagine been this might be the point where I wonder how many minds are changed by all of this passionate testimony but i'm going to carry on. Anyway, urging you to support option 1. Want to clarify the misperceptions. A vote to refuse the millions of dollars is a vote to begin the process of closing reid-hillview airport and all the pilots, the aviation community and any potential investor or business that is looking at that airport will recognize it as such. Voting to continue refusing federal grants is in fact not going to allow any new development or new lessees to come in. Finally i'll address the one invisible elephant in the room. A law firm specializes in taking on airport property issues, and somebody who used to solacicit legal opinion memo is something you get to reinforce what you already wanted to do. We haven't been allowed to see that and none of the public has been allowed to see that opinion memo. We know that more than $25,000 was spent. Somebody said the county council's own memo said it will take years of litigation and unlikely to succeed if we pursue a litigation strategy to try to close the airport. I urge you not to waste the money and time trying to did that.
2:48 PMThank you. next speaker. It's convenient for me and for the flights I do. It's worth it for me to make that investment. I'm a strong advocate for the homeless and under privileged having completed 6 years as a broad member and chair. 3 years on the life lines for youth and also working directly with charities home and sacred heart services and providing hundreds of thousands of dollars with those organizations. I can also speak to the need for affordable housing and I understand it. Intimately. But I think that affordable housing is not the best use of 188 1880 0 a /- /- clear khrao clear I think there are other areas that are better suited and more economically. I'm also invester. I see a future beyond business as usual and nasa created the mobility grand challenge. And air pace system can manag the air space and will be important. We don't have reid-hillview we can't participate. Nobody like amazon will put a facility in to fly packages around san jose from san martin. The batteries will go dead between here and there. I urge you to support the future and accept the recommendation to accept faa grants for reid-hillview.
2:50 PMNext speaker please, come on up. Good afternoon. My name is ron. I'm a cfi, certified flight instructer and retired airline pilot at reid-hillview and flying there since the '50s. I started when I was 7 with my anningl. I started watch willing their planes and did most of my flight training. I've been on every continent except antarctica. But i'm here to discuss something that I saw in the business plan packet the last minute with anned eugs about lead that attempts to tie lead found in the surrounding children to the airport and then today there's an article in the san jose mercury that is full of misrepresentation. The epa set standards for lead in the air and reid-hillview has been below that. Reid-hillview is not on the epa list of required monitoring even though the resource board does continue to monitor it and shows we're well bolo 50%. The county just reached the settlement with paint manufactureers in May of this year. The Judge In that case wrote in his ruling and I quote, the existence of other sources of lead exposure has no bearing on whether lead paint cons staoulgts a public nuisance and also said it doesn't change the fact that lead paint is the primary source of lead poisoning. All these neighborhoods around the airport were built prior to 23450e7b 78. I imfloor you to look at that science.
2:52 PMThank you very much. next speaker please.
I've been living in santa clara for over 60 years and i've seen this community change. Much of what I was going to say has already been said. What I would like to say is that I learned to fly at reid-hillview also. That helped me in my program engineer with nasa. As you know those aircraft include studies into sea ice crop moisture controls, so the knowledge one gains from flying airplanes or run -- conducting operations extends to more than just aircraft. As you know it's for businesses and people who need those kinds of skills in addition to their college degrees. In order to be able to be more qualified candidates for workers and then be able to continue t provide asset things here in the area that the county can need. I would like to ask if you consider option 1 and that the -- you fund it based on using the federal grant. Reid-hillview is an asset. Once you lose it, it's not going to be available to you. Not only for emergency purposes but for other things that are on going right now. And I hope that you make the right choice. And keep it and provide options for future decisions that the board can make because without that facility, your choices will be constrained even more than what they are now. Thank you.
2:54 PMThank you very much. 234ebg9 next speaker, come on up.
I'm a community liaison. I am here to support the petition. I am here because of my community. The majority of the families that I work for they are low income families. They are in minimum wage salary. They cannot afford housing and we know everybody here in the santa clara county is very, very expensive for the minority of us. Especially for them. So I am here in support on for relocation of the hillview airport.
2:55 PMWe have cards now from maria rodriguez and then hilda keller, silvia alvarez and serena alvarez. Shall pao pus paeurpb brian wheatly and andre chapman. All come on down. That would be helpful. She's here in support of closing reid-hillview airport. I'm here to speak in not only my behalf but other families in m school district. Remembering the experiences we have lived in the limited affordable housing that we have no access to. I'm hereiesting that you close reid-hillview airport and looking to you for help. Looking to utilize the land that the airport is occupying for affordable housing. Looking for low cost housing and she hasn't said this but currently she lives in a garage where she pays $1,500 a month and she currently lost her housing and now the person where she's renting has augmented her payment to $2,000 for a garage. She shared this with you so you understand what other people are experiencing. Thank you. I'm here to advocate for our families. Not only are i'm an employee from the school district. But i'm also born and raised in that area as well. My mom backyard is capital express way. Dispersement of wealth from the fz and have notes especially in our evergreen district is something that i'm very much invested in and I do really hope that that the members here really consider the change of plans and making sure that hillview is used in a way that will better service our community and our families in need. There were orchards and farm land and 2340u it is businesses and restaurants I feel that hillview reached its limits in the way it's serving our community. Thank you. I'm here as president school board and as deputy district be for santa clara county. We lost 200075 students because they could not afford too live here. Many of them are pushed out which has affected all the schools along the corridor of poverty. Resulted in some of them 25 unhoused families. Which means 27 of our students are living in cars. Housing way too expensive and no place to go and therefore i'm urge the board of supervisors not to consider not accepting federal funds and focus affordable housing down the way. Right now we need to start this movement forward. Too many families and I know the aviators have their careers, but we have families living in cars and we have many families living 3 and 4 families to a home or an apartment and that's unconscionable. These kids need stability and these families need to feel they're being respected by being able to live in a home that provides for family. Thank you very much.
3:02 PMGood afternoon. eye expectative director of the institute for non violence and president of counsel 3090 and resident of district 4. Thank you for hearing this important item today. I want to thank supervisor chavez for your leadership and effort to make sure that community needs are being heard and respected. No pathway will be simple. Clearly it made that much true and clear and no pathes cheap. One pathing healthier. One is more just and compassionate. And uses the land more efficiently and more in line of the core mission of the county. I'm urging the board to adopt the alternative option colliding the operation of I tent to move to adopt a policy statement and give direction to staff we need house. We need those 200 actors for actives that contribute to the health of the residence. Enough is enough. On the backs of poor brown people like my father to have affordable food we need cheap labor to grow the california economy. We needed mercury miners. Enough is enough.
3:04 PMI'm here also to advocate f option 3. Schools are losing students. Families need homes. We are in the middle of a crisis. To really address the inequalities and the crisis that our region and our community have been suffering for so long we need full decision making and we need a vision. It's part of the solution for adequate. And healthy environment 4 or children. We talked earlier about prevention. We talked about the focus of investing in the future. By considering the third option we are thinking about the future. We are considering the future this have community, the future of our families and the health and safety of our children. Community and safety first.
3:05 PMI see mother's crying every single day because they cannot provide anything for their kids. Single mother's just like me that have 3 kids and i'm scared to think about what's going to happen if the land lord asks me for the house. Because we are living in a housing crisis. Most of you if not all of you know we need the housing. The lady before here, when are we going to say enough is enou on having people say enough. Today you have to have that decision to say this is enough by saying no. Our children deserve to stay to have a place to call home every day like all you guys do. Thank you and have a good night. Thank you. My name is sandy. And I am an advocate of reid-hillview must stay open long term 35 years or more. Our son is a student at san jose state university and studying aviation professional flight in the college of engineering. His schedule requires not only the ge requirements but 3 professional gradings. Prior to the bachelor of science did he tkpwraoefplt he must obtain his private pilot certificate and instrument rating and commercial pilot license. Many, many of his classes are at reid-hillview and working on his private pilot license there. He drives from san jose state to reid-hillview approximately 4 days a week. Time management is imperative to obtaining these licenses and airport in close proximity is critical to his success. If he ed to drive to san martin he would lose hours of time. Are you also aware that the aviation program is the oldest and largest in the west coast. Did you know that san jose state university's technology program has been there with the university for over 150 years. Providing higher education to people all over the country, the world my question, what has changed since 2010 when the santa clara board of soupers ayou know noed a new home for san jose states aur gnora -- aur oh naughtics pr good morning. I'm with the behavioral health contractors asews ace. The hca's 30 plus agencies provide mental health and substantive services to children, adults and teens. All procedures see first haplgd the crisis faced by many of the clients as they have no safe and stable housing. The lack of safe and stable housing and the long term impact it has has on our community is biggest crisis we faced as a community. In silicon valley it's not just the funding that will make it happen. It's using every precious resource we have. We cannot afford to not consider all county owned properties particularly the larger once and determine if they can be used to provide critically needed housing. We request you vote to refrain from accepting federal grants that would encumber this land for decades to come. It will allow for a thorough assessment of the best use of this county resource. Thank you. We're here to support the board of soup sraoeurz to develop a plan. Areaation flew is the largest source of airborne lead. While lead poisoning poses a risk to all people children are more vulnerable. Even slight elevation of lead can result in stunted development and impulse control in addition to numerous fiscal health complications. Children living within a mile of the airport had blood levels had a higher amount than 2. 5 zip codes 95122 and 95127 have the highest levels. Continuous lead emissions maybe a contributing factor. There is no safe level of led exposure. Because of this I ask that you analyze and address the potential lead exposure. Thank you. Last night our neighborhood meeting brought up the topic of reid-hillview which was skszed primarily about the noise and air quality and exposure and the danger of potential mishaps within our community which have occurred. I have heard testimony which have struggled with breast and pros stated cancer and other cancers although there is no way to know. And before the mercury knews did make clear what we have known, even a small amount of lead exposure can cause life altering harm. It is time this airport is closed our community has a chance to fully enjoy its safe long quality of life that we all deserve. We look to you for your support and forward come back to my community in hopes of being heard.
3:15 PMI wanted to thank you for allowing us the two minutes to speak our minds on this topic. It sits in district 5. And has been the subject of many complaints and concerns this vote today represents a great opportunity to do something for a community for a long time has felt isolated it will open the doors that for so long have been restricted. Developers every one. My name is richard. And i'm with the federal aviation administration. I'm currently the acting faa san francisco airport district manage err. She's assist at the present time manager and the faa airport district. We're here to show the faa support for the airport. As a reliever and we're approximately 100 aircraft as well as national air space systems. Stphlt past 10-15 years the airport has been home to home 700 based aircraft and 230 annual operations. Inch investing in the air field could be an important step in incentivizing the type of activit activity the faa stands ready to work with the county to explore ways to keep the airport a viable facility. Thank you for your time.
3:21 PMThank you. all right have cards from as I said earlier, we need to make our voice known on this issue. The aviation program will surely die and educational opportunity available for residence will be lost forever. Thank you.
Thank you. next speaker please. I'd like to point out I don't know what this class of highlights from san jose state are. But I 0 would would like to remind you that number pales in comparison to the 1 in 8 students that are homeless. When he look at this program and understand the benefits we provide house. As far as the commute adding an extra hour of time to commute to san martin i'd like to remind people the time it takes to the central valley. 2 po plus hours in each direction and talk about the money that it takes to operate the airport and remind you that all these people private paoeut lots have an opportunity to raise the money to be able to pay for the operation. But it's been lacking. We know for a fact that the county has had to put money in to in order to repave the runway. If they're interested in doing that they should have come up with that. Rather than the public. I think it's time for the airport to combine with the san martin airport. Eye also like to talk about the amount of money that it costs to live here and people that have to live in central valley because they cannot afford to live mere. I'm sure none of those people own a plane and they can't even afford the transportation to be able to get here. Thank you for that. If you haven't turned a card in but would like to speak I ask you to do that because we'll cut it off at 3:30. Welcome to the next spur. We support the alternative recommendation. We recognize the importance of this airport to many in the regio region. In an earlier time this airport was undoubtedly critical asset to the city. This 112 odd acre site offers tremendous taoupblties for alternative uses that would better serve the needs of the community and the county. First among these is the potential for development of a significant amount of affordable housing. Which conserve to high housing costs and resulting displacement that we see today. We're confident that now is the time to take these steps. Next speaker please. Welcome.
3:25 PMGood afternoon county supervisors supervisors. My name is christian and i'm an organizeer with ask as a community we urge you not to apply for the grants over 100 acres of public land can be better utilized for public good. Including but not limited to affordable housing. I'm here today to recognize the efforts of our past volunteer leaders for months and decades have tirelessly canvassed, tabled and surrounding community gathering the airport. We believe this is the best interest of all parties. Pilots and student pilots can get an upgraded airport without the anxiety and the community on the east side can live fear of crashes and the risk of lead poisoning and be given the opportunity to see better benefits with that land. I come with you today to share there are many passionate leaders who have fought this fight and I commend them. Many he have them who couldn't be here today and many edit kaerz who have also helped with our efforts. With that hraeupg you for krur time and no matter what the decision we thanking you. Next speaker please. The purpose of my speaking I want to highlight the vital impact reid-hillview has of providing support. I'm very passionate about it. All of this activity is 100% supported by donations of the airplanes and the fuel and totally pro bono and no reimbursement whatsoever on the part of any agency for these flights. As I mentioned it's personal passion are mine. I've flown almost 60 missions so far this year. Something I do a lot. The proposal to move to san martin is at a minimum a huge incremental pairier to people like myself volunteering for this kind of thing. It would almost triple the amount of time it takes each way to get to and from the airport adding add dramatic amount of expense associated with doing that. The transitioning from my home to san martin airport would be longer than most of my flights. It becomes sort of silly. Good afternoon supervisors and thank you for listening to the testimony on this very complex situation. You have a very difficult vote to make today and one that effects the future. There are 7400 homeless people in the county and the airporting a raoefrpblg natural asset and could be the center of silicon valley's economic engine as well as providing emergency services to all of us and the training for the san jose state students. I've spoken to most you and I trust you will make the right judgment because we're making a judgment and vote for the future. You know that the lead from reads hill view is not the results of the data is that in your report. You know that the can I could invest in lead free fuel at the airport if they so wish. And there are other opportunities to provide housing within the county. I believe you had opportunity to look another one recently. At the old san jose city hall. I trust you to make the right judgment. I know i'm repeating some things and i'm kind of sputerring a little bit here. But I ask for your vote to keep the land as an airport. There is no city in the usa that is building a regional airport anywhere. Once the land is gone, you can never bring the airport back. Just remember, you are in one of the affluent counties in the center of silicon valley and that airport is required. Thank you. We urge you to accept the option of number 3. 3 gives you flexibility because you can make the choice again later. One gives you no flexibility it's a rigid decision, rigid option. You only have one option. Kwroeu years ago the highest best use for this property was an airport. Today it might be house or might be something es. We see so much need for housing by what we do we work with several schools and organizations on east sid and partner with people in evergreen as well. But the idea here should not be what the self interest but what is the best community wide interest. Gentlemen, speaking on behalf of preserving the airport, why do we want to give up an asset that we'll never get back again. I agree. If we take this agency set and take control of it actually put it within the control of the community, when this lease expires in '31 then they can decide for themselves this is an entire -- this is not a housing project. This is an entire in an iber hood you got to deal with. They'll decide what to do. I want it thank Mr. Peterson for his courtesy and professionalism in running. 10,000 single-family homes in the state of california. Away to get at housing crisis in california is to raise property taxes for people owning more than 5 homes in california. Who needs more than 5 homes in california. So if you have 800 homes in california, and maybe 600 in santa lair ra county 2, lead. There is no study that puts lead in not only that there are lots of studies now that show that airplanes are going to be going to unleaded fuel in the next 5-10 years. So lead won't be an issue in 5-10 years. Thank you for your time. Please support the airport. We're not going take a recess but we'll give every one to stand up and stretch for a minute and sit down. Take this opportunity to stand. Stretch. Get yourself ready for the rest of the testimony. That's includes board if we could ask to you take your seats again. If you want to vacate the premises now would be a did time. Take your seats. Thank you. Bring the chambers back too hush so we can continue to take your public testimony. Hope you found explore, it's important that we look at alternative uses that better meet the critical needs of our community at this day in time. We strongly of course we strongly think that you should prioritize the building of stable affordable housing for struggling families and low income residence in our community. As a result both improved planning are required to meet the needs of the lowest income renters and neighbors going forward. Take this time to do that bold visioning and improve planning with us. 1300 pounds of lead every year come from this airport in any amount of lead in the blood of children causes impairment. There are thousands of residence and numerous schools that are exposed to there's been a budgeted deficit of $300,000. The main use of this airport is the students at san jose state. However the san martin airport is a 20 minute drive from san jose state. Versus a 10 minute drive. I looked it up. Please vote against furreder application. This irport is bad for county and neighborhood and kids. We need housing and parks and schools for every one. We need a new thank you. It's major come opponent of the program. The proximity and the services invaluable to the program. And bringing national recognition. We are ranked fourth best in the country and first in california and the west coast and public institution. Is it your entension to speak on this item. If it is I want at a make sure we get you in because i've indicated we are going to cut off cards. I don't i'll go ahead and accommodate that but we need to say that's it, folks. Thank you. Go right ahead.
3:47 PMI'm a student and the president of the eaa at reid-hillview. These kids come from the local community. It's free and no cost we've flown nearly 15,000 kids and have an averages out to year. I lived here in san jose and I flew out of oakland airport. So, I had to drive to oakland. It was no problem for me. I never complained. I appreciate having the job. I think that we should not apply for additional faa funds to operate the airport. We so desperately need land in this area on which to develop not only low income housing but parks and community center in this area. Before we go to the next batch and these are all handed to me together. Looks like we have a small handful that says they're going to require translation assistance. If we could ask the clerk to make sure we have our translator handy. Good afternoon I live in san jose for the last 26 years. For the last 5 years I moved to 5 different places and being a single mom it's difficult for me to have a private for my son. I worry a lot about not having affordable housing for my son. My opinion is that airport stays and is being used for the benefit of the community. The airport creates hazards with the lead and it affects the community as a whole in a negative during the last two years it's increased drastically. We have seen the increase of rented to almost $1,000. We of the high increase in living. Members of this organization are looking for solutions to improve the conditions of high housing crisis. We are in the process of participating in creating a policy so that we will be able to stay in the area of we understand that it was susceptible for the airport. Now everything has changed and families live nearby. You May make that decision of change in this policy allowing the space for affordable housing. Including the opportunity of creating neighbors for low income housing. Also to create cleaner air and free of lead. The board of supervisors have the opportunity in the decision to have the right to make decision to change the airport to create a process for residence in that east san jose community. So that we can have affordable housing. Thank you.
4:00 PMThank you. and let's bring up our next speaker, please. We can exercise that difference and diverse necessities of the residence of san our next speakers are julia bar ba and victor in my area we don't have a park. There is open land and we don't have access. I want to have a part. I want a housing for the poor and I think that we all know and we want something better than that. I understand 20 minutes drive. Come on. Please compromise. We're a community. We need this for that community not for the reach. Not for the reach. We understand that it's needed but it's time for a change.
4:06 PMThank you very much.
Julia to be followed by victor vasquez. We've shown higher sperptage of people of color live in these neighborhoods. How many more data we know it's harmful and study are showing that lead will he leased in the air today we heard a report they're using machines to test the emissions that come from the plain so there's no safe level and any amount is harmful to human health and particularly child health and development. I want you to not to take federal funding and conduct the process with residence. Community members who live in the community to decide what the land should be used for in the future. Some of our peers said we're concerned these are communities are color who are often left behind and we're also concerned about different studies and center for disease control have deemed this area as one of the highest levels of lead. He feels isolated. Hopeless and frustrated because his family needs a place to live. Their family is separated and their scrambling to find somewhere they can call home. They represent our families and indicators or child-care providers. My i'm the executive director from east san jose. We support supervisors and urge all of you to adopt the alternative recommendation. I want to first echo the comments representing first by santa clara county. The adverse health impacts are alarming. As mother of a 6-year-old the health concerns that are disproportionately effecting him and the thousands of students in east san jose primarily students of color are a concern that we should be ashamed of and must come together to find solutions. As mentioned pollution education and trades program small business inch coup baiters and other supporters for all and not just for a few. Our organizations through our family resource centers and safe parks that the depths of crisis is at the highest rates we've seen in this county. I urge all of you to adopt option 3 so we can come together as intentional community. Should of the shared community challenges of homelessness and displacement and limited opportunity and uplift the common good with benefits that can support many. I invite the kpwrupbg and emerging leaders to be part of cocreating equitable solutions. I do not believe in limiting educational opportunities and dreams for anyone. But we cannot make decisions that advance the need and address inconveniences of a privileged few and it's unique for being the only airport it surrounded by shopping center by 3 sides and that's what makes it difficult for us. I've got to say I can't imagine that occurring being allowed to occur in any other community, but certainly it happens to east side. I wants to say that pilots sometimes all of us we don't know what we don't know. Pilots the vast majority, perhaps all of them, none of them don't live in east san jose. Their kids and their grandkids they don't have to breathe the lead and exhaust that come from the planes. We're looking at a possible win-win situation here. There are many better uses for the land. Currently the airport serves a very exclusive small group of pilots and vendors and rather than sinking more money into a losing venture I say we start looking at a possibility of mixed use development on that property. Rapidly rapidly generating services and possible medical services and retail office space I went ahead and trained sphaoeufl as a pilot and worked as a mathematician and scientist and became responsible to the community and this is a resource that as many have spoken before what's gone has not come back. I'm going to be very frank and blunt. This is like a horror movie that is playing over and over again. He spoke before you and pointed out that any housing there would call more fatalities that the airport right now. Putting housing out there will add another 50 to 100,000 cars on the road. Keep the facilities and improve them for all benefits in the future. Thank you very much. Thank you for your comments. Before I go on to the next batch david gooden have we already called you and heard you? Thank you for declining the double dipping opportunity. So we have aj, chris wilder. Samsun it's not a myth it's he happening. Housing costs are ballooning. I got to address some of these comments. We're not privileged and not all white. On top of that you need a degree which can cost up to $25,000 a year. And then we end up working in jobs that are like $14 an hour. So we're not privileged. I'm going to take that myth for me they're really good people that have a lot of passion for aviation. And just like they have passion for aviation, I have passion for health and safety of the kids that I have been elected to represent them, their parents and everybody else in east san jose and that's why i'm here. I'm here to underscore the point. Health and safety should be the primary concern right here when you're going to go ahead and make the choice.
4:23 PMThank you for your to make a decision that lives up to the goals for environmental justice to make a decision that focuses on needs for our community not the needs of the small group. Thank you. Next speaker please. Good afternoon. My name is chris. My day job is with non-profit organization called transform but i'm with you today as a resident and long term resident of san jose and growing up in east san jose in particular with lots of friends and colleagues. Theres no safe level of lead in the blood for children. You have fought for over a decade to get that extension for the community and what better way to leverage that investment than to provide mixed use high density development near those stations. As currently the current land uses do not support that particular extension. So, I would just appeal to you specifically to support option 3 in order to fully leverage that investment and make sure we're providing homes and shops near this multihundred million dollar investment for the community. Thank you. My name is jim laugherty I came to san jose in 1965 from a poor military family. I moved into east san jose I went to san jose state. I was a member of the flying twenties. I have 11,000 hours of flying time. I was the cofounder of the jet center and san jose airport and I ran the relief operation at the san jose airport when the airlines were shut down for 15 hours when everything from everywhere came to san jose. The san jose airport needs hill read view. It's an important part of what makes it work. To throw that away would put tremendous burden on the existing facilities of the san jose airport. But the areaation requirement is what makes this work. One that was rated in the top 5 for many, many years until it lost its facility through bad decision making on the part of the facility and the city of san jose. Don't let a major integral of our community go away. Make the community better by making good decisions. Thanks. Good afternoon. My name is edgar shawn. I'm a student pilot currently obtaining my private pilot license at air dynamic aviation and i'm also a junior at aeronautical university. Although I do not go to the main campus, I don't have enough money for that, so my only option is to go online. So that saves me a lot of mone and also to address the situation of low income housing or the question that but it is our livelihood. Also not to mention that angel flight is the company that arranges free flights to those who cannot afford medical services in their area. They are flown into the bay area for treatment. And for the noise concerns and the fuel fumes concerns, I feel that shutting the airport is too extreme but rather we can work to have more technologies like electronic engines and bio fuels instead of shutting this vital airport. And lastly, i'd like to say, if you do decide to shut down reid-hillview how you can problem it's used for affordable housing. I implore you, please, I ask, vote for vote for more optio. I lived on the east side since I was a child and having the airport there gave me the opportunity to actually achieve my aviation goals and become a flight instructer and there's a stigma all pilots are rich. I had to go into a lot of debt to achieve my bogoals and I know my students have to also. A lot of students go into a lot of debt to achieve their goals that doesn't pay well to start with. The community benefits the most from the airport because think affordable food would be an asset to community and we can help in that way because there are places at the airport that we could put the shipping containers and not only have the shipping containers but employ the young people in the area to equip them with scientific weather that these containers use to grow vegetables and fruits and please take option one. Thank you.
4:32 PMI'm a freshman in aviation at san jose state. Actually the commute right now from san jose state to san martin airport is 40 minutes and little to no traffic. So definitely with traffic during rush hour there would be a lot. Other thing is fbo's in reid-hillview there are several and most all of them have huge wait times to get your lessons in. Which we need to get our licenses to graduate actually. San martin only has one and you can imagine what the wait time would be like if all the students came flooding in. The second thing is san jose state is full of people that are not from high income families. These are people who want to be pilots but normally wouldn't have the money to do it. They can't afford purdue so they come here and if you took this away from them they would not have the opportunity. So that would break that cycle of low income and prevent them in the future maybe from needing that low income housing which I think is more important than just providing it right now. It would create a solution rather than just a temporary solution. Thank you.
4:34 PMThank you for your comment.
4:35 PMI'm it. okay. Thank you very much, supervisors. Wonderful to see, Mr. Smith and staff. I was representing the fifth district. A plane fell into a home just a block away from where my daughter lives. But for the grace of god a newborn child and a family of 4 would have been killed but they were in the right room. You know, in 1996 we had a conversation here at the board of supervisors chambers where we had been promised three votes to consider closer of reid-hillview. The community was absolutely excited because for the first time they felt that night their voice voices would be heard. They were not so we failed to get the 3 votes necessary at that point. So today as I listen to the conversation it is a conversation that I heard many, many times in the last 40 years. I want to remind you too that when I came to sasanta clara count in 1947 it was a small agricultural city of 70,000 people. How many years ago that was that? I have seen and you have seen although you younger ones have not seen as many changes but we have seen a lot of change in santa clara county. From the beautiful orchards to blossoms in the spring to the high tech center of the world. And so, quickly change is inevitable. It has to happen. I'm absolutely proud of the young student whose goals to be pilots is to be respected and admired but you have to remember that for 40 years more than 40 years the aviation community has occupied 180 acres of publicly owned land and we've been held hostage by the faa that we cannot sell. Now is our time for a change. Change is inevitable and we see a dream ahead of us.
4:38 PMThank you for your comments please. Let me just double-check. (roll call) since we kept you pent up if you heard anything at all that you were delighted to hear today why don't you give them a great big round of applause and we'll get that out of our system. [applause]
Thank you. that brings the matter before the board of supervisors. Colleagues I see supervisor chavez's light is on and supervisor waserman and cortese in that order please. The can I will not be apply for grants and will make general improvements required to operate reid-hillview safely. Second to engage within the next two years in a joint planning process for both reid-hillview and the east ridge area including possible alternative uses for reid-hillview after 2031. Also for or the uses in the san martin airport based on the bord eye adopted master plan as updated to include tower and navigation capacity to meet the current standards. To develop a plan to implement any necessary improvements on highway 101 and adjacent roadways. To reach out to our oes partners to consider all options for safety provisions if a change in use of the airport should finally occur. To direct administration -- that's my motion. I'm going to make that a motion and then i'd like to make comments.
4:42 PMSupervisor, do we have copies of the revised motion or --
Only two additions are the san jose state reaching out to san jose state for the san martin airport and reaching out to the partners to look at safety provisions very helpful, thank you. So it is as contained in the memo dated December 3rd but with those two additions, is that correct?
To reach out to the o
4:43 PMBob: s partners to consider all options for safety provisions if necessary relative to the change. To reid-hillview airport. I want to make sure everybody has that. And then what I would like to do is just make some comments. So first of all I wanted to say to everybody who came out I appreciate the respectful thoughtful nature of everybody's comments. Today we are concluding a very long and robust airport planning process and I wanted to say it was a transparent process. Indeed we heard incredible passion and perspective from many sides today. It focuses on the same operation of the airport and looks to the need for a long horizon and reduces risk to the county. The risk to the county chiefly comes from three sources. Locking up a valuable county asset for 20 years without knowing what the aviation market will look like and that's based on us accepting grants. And losing local control to the faa -- lime flood to see you here today but for a very long time we've had a challenging relationship with including them forcing us to allow sky diving right next to highway 101 in san martin. We are required to operate reid-hillview by 2021 and i'll be moving one day sooner. We don't know and no one us the market will require in 2031 let alone in 2038. In 2006 as they acted on projections our business would boom and that real boom never came. And that's not surprising giving the unpredictable nature of the transportation sector in general. It's bet on increased some small phraeub ownership in the 2030s and I think that's a bet we can't take today. Reid-hillview is 188 acres of silicon valley land it is responsible to lock that land up for aviation beyond the current day. And reid-hillview locks up the neighboring east ridge mall. It's 120 acres with its own transportation station. That links downtown via bus and transits and will be a link to bart via its own lightrail line. It should go without saying and I know this for every member of this board they're committed to safety and we should fund the capital improvements necessary for safe operations for the general fund. But the biggest financial lead is the operating deficits to that fund. These modern phraeufp planes are quieter and cleaner than the old fashioned aviation aircraft. A knew tower would bring save aeufty and even the capacity to build and monetize. I have always had a lot of concern about. And that is that we do wanted to make sure that we're providing every opportunity for safe uses of land especially as it relates to emergency services. That's why I do think we should add and did add into the motion an opportunity for our staff to dive into that. But today is about options and not closing doors. And if we accept faa grants we're closing the door. We all know what it is what we are voting on that would be helpful. Appreciate it. And supervisor wasserman you are next sir. Erb use don't lead to the board of supervisors that are black and white. My chief of staff has been here for 30 years. He said say hi to you by the way. And he said this has been going year after year. An interesting conversation for me. I started out with my notes and then he revised my notes and then I revised my revisions and then I wrote on a napkin. I'm scrambled around a little bit. First of all, to our department, it was about a year ago that you came to us you told us how revenue was going down and how it's going to be negative and you needed a loan from the board. We hadn't taken faa money in 7 years. So we asked to you come up with the business plan. You went out and they did a business plan and you brought it back. You talk about the emissions from the airplane. You hear that we do screening. Our levels are less than half of what the epa says is healthy and allowed. But still there are people here arguing that the reid-hillview airport should be closed because of the lead poisoning going on from the airplanes. At the same time I hear an individual say and let's move it to san martin. Then the comment about any lead amount is too much. If you're arguing that the emissions from airplanes are harmful let's close it down and move more to san martin. If you are convinced that the airplanes produce poison us, armful emissions please do not suggest we move it somewhere else. That's number one. We're coming here and i'm all in favor and i'm directing this to airport staff, all in favor of getting fuel switched over to the lead 3 variety to further reduce the emission levels an airport takes this much land and housing takes this much land. You can do housing here and housing here and housing here. You need 100 plus acres to run a safe the more destructive natural disasters will be. Up in paradise, 20,000 acres. If there were 4 homes on that 20,000 acres losses wouldn't have been so bad. But there wasn't. The reality is we're going to increase density here. That airport right now if we convert it to housing, and yet, we need housing. But also let me tell you, the county right now has over $800 million unspent that 2/3 of you said a year or two ago in measure a let's tax ourselves to pay for affordable housing. In the last year we funded 11 projects in 5 cities and they're all being built now. Do we have a lot more to do? Yes. Tax credits are disappearing. So there is no promises. One of our young speakers said. There is no guarantee that even if we got rid of the airport that we build a affordable housing 16 years from now. I know that we have places to build housing now and for whatever reason it's not getting undid. I know we have $800 million in our bank looking to fund affordable housing projects now. Once you close an airport. We don't have places to build airports. I've got every reason to believe they'll be needed for a long time more especially to help with disasters. Supervisor chavez I appreciate your motion that had 8 items. I was in favor of 5 of those 8. You added a couple more that i've got issues with. So perhaps when we get to the point of voting on your motion which has been seconded perhaps we could handle them separately. Thank you all for spending 5 hours with us today and share your passion about how you feel and allowing us to do the same with you. I did second the motion. The written version of the motion which was distributed before the board meeting by supervisor chavez which he walked us through orally today, item e says the plan including the transparent community and engagement process uses that san martin airport, and then it says based on alternative board adopted south county airport master plan. I believe based on your comments that the motion is based on the option 3 that was referred by hewlett that was presented by during his presentation and the only reason I say that is because your comments don't seem --
4:59 PMYou're correct. thank you.
5:00 PMBecause I want to say for every one else who is listening, our packet page 840 which is something like page 2-15 of the south county airport master plan. That has a capacity for reid-hillview as opposed to consolidation phasing out. I just wanted to make sure that was clear. Second point, I want to make, let me stick with questions for the time being. I do want to go back to san jose state the yes is, it was set up but i'm just trying to -- I don't know if you have that answer, but I feel like a lot of times in these issues the hype gets so -- hyperbole gets so severe people worry are we getting kicked out tomorrow. Do we still have a contract. I want to make sure we have a contract with them over a period of years. We did that and we also you have the need to extend their lease. Their lease is up. Now and we have worked with california state university system to perfect a lease and we're ready to bring that to the board of supervisors with the timing on this item. We've been -- we're ready to do that very soon. And the lease will be structured in such a way it will not restrict the board of supervisors opportunity. But they need an extension. They're in the swift avenue building and the program has been successful and they probably is getting more and more robust and they probably will take some more space in that building and extend their lease.
5:03 PMWee look forward to that. i'm trying to understand kind -- I understood in your opening presentation an alignment of dates here. A total maximum lease of stwepbt 20 years of 2030 on a 4/5 vote I believe passed. I want to make sure we haven't and every one can be -- every one out there with the green signs can be comfortable that they have a home under that lease. I want to get back to you with your office and the board of supervisors. They do have a lease that does extend and has some options. They also have requested additional space I know if I what you a tenant or someone that runs the state run program I would say a general comment, I think every one up here really appreciates and respects the aviation program and i've had the opportunity hewlett if you heard that word is just basically the committee one of the standing committees of the board that stands for housing, land use environment and transportation. And so, we take up issues like this there. Oftentimes first and then as supervisor waserman was saying, if there are gray areas or things need to be decided by a board of supervisors then those issues get elevated up from the committees. That's what happened here. The comments I made when I made the suggestion for a third option that would essentially be a long range consolidation plan was really based on the idea that until we know what that would look like, until we know if that is possible, until we know whether or not that would provide a better home perhaps one of the best general aviation airports around until we know that and whether or not there are irsurmountable obstacles very difficult for me to say. The idea was not option 3. The idea that the airport should continue in its present location in purpetuity despite my support for general aviation I support the fact that the county runs general aviation, airport facilities now and would be in the future and I think it would be a did thing. I think general issue pilots are a good thing. But the idea that we would tie it up in purpetuity by making a policy decision today that said no we don't want to ever look at moving it or better option doesn't make any sense to me at all particularly because of the economics. I have lived in the area since 1956 and this property which was or the surrounding property which was probably worth a thousand dollars an acre, $2,000 an acre back in those days the most, it is completely off the charts in terms of economic value. Now we need to get a grip on that. We shouldn't depend on dave cortese, supervisor cortese's opinion about that. We have plenty of expansion opportunity within the same county. That that would be considered in hopefully down the road if you had a free hand at this kind of acreage. It could super chavez in her remarks in the cascading effect on the surrounding properties like east ridge, we can no longer be dismissive about those kinds of opportunities given the cost of real estate and the cost of housing and the value of this asset. And potential of what we could do if we turned the asset into the kind of acash cow that could make a win-win for everybody. I cannot support today investing or pulling down addition faa grants. That's for all of us. That's where the folks to go down there for a car show or that's where the folks that go down there for the aviation show. We look 10-15 years down the road. I can tell you listening to this, I understand as most of us do there are two sides to this issue. I really want to focus most of my comments on the environmental issues in particularly the lead issue. I'm going to end with that. We talk about this plan. Did the issue of consolidation of san martin come up and did that people in that area be notified this is an issue we're going to start that process to look at. The san martin meeting did have a mix of pilots and neighbors and the neighbors were interested in whether or not there would be physical changes to the san martin airport and so, maybe we'll look for some thoughts that he has. If this is the right way to present my goal is to have a bigger discussion with the community there. This is part of a planning process which I think is really important to do. It could take years by the way again from the staff report.
5:19 PMI'll continue on my other issues. Maybe if you want to think about a couple of changes of word to sort of make it sound like we're not going forward with we know that the bad pwhrefl of children around the zip codes are elevated and again as people so eloquently stated there is no acceptable levels of lead. It needs to be zero. It has tremendous negative health and developmental imbee imbeen -- impacts on children. Part of me can't believe that a plane using leaded fuel isn't somehow putting lead in the nearby environment. I know that we don't think an airport is a good neighbor or it's disruptive or better use of the land. I know that nothing's going to happen until 200031 and let's say we want to close it and then there's a lawsuit. So that add as couple of years. And let's say we win the lawsuit and then by the time you do all the environmental clean-up. You do all the planning and the reports and community meetings, we're talking 3 or 4 years or 5 years even after that. Nothing will happen on that land. The total discussion of that we need affordable but what is it that we could do that we do let's say sale of leaded gas at the airport and say it's going to be non-leaded fuel that is going to be sold. Is that something we can do or negotiate with the operators? Because to me that's what the goal is. For me closing the airport 20 years from now or 15 years from now is how long it's going to take to get the lead out of the environment for me that's too long. That's my objective in all of this.
5:23 PMI don't know the exact answer. But I will tell you that the lead in the aviation is necessary to lubricate the valves. There are some general aviation facility that's sell both types of gasoline but there's not very many of them so we would do research on that and get back.
5:24 PMI'll throw this out and it May not go in where and I would be interested in hearing if my colleagues have any thoughts. There isn't a lot of middle ground here. But and i'll just say it and see what people might think. Until such time that only leaded fuel is sold. What that would do is say --
5:25 PMI apologize for the interruption. I think you said leaded when you meant unleaded.
That's why you're the president. Thank you. And I only suggest that or interested in the discussion if there's any support for it i'm happy to go ahead and support the motion but in the back of my mind i'm wondering what exactly are we trying to solve and if it's to get the lead people out there that thought our airports are not self-efficient is because we have not renewed hraoez with people who wanted to pay for leases. Recommendation number one first item addressing with supervisor yeager was just referring to the direct county executive report back to the board for recommended plan to analyze that's the direction we're headed and then we'll be headed towards general fund Monday thy to subsidize the airports for the next number of years. Because we won't be receiving faa i'm concerned about a and g on the up the general fund to sustain that basically we will have a permanent funnel of at least 5 or $6 million a year going to the enterprise fund in my opinion. We'll definitely do what the board asks us to do. I fear that financially these airports are not viable in the long run. By 2031 they won't be fiscally viable and right now we're not operating consistent with all of the faa assurances, one of which is we have financial stability in the operations. I thought you put forward the items that are on the screen a-h added two other items, I dealing with san jose programs and j, dealing with oes safety consultation and now k at the request of supervisor yeager regarding efforts of using unleaded fuel at the earliest opportunity and to the fullest degree possible. Did I capture that right? Good. And is that a single motion at the moment? We got alternative number 3 sort of which supervisor chavez has. I'll say modified and expanded upon. That's not something that I can't or do support for variety of reasons and for one form or fashion all have been referenced today. I'm a respectful no vote on the item. That being said here's what I want to say to both the folks at the staff and county executive, two things, number one i'm guessing this isn't the end of the conversation. I understand we have some constraints given the assurances we're obliged to make. Even within the constraints of those assurances how can we be a good neighbor to the neighborhood. When we have these I want to acknowledge it, credit her with it what I heard -- what I read I should say, supervisor chavez in your paragraph a which I think is part of what's giving the executives some concern is if we're not going to take the money and I understand your arguments why, that we should then at least make a commitment to put general fund money into the airport to keep it a viable fast it during the period of time when we know it's going to be used as an airport. I mentioned voting on individually you just mentioned the whole thing. If we do the whole thing at this point that's fine with me. I'll be voting no as well.
5:39 PMUnderstood. and that's why I made a point of asking supervisor ? Very how her motion stood and I think at some point she's indicated it's a single motion it 10 different parts. We come up with a little different wording than e. I was doing this as we were talking. And that would be to begin a transparent community engagement process that considers consolidation and south county airport master plan. Because that way it really is the staff going back and having a conversation with the entire community there.
5:40 PMI'm going to ask that we all find the voting panel on our screen and we have a motion by supervisor chavez which has been both displayed and read out loud. We have a second by supervisor cortese. We're going to ask all 5 members to please vote on the screen and we're going to ask the clerk of the board to display the results and announce that the motion has carried 3-2 wasserman and simitian descenting.