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Consider recommendations relating to Bids for construction of Juvenile Hall Video Surveillance and Security Systems Upgrade Project (Project No. 263-CP17034).


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Multiple Recommendations

Possible action:
a. Approve Request for Appropriation Modification No. 84 - $3,000,000 increasing revenue and expenditures in the Facilities and Fleet Department budget, relating to Juvenile Hall Video Surveillance and Security Systems Upgrade Project. (4/5 Roll Call Vote)
b. Award contract to Cornerstone Detention Products in the amount of $4,400,000 with a construction time of 345 calendar days.
c. Approve encumbrance of additional $880,000 as Supplemental Work Allowance (SWA) for a total encumbered amount of $5,280,000.
d. Authorize County Executive, or designee, to issue Change Orders, as necessary, against the SWA and to approve modifications to the construction time, consistent with Public Contract Code section 20142.
e. Ratify Addendum to Bid Documents Nos. 1 and 2 which modified or clarified the Bid Documents in response to contractor questions.



There is no impact to the General Fund because of this action. Funds for the project augmentation are available in the Capital Program Holding Account.


Project Augmentation

The initial engineer’s estimate to replace the existing Juvenile Hall surveillance camera system was $2,400,000.  The two bids received for the project were significantly higher than the estimate, with the lowest bid being $4,400,000. Bids were higher than initially estimated because there is a limited number of entities with the resources to both execute and successfully deliver this type of project and work in a correctional environment, the latter of which requires increased security background clearances of their staff and holds the potential for delays due to facility operations.

The project augmentation request of $3,000,000 is meant to address these higher-than-anticipated bids, as well as fund construction contingency and additional engineering support such as construction management services, inspections, and administration through the construction phase.

Award Contract

On March 20, 2018, Item 81, the Board of Supervisors (Board) adopted the contract documents for the project and authorized advertisement of same. These documents were posted on BidSync on March 23, 2018, and two bids were received by the close date of June 8, 2018. The table below displays the engineer’s estimate and the bids received:



Base Bid


Cornerstone Detention Products, Inc.



CML Security, LLC



engineer’s estimate



The Probation Department (PRO) and FAF interviewed both contractors on June 22, 2018 and determined Cornerstone to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. They demonstrated knowledge in the detail of the design, offered possible solutions, provided a list of Value Engineering (VE) options, indicated an understanding of the Criteria Documents, and were confident with the schedule and related options to accelerate it.

Supplemental Work Allowance (SWA)

Project management estimates a contingency reserve of $880,000 is needed to successfully complete the project, bringing the total encumbrance required for construction to $5,280,000.

Owners Authorized Representative

Designating the County Executive, or designee, as the Owner's Representative with the authority to issue change orders against SWA and approve time-only modifications to the contract delivery schedule will streamline project management, and minimize administrative delays and costs to the County.


This action positively impacts the Every Child Healthy and Every Child Successful in Life indicators.  This action will have a positive impact on the children and youth who are residents of this facility, as an improved surveillance system will provide for a safer living environment.


This action will have no/neutral impact on seniors.


This action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


On January 24, 2017, Item 18, the Board approved using $1,700,000 from the Special Programs Reserve for Surveillance and Security Capital Project Needs to establish Capital Project 263-CP17034 to replace the existing juvenile hall video surveillance system. FAF is using the design-build project delivery method for this work to better control costs and schedule and provide the ability to select a comprehensive integrated system.

On December 12, 2017, Item 80, the Board approved the first step of the Design Build Contract process, which was the pre-qualification package that FAF subsequently advertised. A County evaluation panel evaluated all eight firms that responded to the pre-qualification advertisement. Four of the eight firms demonstrated superior experience with similarly sized projects of this scope and nature and were determined to be on the shortlist of firms to warrant further consideration in the RFP process. Shortlisted firms include CML Security LLC, Cornerstone Detention Products Inc., American Alarm Co. Inc., and ISI Controls LTD Dba Metroplex Control Systems (Argyle Security).


The project would not be augmented, and the contract would not be awarded at this time.


Please assign a contract number immediately upon approval of contract and notify Jingna Zhang of the Contract Number.

Notify Aman Grewal and Roger Soohoo of FAF and Sean Rooney of PRO.

Meeting History

Sep 25, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
MOVER:Cindy Chavez, Vice President
SECONDER:Ken Yeager, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian