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Welcome to the On-Demand Meeting Portal for Santa Clara County, California; your source for meeting agendas, detailed agenda packets, minutes and videos.

Agendas and minutes will open as PDF files when you select their links by meeting date. If you just want the meeting information without downloading the documents you can click on the meeting date, it will bring you to an outline view for that meeting as well as links to PDF files of individual meeting documents and attachments, and item detail and history. The meeting web outline also contains the links to download agendas and minutes.

Please note, when selecting a video link:

  • A new Webcast window appears containing the video and the meeting outline.
  • You may select an item from the outline to jump to the location in the video where that item was discussed.
  • You can also view the details of each agenda item and any attachments while the video plays.


Upcoming Meetings

April, 2014
Homeless Healthcare Advisory Board - Regular Meeting
Social Services Advisory Commission - Regular Meeting
Assessment Appeals - Hearing
Youth Task Force - Regular Meeting
Airport Land Use Commission - Workshop
Hsinchu, Taiwan Sister-County Commission - Regular Meeting
Santa Clara County Emergency Operational Area Council - Regular Meeting
County of Santa Clara Defined Contribution Plans Committee - Regular Meeting
National Guard and Veterans Affairs Commission - Regular Meeting
Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority - Regular Meeting
Personnel Board - Appeal Hearing
Advisory Commission on Consumer Affairs - Regular Meeting
Board of Supervisors - Regular Meeting
Airport Land Use Commission - Regular Meeting
May, 2014
Assessment Appeals - Hearing
Florence, Italy, Sister-County Commission - Regular Meeting
Personnel Board - Appeal Hearing
Domestic Violence Council - Regular Meeting
Moscow, Sister-County Commission - Regular Meeting
Board of Supervisors - Budget Workshop
Citizens' Advisory Commission on Elections - Regular Meeting
Airports Commission - Workshop Meeting
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Past Meetings

April, 2014
IHSS Public Authority Advisory Board Meeting - Regular Meeting
Fish and Game Commission - Regular Meeting
Children, Seniors, and Families Committee - Regular Meeting
Health Care Reform Implementation Working Group Long Term Services & Supports Subcommittee - Special Meeting
Historical Heritage Commission - Regular Meeting
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Other Media

State of the County 2014
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