Board of Supervisors
Special Meeting
8/10/2012 1:00 PM
Board of Supervisors' Chambers
County Government Center   70 West Hedding Street, 1st floor   San Jose, CA 95110
Health Care Economic Summit
1. Introduction.
Roll Call.
a. Rene Santiago, Deputy County Executive, Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System
2. Panel Discussion: "How can Santa Clara County contribute to jobs in the Health Care Industry."
a. Panelists:
1. Bob Brownstein - Director of Policy and Research, Working Parternships
2. Amir Dan Ruben - President, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics
3. Chris Boyd - Senior Vice-President, Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center
4. John Williams - Chief Operating Officer, North-East Medical Services
5. Philip Forgione - Vice-President West Zone, Rural Metro Corporation
The panelists briefly discussed objectives of health care reform. In response to inquiries by Mr. Santiago, the panel highlighted workforce opportunities relating to health care reform, improvements in technology, and spoke of the need for training and education. The panel further discussed the County's role in encouraging economic development and growth.
3. Special Guest Speaker.
a. Herb Schultz, Regional Director, United States Department of Health and Human Services
a. Supp. Info. 1 - Economic Impact Analysis of Hospitals in Santa Clara County
b. Supp. Info. 2 - SCVHHS 2012 Economic Summit Presentation
Jo Caffaro, Regional Vice President, Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, provided a presentation on the economic impact of hospitals in Santa Clara County.
4. Public Comments.
a. Comment Cards
5. Closing Comments.
6. Adjourn.

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