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Adopted as Amended
May 8, 2018 9:30 AM

Held from April 17, 2018 (Item No. 18): Receive report relating to recommended framework for 100th Anniversary Women's Suffrage Task Force. (Office of the County Executive)


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There is no new impact to the General Fund. At its meeting on March 20, 2018 (Item No. 24), the Board appropriated $50,000 in initial funding for this project.


The Administration presents this framework for the 100th Anniversary Women's Suffrage Task Force to receive the Board’s guidance in the drafting of a resolution establishing the Task Force for Board consideration at the Board’s May 1, 2018 meeting. This recommendation builds on the continuing work that began on December 12, 2017, with Supervisor Chavez’ women’s suffrage referral, which received the Board’s unanimous approval.

As promised during the Board’s March 20, 2018 meeting, the Administration has met individually with each Board office to obtain input on this recommendation. Board direction and input to date has emphasized the importance of a highly diverse Task Force, a highly inclusive engagement process surrounding the Task Force, and a Task Force whose size and operations are streamlined for effectiveness. The Administration’s recommended framework aims to balance these considerations and benefit from the dynamic tension among them.

If the Board establishes the Task Force, the Administration aims for Board appointments to be made and the first Task Force meeting to be held in June 2018. This would kick off the initial, six-month planning phase of the Task Force, which would produce recommendations to the Board for increasing women’s political equality. 2019 would bring the second phase, implementation of the Board-approved recommendations, with smaller scale activities beginning earlier in that year. Large-scale activities would launch by fall, kicking off the third phase, which would go through the end of 2020.

Task Force Framework

The Administration proposes that the Task Force be comprised of a combination of seats assigned to a number of categories. Recommendations are based on input received to date and the criteria or reasoning described with each category. The vast majority of the seats are proposed for representatives of organizations, rather than for individuals meeting certain criteria.  As discussed above, inclusivity will be a key factor in the success of this Task Force.  Task Force members representing organizations are best positioned to tap into the broader base of people involved with the organization to engage them and/or represent their perspectives during the course of Task Force and Board decision-making.  They are also best positioned to engage their organizations and that infrastructure in the implementation phase of the 100th Anniversary Women's Suffrage Plan.


1.     Specific organizations (11 seats) that meet one or more of the following:

a.      Have played a leadership role in developing the vision for this Task Force and its work;

b.     Possess a unique role or reach among women and with the women’s community in Santa Clara County;

c.      Possess a unique role, reach, or expertise in political engagement and equality in Santa Clara County; and/or

d.     Otherwise respond to the March 20, 2018, Board direction to include “community partners best positioned to inform and lead solutions.”

2.     Types of organizations (17 seats) that meet one or more of the following:

a.      Engage women in pursuing political equality;

b.     Represent likely major arenas (such as schools or County service providers and partners) for the public to engage with women’s suffrage centennial activities;

c.      Organize and engage women in the spaces within our society in which power is exercised by or over women, equally or unequally, including workplaces, faith institutions, service providers, and the democratic oversight of government through voting; and/or

d.     Otherwise respond to the March 20, 2018, Board direction to include “community partners best positioned to inform and lead solutions.”

3.     Individuals (5 seats) that will be nominated – one by each Board member – based on their outstanding ability to contribute lived experience; share other expertise; represent the viewpoints of or engage a large number of stakeholders or key stakeholders who would otherwise be inadequately represented; and/or support the implementation of women’s suffrage centennial activities.

4.     Ex officio: Specific organizations/County entities (11 seats) that meet one or more of the following:

a.      Respond to the March 20, 2018, Board direction to include County partners, and/or

b.     Meet the criteria set out above for specific organizations and/or types of organizations, but

c.      Are governmental bodies, entities, or officials.

d.     These ex officio seats will be non-voting and, therefore, will not count towards the total size of the Task Force for purposes of quorum. The inclusion of a substantial number of ex officio seats broadens the reach and diversity of the Task Force while still striving the make the size manageable for practical purposes.

5. Co-chairs (1 voting seat; 1 non-voting, ex officio seat): One Supervisor whose seat will be ex officio, and one individual, to be appointed by the Board, who meets a criterion laid out above for individual Task Force members and has strong ability to chair effective meetings using parliamentary procedure.

In total, 34 voting seats and 12 non-voting, ex officio seats are proposed for the Task Force.

Diversity of Task Force Members

Board members have made it clear that the diversity of the Task Force members is crucial to its success.  Accordingly, in addition to building diversity into the seats framework as outlined above, the Administration plans to pursue Task Force diversity via the selection of appointees to recommend to the Board, taking the following dimensions of diversity into consideration:

1.     Members with both lived experience – including as clients of County-funded services – and professional, academic or volunteer experience that has developed their expertise about the barriers and assets to women’s full political equality;

2.     “Including representation from communities that the political process currently marginalizes the most – as indicated by voter participation, representation in elected office, and health and economic outcomes” – as stated in the legislative file approved by the Board on March 20, 2018 – which the Administration understands to refer to diversity including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, immigration status or experience, disability, socioeconomic background, and religion; and

3.     Supervisorial district representation. The Administration recommends that no less than 10 percent and no more than 30 percent of the seats would be held by members representing each district. These percentages would be applied to member representing organizations that serve a geographic area smaller than the full county, but not to those representing organizations with countywide reach.

Based on this framework, the Task Force would have the following seats:

List of Seats

Specific Organizations (11 seats)

American Association of University Women

Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC)

League of Women Voters

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte

Santa Clara County Democratic Party

Santa Clara County Republican Party

Silicon Valley Organization

South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council

South Bay LISN

Women's March Bay Area

YWCA Silicon Valley

Types of Organizations

County-funded women's service provider organization

County-funded youth service provider organization

College faculty, staff, administrator, or board member

K-12 faculty, staff, administrator, or board member

Student from organization representing college students

Student from organization representing high school students

Interfaith organization

Low-propensity voter engagement organization

Workers' rights organization

Organizations engaging women in networking, professional/business development, personal empowerment, volunteer and/or charitable activities (4 seats)

Organizations engaging women in political or civic engagement activities (4 seats)


At large seat nominated by each Supervisor (5 seats)

Ex Officio

Cities Association of Santa Clara County

County of Santa Clara Commission on the Status of Women

County of Santa Clara Girls Advisory Team

County of Santa Clara Hub

County of Santa Clara Office of Cultural Competency

County of Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations

County of Santa Clara Office of LGBTQ Affairs

County of Santa Clara Office of Women’s Policy

County of Santa Clara Probation Department Youth Advisory Council

County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters

County of Santa Clara Youth Task Force

Appointments will be made by the full Board.

Task Force Operations

A large Task Force promotes diversity but presents challenges of sustaining engagement and fostering meeting dynamics that allow for creative collaboration and active participation by all members. In order to address these challenges, the Administration recommends that

1.     Meetings of the full Task Force be limited to approximately four per year;

2.     In the first phase, meetings of the full Task Force be focused on finalizing and approving recommendations that have been shaped through significant input in venues leading up to the full Task Force meetings; and

3.     Additional venues, such as public events, other stakeholder meetings, and online communications, be utilized to maximize broad and meaningful public engagement with the work of the Task Force.

The third component is pivotal to achieving the desired inclusivity. This approach would focus Task Force meetings on high-impact decisions. A robust engagement process must be attached to the Task Force to maximize inclusion and also ensure that the recommendations the Task Force considers have been thoroughly vetted. This will allow the Task Force itself to focus on high-level elements of and setting broad direction for the 100th Anniversary Women’s Suffrage Plan. The Administration believes that this could be accomplished through the following schedule of full Task Force meetings:

·        Approximately four meetings in 2018 to facilitate intensive planning;

·        Approximately three to four meetings in 2019 to focus on monitoring and evaluating community engagement initiatives and ensure that major commemorative events are on track for the 100th anniversary;

·        Approximately four to five meetings in 2020 to continue monitoring and evaluation, assess any policy and/or longer-term future recommendations, and evaluate major events and activities, including a debrief on the outcomes of established goals for the Task Force; and

·        Task Force meetings should take place in different parts of the County, including the northern and southern parts of the County.


The recommended action would have a positive impact on children and youth through the Youth Feel Valued by the Community indicator by engaging youth and their representatives as leaders in shaping the actions of the County and other Task Force members and partners towards women’s full political equality – including that of young women and girls.


The recommended action would have a positive impact on senior women by engaging them and their representatives as leaders in shaping the actions of the County and other Task Force members and partners towards women’s full political equality – including that of senior women.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


At the December 12, 2017, Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board approved a referral submitted by Supervisor Chavez directing the Administration to develop a strategic plan to commemorate and honor the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and the Suffrage Movement in the United States.

At the February 14, 2018, Children, Seniors, and Families Committee meeting, the Committee directed the Administration to return to the full Board with a plan for the creation of a 100th Anniversary Women's Suffrage Task Force under the Brown Act, including a proposal for the funding needed for the first phase of the Task Force’s work.

At the March 20, 2018, Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board appropriated $50,000 in initial funding, approved the Administration’s recommended plan, directed the Administration to return to the Board on April 17, 2018, with a recommended Task Force framework, and directed County Counsel to return to the Board on May 1, 2018, with a recommended resolution for Task Force establishment.




Without approval, the Administration will return to the Board with a revised proposal. The Board’s feedback and approval of this framework will enable the Office of the County Counsel to draft a resolution to establish the Task Force at a subsequent Board of Supervisors meeting. A delay Board approval of the framework would lead to a delay in the preparation of the resolution, which could compromise the County’s ability to convene the first meeting of the task force by June 2018 in accordance with the timeline approved by the Board at the March 20, 2018, meeting.



Upon approval, the Clerk of the Board is asked to notify David Campos, Deputy County Executive, Office of the County Executive.


Meeting History

Apr 17, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Held to May 8, 2018 at the request of Vice President Chavez.

RESULT:HELD [UNANIMOUS]Next: 5/8/2018 9:30 AM
MOVER:Mike Wasserman, Supervisor
SECONDER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian
May 8, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Three individuals addressed the Board.

At the request of Vice President Chavez, the Board directed Administration to include in the next report to the Board on date uncertain, possible opportunities for individuals not appointed to the Task Force and strategies to engage women of all ages.

MOVER:Cindy Chavez, Vice President
SECONDER:Dave Cortese, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian


May 8, 2018 9:30 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoBoard of SupervisorsRegular Meeting

1:28 PMKnow you have the funding now, and I understand if you can just touch on it briefly, when we originally had the measure-a money we funded them out, three in san jose, cupertino, gilroy, I understand now there's a few more coming across for you to look at and consider if they meet the definition of the ballot; is that correct?
I don't have the exact numbers that came in, but we planning to bring forward about four or five proposals for the board's consideration in june.
1:29 PMMeet your approval?
That are consistent with measure-a. Supv simitian: we have a motion to accept the report I believe we've heard from all those who are wishing to speak and all votes have been cast.

1:29 PMThe motion carries on a 5-0 vote. Thank you again to the entire team. Thank you all. And, uh, colleagues I believe that leaves just one more ite i'm going to confirm that with the clerk. That would be the women's suffrage task force report. And we want to make sure we don't wait until the 101st anniversary has come and gone. Let's get a presentation from our staff and we have two cards from speakers who we'll call right up after the staff presentation.
1:30 PMGood afternoon, president simitian, vice president chavez, is supervisor david i'm campos, joined by ellie, and carla collins the deputy director of the office of women's policy will try to keep our presentation very brief because we know that people have been waiting for quite am time. If we can go to the next slide, please, and just to provide some context of where we have been with this, uh, item, which, u came to us as way of by wa referral, um, on December 17 of 2017 by supervisor chavez, we have made reports, uh, to the board in february, and in march, and at the March 20 meeting, u the board gave us direction, , as star to essentially develop framework for the creation of a task force. And we want to make it clear that in the past there has bn reference made to a women's suffrage task force and in thinking more about this we believe that maybe a better way of referring to what we're talking about is a task force on women's political equality. Women's suffrage is one important piece of what we're doing, but we're really talking about a larger goal and an issue here which is political equality for women in the city of saa clara. At the direction of the board, uh, we have tried to come ba with a framework for the development of this task force and the board has essentially broken down the process into a two-step process. What we're doing here today is presenting a recommendation for a framework which would then be followed depending on the action that is taken by the board by a resolution that would be drafted by county counsel that will essentially codify the framework that is adopted by the board. The framework that we are presenting to you today, uh, followed feedback that we have received from members of the board of supervisors following the March 20 meeting. From feedback we have also received from members of the community and if this framework is approved, there will be actions that will be taken by staff before county council comes back to the board with a resolution. Essentially the action that will take place between this meeting and the introduction of that resolution by county council is to essentially provide community outreach and when talking about community outreach we're talking about an initial phase that will have three main components. One is we have the list of organizations in the legislative file. We will contact those organizations. We will contact the individuals that is are also expressed an interest so that prior to codification of those organization in a resolution, we can hear directly from them on whether or not they in fac interested in being a part of this process we will also engage in outreach to other individuals that have expressed an interest in the involvement of this process and to insure that we facilitate a process in which individuals and organizations have a process to decide internally for themselves whether or not to participate in what the level of involvement will be. And the larger, the other final piece of this outreach effort is to have a broader outreach to the county community at large to make sure that people know about this very important effort once county counsel comes back to the board and the resolution is adopted by this board, we will have phase two of the effort, which will be a broader ouh go through the application process which I will discuss in greater detail later on in the presentation. Supv simitian: forgive the interruption. I think a brief report compels us to ask at this point if w could bring this one to a conclusion.
1:35 PMUnless you have any questions, uh, we will proceed to now hear from members of the public who are here to - - . Supv simitian: thank you, I want to be very clear. - - if there are questions to the staff, uh, there will be time for that. But I just I think we've got I say some folks who have b beyond patient so if I could a sharon and roberta and I also now have a card from jeremy to come on up. And I should mention just for the record that kimberly stevens spoke to this item earlier when we had that opportunity.
Okay. I said good morning but i'm change that to good afternoon. I am sharon, I am co-president of american - - I am here representing the aauw branches of santa clara county. We ask you to move forward and accept the task force for the 100th anniversary of the woman's suffrage it shows just because we got the vote doesn't mean it is over. It isn't over and it's still going on. We feel that the time spent I developing this plan has presented a highly diverse and highly inclusive framework that when implemented the county can be very proud. August 22, 2020 is a little over two years away but as we all know time moves fast. Individual groups have already begun to plan, and I must say one part of coming here and talking to you has been a benefit has been able to meet like-minded allies. We have accumulated many cards of women and men who are rea and eager and talented and dedicated and ready to work. So thank you for that opportunity. Um, but who better than this county and this board to provide the coordination and emphasis for activities and events to increase women's political equity. Police please vote to move forward now and on a personal note as a private citizen, I have never been to a long board meeting. I really appreciate your focus, your attention, your respect to all of the speakers and the presenters as a teacher you must never have gotten in trouble for not paying attention. And I - - and I admire you. Thank you. Supv simitian: I - - .
1:37 PMI'll accept, ken. supv simitian: thank you. Welcome.
Good afternoon, president simitian, board members. I'm roberta holloman, chair of the counsel of the leagues of wom voters of santa clara county. I'm here representing the five leagues of santa clara county, starting in the north, palo alto, los altos, mountain vi, couper teen o sunny val, san jose, santa clara, and southwest santa claire valley. I'm speaking in favor of creating the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage task force. The league of women voters is the only - - from the women's suffrage movement still at work. 100 years ago we were the voi of women's suffrage and we still are. We are still working to register voters, to inform voters about candidates and ballot measures, and to protect the vote for every eligible voter. I want to strongly recommend that you establish the framework for the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage task force. The task force would bring together representatives of organizations uniquely positioned to make recommendations for a plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage and to implement that plan. By looking back we are remi of the struggle to get the vo for women, and that we need o continue to protect the vote for everyone. Supv simitian: thank you for your comments. And Mr. Bruce, I believe you're the last speaker on this item.
1:39 PMGood afternoon, president simitian, the board of supervisors, my name is jeremy and I am indirecter of is civic engagement with siren. I'm here today to speak in far of the board accepting the report, regarding the recommended framework for the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage task force. We at siren recognize the county's decade-long leadership round women's right we have helped to empower immigrant women over the last 30 years and understand the civic engagement like voter registration and voter engagement during election years and off years. Over the last several years siren has contacted tens of thousands of lo propensity in immigrant, - - and pre registered youth to vote in santa clara county's civic engagement program. Siren could fit as a task force member priority area. We also recognize what is at stake for communities regarding the 2020 sen sow and are working to make sure that all of our communities are counted and identified so that we don't mi out on the millions of dollars of funding for critical services like education and health. We ask the board accept the report to continue to be a regional and national leader in fighting for all women's rights investing in civic engagement in our county to insure that we ae all represented and have a seat at the table. Thank you. Supv simitian: thank you for your comments today. Board members i'm going to ask the clerk to please vote post the voting panel on our screen. I'm going to ask for a moti which we have received from supervisor chavez.
1:41 PMI'm going to make a comment if I may. Supv simitian: please.
I'm sure you've thought about this, supervisor chavez, and thank you for all of your work on this. I just was sort of reminded by one of the spokes, you know, mentioning that part of this is making sure that everybody is registered. That we need to engage it, everybody and with the March for our lives movement in such a great focus on registering people who will be 18 as I thk about this a way to connect t young women about to turn 18 d try to let them know about this history and how important it is is to vote as it would be for young men as well. I'm just wondering if there's a special connection of women about to turn 18. Supv simitian: that's - - . Supv chavez: that's an excellent question and let me just put out a couple of points. When sharon and the auw approached me about the idea of doing something just focused on the celebration of the amendment, there were two things that we realized - - one was that it was in august and, um, and two was that this was a really incredible opportunity to extend the anniversary really to be an opportunity for a year of education. And row so part of the reason that we wanted to put the tk force together from the very beginning was to be able to he multiple activities on campuses because they're not in the summer time so that was the first ah-ha we had. The second is that when we - - as many of us do, when you e have an idea like this you toss it around with the staff and w had sat down and met with Dr. Smith, and david campos. one of the first things that s really aligns with what we're already thinking about relative to the census. What's really interesting about the way the staff has wrapped this up is it gives us an opportunity to really use this celebration as a way to have a conversation with the public to do it over instead of a one-month period of time really an 18-month period of time. And so by pulling the committee together, and i'm glad you raised this, because one of the - - by pulling this kind of committee together, both - - aew, the league of women's voters was that when we were initially meeting with the more established women's organizations, all of them said this is a great opportunity for us to meet younger women, women of color, and really to get further into the community. Part of I think the openness of more established organizations to also engage young women, n people, and to really make that a core focus is really embe in the plan.
1:44 PMHave we picked up any sense that people who have emigrated here and are now full citizens and have every right to vote I there's any hesitancy to go down and to register to vote just because it's a form of the government and who knows what I might lead to and is that something we might need to think about? Supv chavez: it is, and actually, siren, I think it was marcela, but one of the folks there was having this conversation with me about two things. One, people who are documented not just being fearful, but potentially being targeted. So one of the reasons that initially we were investing in the know your rights work was so that we were having a conversation with the whole broad public about, you know, not being afraid. I think you raised an excellent point in that there's a group o people who are keep trying to prevent people from registering to vote. I think roberta said it earl this is really an opportunity for us to put our stake in the ground not just, um, helping people not be afraid, but really helping. I mean not just helping people understand it's a right, but not being afraid, no matter who you are.
1:45 PMThe great thing about educating women suffrage all with knowing the movement is not over and it continues on. Supv chavez: thanks for those questions. Supv simitian: we are called pawn today simply to receive the report and we have a motion b supervisor chavez to do just that. - - . Supv chavez: I wanted to say oh my gosh, the next time we he this item we will put it time certain you will be first, maybe even before the ming starts we'll start with you all I kn there were other people here that left. Two things I just want to highlight, just listening to ken, that i'd like you all to think about as you come back with outreach in the next phases, one is that I have always thought that the chair because the committee - - experience running meetings. So I just want us to be thig about that. And second the point that was raised is that this is such a good opportunity to engage. All different ages that we think about how that embeds into your plan. And then here's the last thing. We've gotten a lot of interest in our office and i'm sure you have, too, where people read about it. They sent an e-mail saying make sure i'm included. When any report comes back to us, if yu could detail out a little bit of the roles that May be available for people who don't get on the committee because what i'm worried is the committee business kment the prize I just want to make sure we've thought that through enough so that people can see where there's a place for them in the process. Thank you.
1:47 PMIf I May through the chair, I just wanted to make a couple of points. One in terms of process once t resolution is adopted in June and the application process for some of the appointments is o the idea is that we will come back to the board at the first meeting in the new fiscal year, I think it's august 14, with the recommendation of a slate of individuals based on the applications I received for board approval so that we can have the first meeting of this task force on women's equity equality take place at the end of august or at the very lt early september. We are trying to get as much direction from the board as we can. So one question that we have to you is the idea of co-chairs. We in our report were thinking about possibly two co-chairs. We want to get a seb from the board of what the thinking is around that. We believe one of those co-chairs should be a member of the board of supervisors. In a past discussion, there ws a reference to supervisor chavez playing that role. I just wanted to make sure that as we come back with a recommended framework that's adopted by way of a resolution that it reflects the direction of the board. Supv chavez: so at the risk of nominating myself, i'm going to add that into the motion because I absolutely would like to participate and be a co-their. The other thing I would recommend that we think about there is that when I served many years ago on the ywca board d this was really a long time ago, they had seats for younger women that were really identified for young women to learn how to on a board. One of the things I want us think about a wheeze get application - - as we get applications to think about junior chairs and that kind of thing, there should just be a lot of room for women to lead - and for men to participate. Supv simitian: so we have a motion, a second, all five vos have been cast. We're going to ask the clerk to please display the results on the overhead screen. Motion carries 5-0. And we are on our way. Thank you all very much.

1:49 PMToday. Sorry to cut you off.