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Construction Document

Consider recommendations relating to Bids for construction of Capitol Expressway ITS Infrastructure and Sidewalks Project (Federal Project No. CML-5937(196)).


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Multiple Recommendations

Possible action:
a. Award contract to Granite Rock Company in the amount of $6,105,336 which includes an allowance for Supplemental Work in accordance with the Contract Documents, and a construction time of 200 working days.
b. Authorize the County Executive or designee to issue Change Orders against the allowance for Supplemental Work and to approve modifications to the construction time.



There is no impact to the County General Fund. Sufficient funding for the project is included in Fiscal Year 2018 Road Fund budget account 603-62894-0020, Level of Service Improvement. Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) and Surface Transportation Program (STP) grants may reimburse the County up to 88.5% of eligible project costs


On January 9, 2018 the Board approved the project, adopted the plans and specifications, and authorized the Administration to advertise the project for bids. The bid opening date was February 15, 2018.


The project will install Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure to support implementation of a state-of-the-art traffic operations and management system on Capitol Expressway between Narvaez Avenue and Highway 101. The project includes the installation of new traffic controller cabinets, traffic cameras, stop bar detection, and fiber optic communications. It will also provide pedestrian and bicycle improvements, including constructing approximately 3,000 linear feet of sidewalk, curb ramps, squaring off corners at one intersection, installing pedestrian sensors and bicycle detection at several intersections, and implementing bicycle and pedestrian adaptive signal timing.  The project has been designed to be compatible with Eastridge to BART Regional Connector Light Rail Project. 

The project has been determined to be a Categorical Exclusion under the National Environmental Policy Act and a Categorical Exemption under the California Environmental Quality Act.

A Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal of 4.0% has been set in accordance with federal requirements.

In order to effectively stay within the limited project budget, bidders were instructed to submit separate bids for the Base Project, Alternative Bid 1, and Alternative Bid 2, with the intention of adding one or both alternative bids if they are within the project budget. Alternative Bid 1 includes installation of sidewalk and lighting and detectable warning surfaces on the north side of Capitol Expressway between Lone Bluff Way and Tuers Road. Alternative Bid 2 includes installation of sidewalks and detectable warning surfaces on the south side of Capitol Expressway between Snell Avenue and Seven Trees Boulevard.

While the Base Project implements technology improvements that will enhance and optimize traffic flow, and increases bicycle/pedestrian safety, the Alternative Bids address sidewalk gaps in the Expressway system. Such gaps are present on all County Expressways and staff work to address/incorporate these as project opportunities allow.

On February 15, 2018, two bids were received as follows:



Granite Rock Company

O’Grady Paving, Inc.

Base Bid Presented



Actual Base Bid*



Alternative Bid 1 Presented



Actual Alternative Bid 1*



Alternative Bid 2 Presented



Actual Alternative Bid 2*






*The Actual Bids are a correction to the summation of the bid items; there are no changes to the unit bid prices between Bid Presented and the Actual Bid.

In accordance with the Contract Document, the Contract shall be awarded to the responsive Bidder submitting the lowest Base Bid.

The low base bid of $4,942,311 from Granite Rock is approximately 7% higher than the Engineer’s Estimate of $4,619,000 and 3% lower than the reasonable bid amount of $5,080,900 (10% higher than engineer’s estimate). The available project budget allows the Department to include Alternative Bid 1 in the amount of $1,163,025, submitted by Granite Rock Company. 

Alternative Bid 1 was selected to close a sidewalk gap and to provide lighting on the north side of Capitol Expressway between Lone Bluff Way and Tuers Road. There is an existing asphalt pathway that provides bike/ped connection on the south side of Capitol Expressway between Senter Rd and Tuers Rd. By constructing the sidewalk on the north side of Capitol Expressway, the Department is able to complete a segment on Capitol Expressway that meets the Complete Streets guidelines.

The design plans and specifications for Alternative Bid 2 will be saved with the intent of pursuing funding from external sources such as the Surface Transportation Program (STP), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Management Program (CMAQ), One Bay Area Grant Program (OBAG 2), Transportation Development Act (TDA), Vehicle Registration Fund (VRF), SB1, and or the Measure B – Bike and Trail Program to construct the sidewalk segment.

A bid protest was submitted by O’Grady Paving Inc. on February 20, 2018. The bid protest was reviewed by Office of the County Counsel. The asserted defect in Granite Rock Company’s bid raised by O’Grady Paving, Inc. was determined to be an immaterial defect that may be waived.  As a result the County deemed Granite Rock’s bid responsive and O’Grady’s bid protest without merit.

After reviewing the bids, the Department determined the apparent low bidder to be responsive and recommends awarding the contract to Granite Rock Company in the amount of $6,105,336 (Base bid - $4,942,311 and Alternative Bid 1 - $1,163,025).


The recommended action will have a positive impact on children and youth through the Healthy Lifestyle and Safe & Stable Families indicators by improving pedestrian and bicycle safety at several intersections on Capitol Expressway.


The recommended action will result in operational improvements and safety enhancements for all members of the traveling public, including seniors.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


This project was originally advertised on June 6, 2017, however, all bids received were well over the engineer’s estimate and reasonable bid amount. On August 29, 2017, all bids were rejected and the County immediately began re-packaging the project with reduced project limits.


The contract will not be awarded and the project will not proceed.


Upon execution of the construction contract the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors shall take the following actions:


1.     Notify Jeri Arstingstall, Jamil Salas, and David Parks – Roads & Airports Department, Infrastructure Development Division, that the Board President has signed the contract and arrange for pick-up of the document.

2.     Notify the following of completed processing: Pam Rebillot and Kelly Roberts, Roads and Airports Department – Administration.

Meeting History

Apr 17, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
MOVER:Mike Wasserman, Supervisor
SECONDER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian