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At the request of Supervisor Chavez, the Social Services Agency (SSA) is reporting on the progress and plans for the Youth Summer Camps and Activities Program (Summer Camps). This report includes additional details outlined in the November 14, 2018 Children, Seniors, Family Committee (CSFC) report and addresses the strategies the SSA will incorporate to maximize access to summer camp activities by Foster Care Youth and Families.


On May 3, 2018, the Board of Supervisors (Board) approved Inventory Item No. 47–Youth Summer Camps. The Inventory Item was assigned to the SSA on May 30, 2018.

The SSA executed the Summer Camps agreement with Kinship Adoptive and Foster Parent Association (KAFPA) on July 16, 2018, for $100,000. The KAFPA contract includes 10 types of camps ranging from a couple of days to a couple of months. Also, scholarship and enrichment activities are incorporated as part of the efforts to provide resources during the summer months. Underutilized budgets in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-2019 will be used during the FY2019-20 summer months.

The City of San Jose (City) Summer Camp contract experienced some delays due to the City going through some staff transitions. The City contract was executed on August 30, 2018, for $250,000. The agreement incorporates 13 different types of summer camps but the City informed the SSA they were not able to activate summer camps in FY2018-19 due to the ramp-up process that required more time. The City’s contract also includes scholarships for enrichment activities to occupy vulnerable children and youth into healthy summer activities. Underutilized budgets in FY2018-19 will be used during the summer months in FY2019-20.


The FY2018-19 Summer Camps report provided preliminary updates on the progress of the Summer Camp Program from July 2018 through September 2018. Approximately 44 youth were served and of the $350,000 of resources, approximately $10,978 was used during this window. Of the $350,000, a balance of $339,022 remains for the Summer Camp Programs to use during the May 2019 through September 2019 summer months.

The goal is to maximize use of these resources to benefit youth and families in Santa Clara County. To strategize how to best conduct outreach, proactively inform Foster Care Youth and Families, and maximize use of these funds, the SSA conducted several meetings with KAFPA, the City, and the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS). The strategies below were outlines as methods to accomplish our goals.



Summer Camps May 2019 to September 2019 Project Plan.

Project Milestones



1.     Share KAFPA and City’s inventory of summer month activities with DFCS with instructions on how to refer families into services.


SSA, City of San Jose

2.     Create a referral letter so DFCS can refer Foster Care Children and Youth to take to the City for priority registration. Referral Letter will include the City’s registration form.


SSA Office of Contracts Management (OCM)

3.     Stakeholder Meeting (OCM, DFCS, SSA Facilities, City, KAFPA) to finalize outreach campaign and project plan.


OCM, DFCS, SSA Facilities, City of San Jose, KAFPA.

4.     KAFPA has 400 Foster Care families, they will do outreach to those families to promote interest in Summer Camps under their contract.



5.     DFCS will send Summer Camp Flyers to Foster Care Youth and Special Needs children. Flyers will include registration instructions and an invitation to the Summer Camp Registration Fair.


DFCS Program Managers

6.     SSA OCM will create and share the CSFC Summer Camp Report to present at the January 16, 2019 CSFC meeting. KAFPA and City will join Jorge in the presentation.


SSA OCM, San Jose City and KAFPA.

7.     KAFPA, and the City will initiate outreach to attract participation in the Registration Fair from various summer camp programs.


 SSA OCM, KAFPA, City, SSA Facilities

8.     Registration Fair will be at the 333 W Julian Street in the SSA Auditorium. Registration Fairs scheduled on Saturday to maximize participation. Invite the various camps to host a table representing their activities. Work with SSA Facilities to help set up the room.


SSA OCM, City, KAFPA,  SSA Facilities.

9.     Summer Camp and Enrichment Activities Start



10. Summer Camp and Enrichment Activities End



11. Stakeholder Group Meeting, debrief session to analyze participation data, what worked and what didn’t


OCM, DFCS, SSA Facilities, City, KAFPA.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on children and youth through the Healthy Lifestyles indicator by providing enrichment activities to children and youth during the summer season.


The recommended action will have no/neutral impact on seniors.


The recommended action will have no/neutral sustainability implications.


On January 19, 2018, the CSFC requested an off-agenda report with information about summer camp options and the associated costs of enrollment beyond the two weeks provided by the DFCS. The off-agenda report, "Cost of Summer Camp for Foster Youth," presented on February 9, 2018, estimated a total cost of $4,090,050.

Inventory Item No. 47 is for a pilot project to fund fully subsidized enrollment for the county's youth in many camping and extracurricular activities provided by the City, San Jose State University and other municipalities throughout the summer. This pilot serves as a small-scale preliminary study to evaluate feasibility, time and cost, and improve upon the design before the performance of a full-scale program.

The pilot aims to serve the following populations: kinship and foster youth, probation youth, CalWORKs, CalFRESH youth and low-income youth. $100,000 of the allocation will be used for special needs activities.

Enrollment opportunities will include, but are not limited to, summer programming held at Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, Emma Prusch Park, Lake Almaden, City Community Centers and San Jose State University. Best efforts were made to enroll as many eligible youths in summer camps in FY2017-18, and unspent funds will be rolled over to continue this project in the summer of 2019.

SSA will have a full delegation of authority to coordinate with the City and the KAFPA in identifying qualified vendors to provide the most appropriate programming for our youth populations. The County will also partner with the City and KAFPA to coordinate outreach and informational sign-up sessions for families with eligible youth.


The CSFC Committee will not receive updates on the Summer Camp program.


The Clerk of the Board will notify Jorge Montes from the SSA upon approval of this report.


Meeting History

Jan 16, 2019 2:00 PM Video Children, Seniors, and Families Committee Regular Meeting

Chairperson Chavez expressed interest in the City of San Jose reserving seats for referred foster youth, and not requiring foster youth to physically attend on-site registrations. She further requested that Administration reevaluate the referral system used to match foster youth to summer programs organized by the City of San Jose and create a mechanism for more accessible registration methods. Finally, Chairperson Chavez stated that the partnership between the County and the City should facilitate more accessible and flexible program registration experiences for foster youth and requested that Administration consider partnering with other nonprofit organizations if the City is unable to make accommodations.



Jan 16, 2019 2:00 PMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoChildren, Seniors, and Families CommitteeRegular Meeting

3:41 PMYou to answer just in a cover t that report is whether or not w can data that you are presentg and construct it into a dashboard that they get on a monthly basis. Because I think that part of how we better understand the overall approach and investment has to do with where our young people in the pipeline of our services as I said earlier but also some of the main caters that we should be considering that should give pause warn for funding for any of those othe kinds of significant interventions or support that you need.

3:42 PMSystems complicated. And how possible it is to do that at what pace. Thank you. Aoeut e78 9 is youth summer camp activities. Now I had asked this to be agendized because I had a concern about our approach and making sure lots of kids had access to this. What I want to do is give you all a couple of minutes literally just few minutes to present with a max on 5 and then I just want to be able to talk next steps if that's okay. Folks can introduce themselves. Welcome. I'm not sure do you -- actually thank you. I might just be able to ask my -- ask questions. One is, I know this is a new program. And I also know that part of h this program got crafted was all of us having kind of a series of conversations as part of our foster youth task force group and then I think I had a conversation with angel. Which is how we ended up where we are today and we did this a part of the budget process last year. What I really want to understand -- let me tell you what I wanted from the program and then I want to you tell me whether or not the city of san jose can deliver on. What I was hoping is that we could partner with you all fo foster youth. I know we have other high need kids but i'm focused on the foster youth because they have the biggest challenges to make sure that young people could have not just one but even multiple weeks of activity over the summer because I know especially in the beginning we're going to have fewer people applying. And I was interested in partnering with the city of san jose particularly on their specialty camps because those are so hard for our kids to ever have access to. And so, if the city of san jose can't provide this service, I want to be able to find partners that can. For example, you have a sports camp. I actually sadly further 0 you i'm very familiar with your camps because I look at every summer at all the activities. I thought I could start a business just helping navigate the summer mess. Oh goodness there's an app. Anyway. If you -- if we didn't have capacity and if you didn't have capacity we would be able to go, for example, san jose state has a football camp and they have a lot of activities for kids that are older than 12 that aren't uncool. I don't know how to better say that. That kids would want to do them. Where soccer camp or whatever those are. So what my concern is it sounds like some of the camps are already cam capped and I want make sure our kids have access and/or we rethink this for a broader group of camps. Outside of the city of san jose. Because my intention wasn't just to have it the city of san jose although that's how it ended up because I did it so fast. I'm sorry, george. Okay. Thank you very much. I want to thank you and your office for providing us the opportunity to provide these programs for the foster youth in the summer. It's great to hear your comments because that's really what we have been working on for the last two weeks to target toes specific camps. We break them in different categories throughout san jose. Our leisure camps are the category that you're talking about is our specialty camps and those are the specific camps we have targeted for this program.
3:47 PMWhat would an example of that be just so we're using the same language.
Could be a lego camp.
Happy hallow camp.
We do not of it but we could go back and look --
I want every slot that's open. It's expensive relative to other camps. At least this is my regulation recollection. That's what I mean by specialty but you mean defined other than dinosaur week or lego week --
Our signature camp that we have in the city is called camp san jose. It's our full day camp. We don't call that a specialty camp or a leisure camp. We didn't target that for this program. We targeted our other camps that are run at all 10 of our community centers that focus on a specific activity whether it's he lego or arts and crafts an dance and sports. They already have access to. There are more about pensive camps and more niche camps that we'll offer.
3:48 PMOn the document I saw, it said that we needed a parent -- you had to be open to have a parent or guardian participate.
There are some that we have for younger children that are between the ages of 0-2 that require a parent participation piece. But that's very few.
That's 0-2.
Do you have -- is the language on everything so you don't get in trouble more protective than other.
Definitely. when the guardians the foster youth come to register all of our language is very specific of all the camps and the requirements.
3:49 PMIcould you introduce yourself.
I'm the recreation superintendent for the city of san jose.
First name?
Thanks very much.
George, i'll ask you this. we're open to kids getting multiple weeks of camp and not just limiting them to one wee
There's correct.
Do we of a cap? is it like 3 weeks?
We haven't assessed the capacity just because we are at the on set of registration ask depending on how many people register to these camps then we'll determine to get a better handle and understanding what our capacity is. Today we have 20 different camps and we also have activities that are customized to an individual's needs. I don't participate our resources we're going to cap out.
3:50 PMHere are the three things I want to make sure happen. One is, I absolutely understand we're going to learn. I think we got the money like. It was unfortunate so I just want to accept that we sta late. I recognize we're going to learn. And we're going to make some mistakes. I'm not freaked out about that. What I am really focused on is making sure that on our end that we are really providing support so foster families know this is available to them. Second, that if we run into a problem where we have a higher desire for sports camps or enrichment exam ancamps, we're working to make that, but if they can't do that we're finding partners that can. There are interesting opportunities that we have I don't know if the city of san jose can partner with us to facilitate this. San jose state has a football camp and it's for older kids. It ranges I think from I want o say 13-17 or maybe 18. And then san jose giants have a baseball camp. Kids can physically get to the places. I know -- they don't require equipment. They're not hard for a kid to just come and play. I want to make sure that if we see a higher interest in some camps that we have the flexibility to invest in those. We May determine it aide not right or hard to work with. I know people are finger printed and I don't have to worry abou our kids. The other camps again, I should honestly my son had a good experience with them. Does the -- do you know, do they partner with you on that? That's an example. That's a science camp that's right in downtown. I want kids to be able 0 get there. If we could check on that. At the end of this, what I went to be able to evaluate how man kids did we talk to and able make this available to and how long were kids able to use it and once they signed up, do ty access it? And then we have that hop and ride program for school. Might need to kick it in for camp because some of these kids May not be able to get to c outside of hop and ride. If we can expand that so we have access to rides for kids is really important. Any concerns about anything I just said?
3:52 PMOn our end, we don't have a concerns as part of the capacity of our camps. We definitely think that we can manage the influx of the foster youth in our camps specifically to the ones we're targeting. We're also working closely with george and his team with how to get that process. That was our main concern before speaking with gorge. How can we access the foster youth because we don't have access. That's where we they come in.
3:53 PMYou 2 should have coffee or something. Because she's got your families. Okay.
Right. and on our end the registration piece and the families being able to access that's what we do every day. It's easy on the back end for us. It's a matter of the process and the families coming to us to register.
We might have to think even about that. You mean online? Filling something out.
They'll actually have to come to the community center. They have 10 sites they'll be able to register at because they're coming with a referral letter and we'll hold a resource fair on February 23rd.
3:54 PMWhy do you have people go to the center to sign up.
They'll have to have a referral letter which will be for our staff to trigger them not to have a fee on program. If they sign up online they he to have a fee.
We have to see the referral letter that they're part of the program. Supervisor chavez, if I could chime in on this one here. One of the challenges was to connect the foster youth that resides with the department of family and children services and the association of foster care. And we felt that the best way to connect those two populations to the city's resources was through a referral process. We identify these tapl families that are they foster care and w give them a -- kind of like letter for them to give priority in these camps and also to access these free of charge.
3:55 PMSo, I think that sounds painful. And if we really want people to access it -- and i'm going to go back to the idea if I was shopping someone would give me a code that said go here. What I am concerned about for families that have a hard time getting someplace then getting to sign up and then frankly how do you know how many slots to hold if -- I know you're dealing with a lot of different things. Here's two things. One is if we do the live sign up if you're doing a fair, I would want people to be able to sign up right there and not have to do another thing. So throughout the fair they get to sign up. The other thing I would suggesting that most people have phones that they can take a picture of the letter and attach and figure out a way to send the letter to an e-mail so they're not having to make extra trips. That's hard for people to do. I'm going to ask you to take a look at that. If the system doesn't allow that now, if you -- I will say th I haven't signed the child up in a long time for science camp or anything like that. But it would surprise me if the camps didn't also have that b for a code that you could put in your discount. Because that's how people shop now and again I don't know if that doesn't happen with -- i'm not talking about the city of san jose but private sector cams. My guess is that they do do that. You could put a box on the - your computer box that has th reference the county of santa clara. You could forward the forms to us and then we don't have to make it hard for them. You could forward it to denise maybe. Work on that because that sounds not helpful.
3:57 PMAbsolutely. that's something to definitely look into. Definitely want to simplify accessibility to families. We'll be signing -- registering people at the actual auditorium on the 23rd as well. It's just the challenges always been on how do we give the city those referrals that they know are coming from us to prioritize. And that's where the gap is. That he where the challenge is. But definitely looking at ways to simplify is a good goal.
February 23rd is our first day of registration for summer camps for the public. We target that day for the fair to somewhat give priority register because it starts that day but in order for spots to be in the camp for sure for anyone coming to register. There won't be anyone registered before then for any of the camps we're offering. So if there is a way we can focus on giving people to that fair and registering on that day I think that might help.
3:58 PMAlso say again, that a lot people do this stuff online and for some of our foster families they have their own children and then they have foster children and then they have activities on weekends. It's like the number one people told us -- two things. One transporttation but two recognizing that they're juggling a lot. One other thing i'll just say and maybe this is something we think about. When we are looking for beds f drug and alcohol and other things we sometimes buy the beds and fill them. We May want to have to think about that in the inverse. What we should be is blocking off some number of slots for these camps and maybe that he where we start this year. And then work to fill those slots. The thing that happens is that we let a slot go. Because frankly they get open and I know someone will snap them up. So we should just think a little bit about that. I would encourage you to do that before the 23rd. Because otherwise -- anyway, we'll learn that. If it doesn't work this year we'll look at another way to do it. It's just -- you love these ki as much as I do. I was being disciplined for every topic until you caught my attention, hal. Get these kids signed up. I'll ask that any assistance that we can be please let us know and I know we're testing this. But the other thing is, if we think we're going to be -- if this isn't -- if the city -- if we have structural problems the other thing we might want to do is think about finding a couple of non-profit partners we can test with at the same time. To see what works for our families. Because that's a hassle to have to go and -- you have to make sure the spot's open. If they go and the slot's not open that's more annoying.
4:00 PMIf I could say one thing. we are so grateful for this. You don't know how many families even in our short amount of time that we were able to sign up for inrichment programs.
One little boy was able to go to a program that his family was not able to afford for him. That was huge for this little child to that program and being able to pay for it through this program. We are doing other outreach in the community letting families look and see what designed for their child. Because not all children are going to be okay to go.
4:01 PMWe'll learn that. denise, make a list of what we didn't do this year. That way we can really be thinking about it. I just want to say how much I appreciate the city of san jose being our fast partners on this. I know what we're asking isn't easy and a little bit complex so we appreciate your partnership. But let's figure this out. And take a couple paths and see what works best and we'll do a good evaluation at the end. I know we're going to learn. I'm not worried about that. I'm not worried about learning.

4:01 PMEvery summer you miss for a k, they fall behind. And I don't want our babies falling behind. Thanks, every one.
4:02 PMThank you.
My gosh our very patient first 5. All right, first 5. Thank you. First 5 ended up last today. I apologize for that. But i'm glad you're here.
The last shall be first. that's very holy of you. Oh, someone for got their glasses. They're not going to get far. They'd be out in the car saying, where are they?