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Receive report from the Social Services Agency relating to Youth Summer Camps and Activities Program.


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At the request of Supervisor Chavez, the Social Services Agency (SSA) is reporting on the progress for the Youth Summer Camps and Activities program.


On May 3, 2018, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved Inventory Item No. 47–Youth Summer Camps and Activities Program (Summer Camps). The Inventory Item was assigned to the SSA on May 30, 2018.

The SSA executed the Summer Camp agreement with Kinship Adoptive and Foster Parent Association (KAFPA) on July 16, 2018, for $100,000. The KAFPA contract includes 10 types of camps ranging from a couple of days to a couple of months. Also, scholarship and enrichment activities are incorporated as part of the efforts to provide resources during the summer months. Underutilized budgets in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-2019 will be used during the FY2019-20 summer months.

The City of San Jose (City) contract experienced some delays due to the City going through some staff transitions. The City contract was executed on August 30, 2018, for $250,000. The agreement incorporates 13 different types of summer camps but the City informed the SSA they were not able to activate summer camps in FY2018-19 due to the ramp-up process that required more time. The City’s contract also includes scholarships for enrichment activities to occupy vulnerable children and youth into healthy summer activities. Underutilized budgets in FY2018-19 will be used during the summer months in FY2019-20.




The FY2018-19 Summer Camps report provides updates on the progress of this pilot program. The goal was to activate summer enrichment activities for children and youth in Santa Clara County from July 2018 through September 2018, and May 2019 through September 2019. For this program, "summer months" are from May through September, and only programs within that window were permitted.

Although KAFPA and the City experienced challenges in ramping up, KAFPA was able to activate summer camps this year that benefitted 44 youth. Based on budget utilization, they used 11% of their total budget this summer, and they still have $89,022 to use next fiscal year.

Upon executing the contract with KAFPA, they were very successful in conducting outreach to connect many families to enlist children and youth into summer camps. As part of their outreach efforts, KAFPA met with select community-based organizations, sent flyers to families in their network in both English and Spanish and introduced Summer Camps to families that walked into their office. Below is data on the population served:



Youth that participated in summer camps


Youth that participated in enrichment activity scholarships





Budget Category


Total spent on summer camps


Total spent on enrichment activities


Total spent on outreach




The City did not activate any summer camps this fiscal year because they experienced challenges ramping up. Based on the updates the SSA received from the City, they intend to start doing outreach and registering clients as early as February 2019. The goal is to activate 13 different types of camps and various other enrichment activities during the summer months in FY2019-20 and use $250,000 to benefit families in Santa Clara County, of which $100,000 shall be utilized for special needs activities.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on children and youth through the Healthy Lifestyles indicator by providing enrichment activities to children and youth during the summer season.



The recommended action will have no/neutral impact on seniors.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


On January 19, 2018, the Children, Seniors and Families Committee (CSFC) requested an off-agenda report with information about summer camp options and the associated costs of enrollment beyond the two weeks provided by the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS). The off-agenda report, "Cost of Summer Camp for Foster Youth," presented on February 9, 2018, estimated a total cost of $4,090,050.

Inventory Item No. 47 proposes a pilot project to fund fully subsidized enrollment for the County's youth in many camping and extracurricular activities provided by the City, San Jose State University and other municipalities throughout the summer. This pilot serves as a small-scale preliminary study to evaluate feasibility, time and cost, and improve upon the design before the performance of a full-scale program.

The pilot aims to serve the following populations: kinship and foster youth, probation youth, CalWORKs, CalFRESH youth and low-income youth. $100,000 of the allocation will be used for special needs activities.

Enrollment opportunities will include, but are not limited to, summer programming held at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, Emma Prusch Park, Lake Almaden, City of San Jose Community Centers and San Jose State University. Best efforts will be made to enroll as many eligible youths as possible in summer programming this year, 2018, with any unspent funds, rolled over for continuation of this project in summer 2019.

Santa Clara County SSA will have a full delegation of authority to coordinate with the City and the KAFPA in identifying qualified vendors to provide the most appropriate programming for our youth populations. The County will also partner with the City and KAFPA to coordinate outreach and informational sign-up sessions for families with eligible youth.


The CSFC Committee will not receive updates on the Summer Camp program.


The Clerk of the Board will notify Jorge Montes from the SSA upon approval of this report.


Meeting History

Nov 14, 2018 2:00 PM Video Children, Seniors, and Families Committee Regular Meeting

Taken out of order after Item No. 2.

Supervisor Cortese took his seat at 2:15 p.m.

Chairperson Chavez requested that Administration collaborate with the Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Parent Association of Santa Clara County (KAFPA), the City of San Jose (City), and Hidden Villa, to determine demand for services for foster youth. She further requested that Administration and City representatives provide a presentation to the Committee in January 2019 relating to outreach strategies. Finally, Chairperson Chavez advised of a potential referral during the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget process to increase funding and resources for foster youth outreach initiatives and programs.



Nov 14, 2018 2:00 PMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoChildren, Seniors, and Families CommitteeRegular Meeting

2:08 PMAgain and I don't know how to explain this to her.
Jean? welcome. Good afternoon. My name is jean and i'm the chair of the juvenile justice commission. About a year ago they learned -- I know you're not on the agen but the relocation is not on the agenda.
I'm happy to discuss those that time if you're willing to stick around.
Okay. thank you. So i'm going to then move us t item through. I'm going to make a couple of requests just because dave is on his way and i'd like to take item 7 first and then let's start with item 7 and go back the regular agenda.

2:10 PMSupervisor cortese will be here and that's our youth summer camps and activities.
Good afternoon. my name is george from social services agency office of contract management reporting on the summer camps program. Inventory item number 47. The two community based organizations -- one community based organization and one city of san jose to fulfill summer camps for the summer months. Summer months we qualified from may-september. And in terms of progress, the first contract was executed on July 16th with capa an it was for $100,000 and year to date was 10,978 and remaining balance of $89,000 for next fiscal ye. Through this fiscal year they serve 44 of which 59% attended summer camps and 41% enrichment activities. These are like music courses ad dance courses, more unique courses to fit a person's situation or a family's unique needs at the time. The city of san jose executed on august 30, 2018, the contract was for $250,000 of which $100,000 of special needs and contract aims to provide 13 different camps and other enrichment activities and the city did not enlist any clients thiser 82. They experienced some challenges in ramping up and they do pla to use this money next fiscal year for their summer camp programs. As for next steps the challenges that we experienced this fiscal year was largely due with the late -- what is it execution the contracts that left us w two months of trying to get these programs up and running. Which was significantly challenged. Moving forward we're going to try to do a three month pre planned phase into the summer camp programs with a 5 month activity to fulfill the summer camp window. O summer month window. On March 2019 summer camps program schedules will be created and published. We plan to organize a registration fair. To try to do something around the 373 parking lot and invite cbo's and cap membership and some of the city so we can ae tphaoeuz that. The goal is to activate summer camps on May 2019 through September 2019 and receive on going progress reports. At the end we want to do an assessment of the program to assess lessons learned. Another one thing we plan to because this particular contract was awarded for a two fisc timeline we're going to expand that through September so we cn take full advantage of the summer months. That concludes my report.
2:13 PMThank you. let me ask you because I really couldn't remember this, our intent was to focus on foste youth. And did the staff make a change to that as part of contract negotiations with the city of san jose?
2:14 PMNo changes were made. they did through some conversations -- I think there was a desire to extend that to needy families.
But that was not at board direction but at staffs change? The reason is that doesn't reflect the board action. I'm more asking the question, the reason i'm asking the question, and bob, maybe this is a question I should ask you, originally we had asked social services staff to give us feed ra back on what it would coso make sure that foster youth had access to summer programming that was longer than a week. We wanted to create an opportunity for youth to have u to 3 weeks of experience instead of just one and create more flexibility. At the time they came back with $4. 5 million expenditure and this is what it would cost. I think we all knew that wo be every child accessing every service with the most expensive camp that's was possible and I appreciated the staff was doin that giving us the high end versus the range. My intent is to focus this on foster youth. And i'm concerned about is the break out of having 100,000 go to kapfa and 250 go to the of hoe san jose. They have an extensive summer camps. I think that's great special needs youth but i'm concerned it isn't money spent for children who are in our custodial ca which was my initial intent and what the board voted on.
2:16 PMI think that we understood that as the intent and I think the city had a little bit of concern about the full capacity and wanted to broaden it a little bit. But if that's the board's will and make sure that's clear.
I would just say that -- me make two observations. One is that all of these kids have needs. So I don't want to take away from that. But what I also don't want t is subsidize the city of san jose to do work they shoul already be doing. So part of the reason that i' been very specific about the targeted populations they already have the sum number of scholarships and subsidies that they provide for some populations and I think it's good we should leverage that. I'm not quibbling with the city of san jose of doing a good job of trying to figure out how t strengthen their programming. I would have done the same thing if I what was over there. I'm particularly concerned about foster youth that are older. There is a lot more affordable summer programming for elementary up to middle school. But when you're in high school if you want to play a spor camp they're really expensive. Like santa clara has a baseball camp. San jose state is the most affordable and I have a kid that's in every single camp so I could do a whole class for all of you on the camp availability and when you have to sign up d the like. But I was thinking about things about the really great program that had we had gone to hidden villa and said we'll buy ex number of slots for foster youth that would advantage us. I I recognize that. So here's what I would like recommend. If you all could have a con sanction with kafpa and maybe with our own internal staff about what kinds of services and camps their needs need what would want to do and i'm happy to do this as part of the next budget process I would bring forward my own referral. Oh good. Dave's here. Dave and I will bring a referral to add resources for our foster youth like one of the outreach places we don't have in any of our discussion here unless I missed it is the hub. Those are our babies. Those are our kids. I want to make sure they want to go to band camp or fill in blank swimming week I want to give them the flexibility to do that. Maybe what we do is take a l and have the city of san jose come back and present it in january. And have them back so we can check in on the strategy. I see in February you'll begin outreach. If we do it in the first week in January we can have a conversation. If there is a delta and resources at least let us know that so that we can plan for next summer because I recognize that the ramp-up will be a challenge. But so that we can put enoug money to keep that contract going, but building in the flexibility of the foster families to be able to identify programming for their kids. That's really what i'd like to see us be doing.
2:20 PMIn response to your question about the concentration of the population served I am looking at the city of san jose contract and it is specific for kins and probation youth and foster youth and something that I am noticing this contract is -- it does expire through June so we have an opportunity to amend it for the needs of the communi.
Let's have a conversation. that would be great. And I raise san jose state bu would like -- someone should reach out to hidden villa. They do leadership camps that are life altering and therapeutic and there are probably moms and dads who do the summer scramble that can give some insight to of the places we want to go. And we should to look at all universities. Stanford has a program for the older kids. We have some cash let's split this. Let's figure out a way that ks have access. I love the way for using it music lessons so it doesn't have to be summer camp. I don't know who thought of that but that's brilliant.
2:21 PMHappy to do that.
We'll see you in January tn with some ideas and whatever that delta is let us know. But i'd like to take kids to camp. Thank you for your good work. I appreciate it. Day so we just went to item 7.

2:22 PMBut we can go to item 4 and is our evidence-based practice with probation. Good after. I'm the deputy director of probation administration and with me I have our evidence-based program manager and our deputy chief of juvenile services. So, I apologize. I'm trying to get our file up.