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Held from March 20, 2018 (Item No. 76): Adopt Resolution approving the County's application for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 grant funds from the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation, Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Funds. (Roll Call Vote)


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The recommended action allows the Parks and Recreation Department to apply for grant funds and, if funds are awarded, execute a grant contract that can offset up to $468,409 in Park Charter Fund costs associated with the operation of Motorcycle County Park.


The total grant project cost is $628,921. The grant requires a minimum 25% match of the total project cost. Assuming full funding for the grant request, the Park Charter Fund would provide this match ($160,512). The remaining funding ($468,409) would be from the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) funds. The Department annually applies for and receives an OHMVR operating grant, therefore estimated grant revenue is reflected in the Department's current level budget.


Over the past 22 years, the Parks and Recreation Department has received in total more than $4.9 million in grant contracts, from the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) grant program, for operation, maintenance, equipment and facilities for Motorcycle County Park.


Adopting the attached resolution will ensure the Department has the opportunity to compete for funds from the State's OHMVR grant program. Motorcycle County Park is the only public OHMVR site in the entire nine Bay Area counties. It provides Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation to thousands of Santa Clara County and non-County residents each year. Approximately 15,000 riders use the park annually. The park provides a site where the public can safely participate in OHMVR activities without causing significant environmental impacts.


Process and Timeline

The application is a two-step online process. Applications are submitted via the internet through the OHMVR Division's On-line Grant Application (OLGA). OLGA is an interactive database that guides applicants through the application process. Applicants submit a preliminary and final application to be considered for grant award. The preliminary application was due March 5, 2018. The final application is due May 7, 2018.


The preliminary application was submitted by the March 5 deadline and included a project description, project cost estimate, and evaluation criteria. It is non-binding on the County as it is not considered complete until the second part is submitted. Preliminary applications are reviewed by the OHMVR Division who may provide comments to applicants relative to compliance with the application requirements. All preliminary applications are available on the OHMVR Division website the day following the preliminary application deadline for public review and comment. The public comment period from March 6, 2018 through April 2, 2018 is now underway. Prior to the final application submittal, applicants may only modify their application as a result of OHMVR Division preliminary review and/or public comments.


The attached Resolution will be included as part of the final application package. Final applications are due May 7, 2018. The Intent to Award determinations are posted on the OHMVR Division website on June 4, 2018.


Reason for request of Delegation of Authority

Although delegations of authority are discouraged except under certain circumstances, this delegation of authority is necessary due to the grantors requiring submittal of a Governing Body Resolution approving the filing of the final grant application and delegating authority to execute contracts needed for grant implementation to the Department Director. The language of the Resolution is prescribed by the grantor and may not be altered.


The recommended action will have a positive impact on children and youth to the extent that receiving grant funds will enable the department to continue to protect and preserve regional parkland and to provide unique recreation facilities to the public, which includes children and youth.


The recommended action will have no/neutral impact on seniors.


The recommended action reflects a balanced approach and emphasis on shared interests in public policy and programs and fosters a healthy environment, protects resources and/or public health, safety and recreation by leveraging state grant funds and County funds to safely operate the only OHV park in the region.



The State of California enacted the OHMVR Act of 2003, which provides funds to the State and its political subdivisions for land acquisition, development, equipment, facilities operation and maintenance, law enforcement, safety or education programs, planning, resource management, restoration, research, and trail maintenance for off-highway vehicle recreation. 


The OHMVR Division, within California State Parks, has been delegated the responsibility to administer the program. Procedures established by State Parks require the applicant's governing body to certify, by resolution, approval for application of OHMVR grant funds.

The County Parks and Recreation Department has notified the public of its intent to file a grant application as noted in the attached Resolution and as required by the Grantor. The Department informed the public of the grant preparation at Motorcycle County Park, on the Department's web site, in the park users' newsletter, and by e-mail notification to persons who have expressed interest in the park.


Motorcycle County Park is located on land designated as Regional Parks in the County's General Land Use Plan. The operation and maintenance of Motorcycle County Park, or "Project" as defined in the attached Resolution, is in conformance with the County's adopted General Plan, Parks and Recreation Element, and the Countywide Trails Master Plan Update that has been incorporated into the current General Plan, by implementing the following strategies contained in them:

·         Maintaining and developing parks and public open space lands;

·         Balancing recreation and environmental objectives;

·         Providing recreation and public trail needs in balance with environmental and land owner concerns;

·         Implementing the planned trails network;

·         Adequately operating and maintaining trails.

If the Department is successful in gaining the State OHMVR grant funds, the County will use the funds for the operation and maintenance of Motorcycle County Park, thus assuring compliance with the grant requirements of certification that the park will be maintained for its useful life.



Failure to approve this action may result in the Department not completing the grant application for the State OHMVR Division of California State Parks.



Execute and return one signed duplicate original within seven (7) days to Christian Elliott, Parks and Recreation Department.

Meeting History

Mar 20, 2018 9:30 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Held to April 3, 2018 at the request of Administration.

RESULT:HELD [UNANIMOUS]Next: 4/3/2018 9:30 AM
MOVER:Ken Yeager, Supervisor
SECONDER:Mike Wasserman, Supervisor
AYES:Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, S. Joseph Simitian

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