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Under advisement from December 12, 2017 Board of Supervisors' meeting (Item No. 12): Receive report from the Office of Women’s Policy relating to the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and the Suffrage Movement in the United States.


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This verbal report responds to a Board directive to Administration to address the upcoming 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment guaranteeing U.S. women the right to vote and provide an update on potential efforts to Children, Seniors and Families Committee by February 2018. 


The recommended action will have a positive impact on children and families, as it directly affects women and mothers.


The recommended action will have positive impact on elderly women.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


On December 12, 2017 the Board directed Administration to develop a strategic plan to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and the Suffrage Movement in the United States and to report back to Children, Seniors, and Families Committee no later than February 2018.

The verbal report will provide for Committee consideration a strategic path and timeline to honor the Suffrage Movement and commemorate the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in 2020.



The Children, Seniors and Families Committee will not receive this report on efforts to address the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and planning efforts will not move forward.


The Clerk of the Board will follow usual procedures for a report of this type.

Meeting History

Feb 14, 2018 2:00 PM Video Children, Seniors, and Families Committee Regular Meeting

Taken out of order after Item No. 3.

One individual addressed the Committee.

Chairperson Chavez requested that Administration begin activities relating to celebrating 100 years of women's suffrage as early as Fall 2019.

At the request of Vice Chairperson Cortese, the Committee requested that Administration work with Supervisorial District Two to draft a recommendation to be presented to the Board of Supervisors no later than March 2018 relating to creating a Task Force regarding the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Women's Suffrage, and staffed by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.



Feb 14, 2018 2:00 PMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoChildren, Seniors, and Families CommitteeRegular Meeting

2:32 PMYou are doing incredible work around training and really starting to hone in on how to use our -- our contracting -- I mean our procurement services in a much more strategic way, and i'm really excited about that. And because of that i'm going to let of the hook and ask my questions to you all later. Betty did I forget anything? No. All right. So we'll move forward with 5, 7, 9, 10 with direction on the rake and the older adult summit as spoken as a congratulations to the contracting team. And then we're going to move item 17 and then our agenda wl go 17 -- oh, i'm sorry -- it 12 too. 17, 4, 12, 11, and 13, 14, 15, 16. And that's a motion?

2:33 PMThat is a motion. and
I'll second that. and we'll move forward. So great, thank you everyone. We're going to move to it 17. And item 17 is a response b on the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage and the suffrage movement in the united states as a report to t boardor to the committee on that item. Oh, good, david. Thank you.
Good good afternoon -- good afternoon, supervisor cortese. And now i'll turn it over t ms. Collins.
2:34 PMYou. I like take to a few minutes to update you on this item. It's not often that it has be good news we're acknowledging, so we're very excited that the board recognizes in September that we're two years away from national historic anniversary. Our county has historically celebrated the ratification of the amendment developed on the commission of the status of woman. But 100 years is really significant, and especially in this era of the federal government. So we commemorate this important anniversary and to prepare support access to government is paramount to the survival of our democracy. Let's if I can advance the slides.
2:35 PMAre they fighting you?
Thank you. so many say we live in a bu here in santa clara county, an if that's true, i'm grateful fr my bubble, but there's still so much work to do. And while we can challenge the ferocity of such a title, tha title in 1980 was something really reflected a decade of work and planning to create a pipeline of women into elected office, a pipeline that today hasn't resulted in more women in leadership positions, and while other than a slight dip in , our count think voter turnout has been relatively consistent. The 2016 presidential election had more votes than ever be and was only topped by the 2012 but we election. Also have history, where we can look back to laws that were passed that tell groups of people that they just don't whether that's matter. [ inaudible ] and all of suggests eliminating voter id and working to boost voter l turnover allow the results in every election to more accurately reflect what all of the people of the county want. And that includes such things as the changes in the recent vot choice act. So in order to adequately prepare a strategic plan, we believe we'll need to secure ar coordinator oversight of all of county efforts. We'll spend about six months gathering planning, and then engage all members of our community. This will culminate with major celebrations March 2020, and again in august for commemoration of the 100th we anniversary. Anticipate a need for the coordinator and 150,000 seed money to successfully launch these efforts. This is the big picture view of where we're headed. Establishing a diverse oversight committee then development and implement a community engagement plan. So it can be very easy to e cynical voting about and it can elections. Be easy to be apathet but voting connects us. It us part of a larger movement. It's just one piece, a very critical piece of civic engagement. So because democracy belongs to allus, and each resident who understands the decisions that are made each day that impact our daily lives, this moves us closer to a better, and safer community. The efforts for the anniversary will truely benefit our entire commune
2:38 PMI would add to that, that will be coming back with a m detailed budget proposal in may, but we wanted to give you a brief overview of where we are today. And get any direction from yo
Sooner than may. let's that first. We have item. I want to invite roberta [ inaudible ] to come forward. Roberta, welcome.
2:39 PMGood afternoon, speak -- chair chavez, and supervisor cortese. I'm roberta [ inaudible ] and i'm speaking for the five [ inaudible ] in santa clara county. I'm to encourage the board to commemorate the anniversary. Not only is 2020 the anniversary of the 19th amendment. It's anniversary of the league of women voters. Those who worked so hard th so women could have ability the to vote. And they formed the league of women voters. As look back and celebrate the passage of the 19th we amendment. Have to recognize there still women and men who are t eligible not able to cast their vote. Our work is notdone. But to recognize something that is so positive, and so I hope that you are able to celebrate the passage of the 19th amendment, and I hope yu will create and fund this commemoration commemoration. Thank you.
2:40 PMThank you very much. thank and you, your staff, for here report. Like to make. And i'm going to use slide 4 o just make sure we stay a little on task --
And I misspoke. I think we meant March of 2018.
Got it. okay. Feeling better. All right. So couple things I want to request. Is and that when this comes to the board the with coordinator I hope by then identified in -- -- in march, thewith seed money, and what I would like our to be is to be able to start activities as early as 20 -- fall of 2019. And the reason for that is that the actual date of suffrage is august of 2020, and if one of the -- so I think it's an opportunity -- the whole -- you know, six months even to a year of activity up front, and then post that, and I think there's a lot of reasons to do it that that -- way, but I -- I recognize that -- for many of us, one of the big objectives s to get as many young people and involved they are not in school in august of 2020, so are going to want to do a activity over the year and to b able to work with many partners. And second thing -- and I would love your thoughts on this too -- is I would like th working committee to be convened by -- really by June of th year, and -- it should be a big working committee and now righ now league of women voters I partnership with the ywca and the american association of university women have already started to work with my office to really start to brain storm all of the partners that could be around the table, so one, thing, dave, I was thinking about is whether it made sense for us to formalize a committee with the board. And that means the board -- there's brown act, and all of the tussle that goes with that, but I would like the -- the folks that we appoint to understand that we think it's important, and from my perspective, that would require -- or necessitate board action for each of the actual appointments to who serves on it, and then what I thought we could go is partner with the women's policy -- really they could drive so the committees wouldn't have to worry so much about the technicalities, with the risks of any technicality around that. And that's partly why i'm very interested in having this come back to us sooner, because I would like to announce it, and let people apply, and make it more of a celebratory thing that it is. Do you have any thoughts about that approach?
2:44 PMYes, I like your idea. and bringing it forward -- I -- I think gettin a recommendation out of committee right now to have staff work with your office on bringing forward the recommendation to the board of supervisors to create -- the taskthere is probably a task force I would assume, because I would be relatively short li but be -- that doesn't have to be tethered directly to the funding -- because the -- question funding can start that process --
That's a great point. -- the
Clerk can do what they need to do with, I think, a fr presumption the money will come the through budget cycle, you know, just in time to launch the force. So I think at a very minim shouldit sounds like we're be going to lookings at the -- looking at the money anyway inmarch. But if we can just move forward whether it's on your referral o the administrative transmittal of the task force launch, I think that's a great idea. How -- there's so many different ways to as we appoint people know. They can be delicated to a board member or multiple board members. I think i'm fine with that. Although sure the entire board -- I can speak for my me colleagues love the opportunity to -- you know, participate by to appointing appropriate designees to the committee. Whatever that might look like I later. -- I think it's a very important thing to do, and i'm glad you are on top it of and brought great initiative. So i'm all for it. I would be happy to make or second a motion you when are ready.
2:46 PMYou make it.
Okay. what I said. [ laughter ]
I think the staff got it. but I you to be the maker of the motion. I said I serve with all of feminists even though i'm the only woman. And a said why would you saythat? And I said because they are.
So the recommendation the board of supervisors for the creation of this task force to be directed i'm by owp, and going to add and staff appropriately by the clerk of the board and to work with the office of supervisor cindy chavez share committee of this on the details of the of composition the task force.
2:47 PMGreat. good. And good. Good. I'll second that. And I think March is a really good time line, because you are right. These can go on different tracks, and I think that's right. And I don't want to presuppose the -- like if we do two events or one event or what it is going to look like. Because I want the committee to really do all of that deciding. And I want to make resources available so there is a pot to start with. But really the intent is to let the women of this community decide the best way to celebrate, and we might even have a couple of men apply too, which would be great. And you don't have any questions?
2:48 PMJust so summarize, I think what we're going to do is come back in March with a proposed budget as well as a recommendation on this task force, and we'll work with you and your office to figure out possible it rations of that, and the idea is that once we bring that to you, and you your -- you green light the proposal. We'll move forward to convene the task force so the work can begin as soon as possible.
Yeah, and one thing we can do is -- i'll ask my staff this question, but I -- I do that think we have had a lot of with conversation the -- with the league and with thein -- particular the league, but also with aaw, and they -- there is a -- they have already got thoughts about proceed. How we should so i'll ask my staff to draf thethe of list -- of folks we that would like to see -- because I do think task force is going to be rath big, and I think that's because I think much of the work is going to happen in smaller groups. But,again, I want this to be the group of women that we can have participate, and really representing the community. And there should be some mechanism for board member to participate. So five people across the country. I'm hearing dave and the supervisor who said what about that average joe and average jane person that -- that way we really do make sure we're looking kind of hither and ya and can help the with of nam list and organizations we that have already gotten from our allies that would to like see particular seats. I there are some that will particular at-largeand see where we go there. All right
2:50 PMThat's very exciting. as to the summary he was giving us, he didn't sayit, but jus to remember that I think there should be a referral -- probably a referral is the quickest at this point to the board, just o authorize everything that you sai just the board. We just skipped that part -- I know we talked about it alrea.
A referral that you and I would put together real quick. T
Either way. I just know that step -- because
Is actually in response to a referral, so -- already.
I don't think the task force
2:51 PMCreationoh, right. Right.
Otherwise we if create one from here, we sort of did that at hulett once -- got it.
You and I can do a referral the full board with a process recommended and seats and all of that. And we'll work your withoffice.
Thank supervisoryou, cortese that going to be my question -- I don't think
We need that much detail in the referral ye
Yeah. well, actually -- like I said -- and dave, we actually have had so many conversations onthis, but you are 100% r but we'll work on that with office. Great. We have a motion, a second.

2:51 PMAnd we're going to move on. Thanks very much all of you fo that good work. Very excited on that. Next we're going to up bring schoolingservices, and this is. Item and i'm going to just -- ask I caution. This a short report, because i'm looking at you now. All right? So after your report -- i'm going have you to do a report -- I have just a couple of questions for you. All right. Thank you.
2:52 PMGood afternoon, county supervisors and executives. I'm [ inaudible ] from]. [ inaudible we have presentations on two programs today.